Prologue pt. 1

Prologue pt. 1

A Chapter by (*Fallenarchanglez*)

Trees, the trees are numerous. The light falls down, not golden, but green. The leaves soak up the sun and create a surreal scenery, the cool air brushing against the dark luscious bark of the red iron bark trees.The soft plumage under her feet as she step. barefoot over the fallen leaves, wines, dirt and earth. A sweet smell of decay rose up, competing with the sticky humid scent of the trees. The tweeting of the birds suddenly stops. No crickets. No birds. No sounds. What had happened? She turns around, and comes face to face with a blade.

“Who are you?” The hooded figure behind the blade inquires, the tip of the blade resting upon her left collarbone.

“I-I-I-I…. Who are you?” She stutters, trying to swallow her fear.

“Answer the question” The blade trails up, slicing my skin open and blood seeping out. The blade like ice against her burning hot skin.

“I’m just a girl!” The figure slowly backs the stumbling girl up to a tree, the rough bark scraping against the bare skin on her lower back. “I’m just some girl from the town, please?”

“Have you seen a fallen angel?” His blade explores her abdomen, caressing the skin under her crop top and just above the band of her jeans. She stutters an answer, her eyes steady upon the blade. His calm tone changes, a hint of a fresh new flavour, annoyance perhaps. He repeats himself, “A fallen angel.”

“Aren’t they just myths? Little stories told to children?” At her remark, he slams the tip of the blade into her abdomen, red hot burning pain digging its greedy claws into her skin, searching for answers to questions she seemingly did not have. A realization passes through the hooded figure as the girl stays silent.

“You are the one I search for”

“My silence gave it away?” She meets his eyes, then yanks off the hood. His jet black hair catches the hood, his silver eyes inflamed with anger. “If I die, I will watch the soul of my murderer wither and die with me.”

“Die you will, just give it time.” His pale lips curl up into a smirk as he grabs the hilt of the blade in her abdomen and thrusts the blade deeper, the hilt pressed into the skin and the tip buried deep in the bark of the tree behind her. Red hot burning pain crawls up her abdomen, entering her chest and down lower, nestling against her hips. “Only after I have my fun”

“Go ahead and have your fun, attack dog, but you still can’t make me squeal like a little helpless b***h.” His hand slides into his hooded cape and draws out a second blade, sending it hilt-deep into the fallen angel’s right shoulder, drawing deep breaths in and releasing them from the captivity of his lungs. Blinding rage flashed across his eyes as he barks an insult into her left ear. Rich dark red blood starts to flow down her arm, coasting the shiny silver metal in the luscious glistening liquid. The fallen’s lips open, “Having fun?”

Another blade comes out, this time, sliding into her left thigh, her pants ripping and staining red. The ground by her feet was stained red, with blood pooling up and dripping onto her white sneakers. She starts blinking, trying to clear the light, airy feeling from her head. The gloved hand of the fallen angel’s attacker reaches up to the red hilt of the blade stuck in the fallen’s abdomen and twists it, sending the blade rotating, pulling a gasp from her lungs.






His warm breath caressed her ear. Her vision becomes dark and fuzzy.



“ 3,




A laugh as the fallen loses consciousness, her body slumps to the ground, she is no more.

© 2015 (*Fallenarchanglez*)

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Dayum! That was pretty firkin awesome!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

Thank you. This idea has been in my head for a few years, so I'm just glad I can actually write it a.. read more
Elena Motionless

8 Years Ago

Well I'm glad you had courage to do so! I love it ❤

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1 Review
Added on November 29, 2015
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Albany, OR

Fresh off the swing set with self esteem lower than my motivation to write. I'm now 18, but I'm still Wiccan and anxiety ridden. more..