Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Fnaf fan

The following Friday, Kate was looking after Willow and Mia. It didn't take much work to look after Willow; she was always doing art or looking after her plants. Mia was a handful to look after, but she was only young so she went to bed earlier than anyone else. After about 7:00pm, Kate could finally relax.
She spent the night downstairs with the television on whilst she chatted with her friend group. She asked what they would do in this wiccan club, and at what date and time, as they hadn't discussed the group too much. She also suggested they made another group chat just for wiccan related topics. Grace did this, then told Sylvia and Kate what types of spells, rituals and sacrifices they would do. Sylvia and Kate were a bit intimidated with the fact that they would be hosting rituals. Grace reassured them that they would not be doing full body sacrifices, and that they would only be doing blood rituals. They would take a small amount of blood out of the animal with a syringe and use it in a sacrificial ceremony. The girls were still a bit shaky about the situation but Grace told them that it would be fine. They calmed down a bit and joined a call. Grace said that someone would have to make special line and cloaks for the group. Kate offered to have Willow do it as art was her passion. Grace declined this offer as she did not want anyone else to be a part of this. She set this as a ground rule. She told them that they would all need nicknames for their wiccan club. Kate chose Wolfmage, Sylvia chose Wildfire, and Grace chose Wintermagic. She told them that the group would be called Wiccans at Work, or 'WAW' for short. Kate had realised the time and told her friends that she would have to catch up with them tomorrow because she had to check that Willow was asleep and would not be rejoining the call.

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Very nice, as per usual! Looking forward to the next chapter!

Posted 11 Months Ago

Fnaf fan

11 Months Ago

Thank you Marrissa! Glad you enjoyed!

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A Chapter by Fnaf fan