A Chapter by Fnaf fan

All about a teenager called Emma. She need to get up for some water late at night, put things don't quite go to plan...

A sort breeze came through Emma's window, her curtains moving with it.
She woke up, intending to go to bed kitchen to get a glass of water.. When she began to go down the stairs of her house, she felt a chill down her spine.
As she got closer to the bottom of the staircase, the colder she became.
When she got to the kitchen, she was her mother leaning on the countertop. She stepped closer to her. As she did, her eyes began to feel loose in their sockets.
 " Uh... Mum? " Emma said, confused & worried.
Her mother stayed still. It took about ten seconds before she turned around. As she did, their once brown hair turned ginger, one of their eyes became an icy blue, while the other remained hazel. Holes grew on their face, all different sizes, eyes popping through them. Scars were slashed through their skin. Thorough began to keep together, making a three piece puzzle of a wicked smile on their face.
They chuckled, " Mum is gone, my sweet, " they said, mimicking the voice of Emma's mother, " Soon, you will be too. "
Emma's eyes fell out of their sockets.
The four-eyed monster took her eyes. A new socket grew above the hazel eye. As they put one of the light green eyes into the hole, another scar was slashed and stitched onto their body. They put the other one into a jar filled with water, with three other eyes inside.
They soon left to find another victim.

© 2023 Fnaf fan

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Added on August 29, 2023
Last Updated on August 29, 2023
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Fnaf fan
Fnaf fan

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I enjoy creepy things and art and have amazing friends. I am only young but I am very creative. more..


A Chapter by Fnaf fan