The Zone

The Zone

A Story by GabbyJSLee

It's just to blow off steam today, sorry but I need to get this out and off my chest/mind before I imp-load with anger.


Okay look, this is sort of a rant but I need to get this out.

Have you ever been put in the friend zone so many times, you feel like it's become your life now?

Well that's me and the friend zone is where I'm placed every day by the people I care for and new people I've barely met. You see in every girl's life there are boys that she'll think are cute or nice, or funny, sweet, caring, and maybe a little stupid; and she'll let her heart reach out. 

You see I have had my so called "crushes" and I hate the feeling it gives me, I can't control it. It's like "How many times do I have to keep trying to change just so you'll see me?" or "What will it take for you to even hear me?" 

A lot of girl try their best to look beautiful for their crush but most get shot down and then their done, half the time they'll keep fighting but we all know they've basically given up. There's no real moving on though, ever. You're still stuck behind this barrier that doesn't seem to be weak enough to knock down so you can move on with your life. It's hard I know and trust me it doesn't let up sadly. I can't explain enough about the stupid friend zone. 

In all lives of the world we all hear that same stupid sentence.. "I just don't see you that way."

Nails on a chalkboard, a car accident, forks and knives on a plate, bad ideas form from this and emotions too. HEART BREAK!

You know what else doesn't help with a "Heart Breaking" situation? A god damn flirtatious person walking in and flirting with your crush, guy or girl alike. Pisses me right off! I'm pretty sure it pisses you off too, don't lie.

Okay so I told my crush strait up that I liked him, of course I was holding back and stalling a little but when i told him.. we haven't really talked much and quite frankly being shut out is the worst possible thing in the world :( 

There's no advice for this but to move on. I keep telling myself and you should too because not all of us get that fantastic movie ending where you're going to end up with that one guy you've liked for a long time. NO you don't get that. I wish life was a lot like that in some cases but it's not. 

© 2013 GabbyJSLee

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This is some kind of wonderful.
There should be a law that requires everyone to
read this rant. You have a lot to say and although you
may not have gotten it all out, you made a valiant attempt.
I like you----- I like you. There. No sin in saying that and
it is like money in the bank. It is the real thing. I say it a
lot, because I like a lot of people.

Thank you
=----- Eagle Cruagh

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on January 15, 2013
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tempe, AZ

Hi I'm Gabrielle but I you may call me Gabby. I am always happy to write, whether it be random ideas or be for a friend. I do a lot of dedications so if you would like one, let me know and I'll try an.. more..

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