The Wide Wise Rabbit

The Wide Wise Rabbit

A Poem by Gbannersauce

A tad bit of nonsense for you while I write. :) I hope you like the poem!


Wide Wise Rabbit

By Danielle Baker


The sun shined through,

The day Jack caught the news

Of a wide, wise rabbit thumping near.

Not a hair of a hair tingled;

Not a goose bump wringled,

And he left with his axe to win his Zeer.


Jumbering, swiftly, and being pleased,

He sundled through the cudubees.

Yet never did he think nor mind

To rest his ever franting knees.


So when Jack spied the jorish beast,

He more than welcomed a stop, at least.

The rabbit was wide,

Wide with one large grandelin eye.

And spotted Jack in an instant

Hiding in the cudubee rhys.




“Hallay, Sir! Hallay!

Come sit and have some tea!”

The rabbit gestured to the table, calmly and with jee.

And so Jack was drawn,

Tired and wrawn,

From sundleing on his franting knees.


“Hallay, Sir! Hallay!

Would you like the cake or bread?”

“I’ll tell you Rabbit! This will happen instead!

I’ll take your bread,

Then it’s off with your head!

You’re but a Zeer for my Grallay”


“Hallay, Sir! Hallay!

You’ve made a grand mistake!”

Said the rabbit, cheery, as Jack began to shake.

Caughering and Wheezering, his breath became still with fraught.

Until out came the piece of bread that he, so quickly, sought.




 “Hallay, Sir! Hallay!

A grand mistake indeed!”

The rabbit snicked as Jack, quickly, fell before his greed.


The Wide, Wise Rabbit,

Now full from his tea,

Picked up Jack’s axe

And returned to his tree.


“Hallay, Grallay! Hallay!

I come baring a Zeer!

My Zeer is wisdom!

One that the keeper to this axe proved so in-dear.


So keep this Zeer at hand, for all that can!

All, that is, except for man.”







© 2012 Gbannersauce

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Added on May 28, 2012
Last Updated on May 28, 2012
Tags: nonsense, rabbit, huntsman, fiction, fantasy, poem, danielle baker, bannersauce



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