The Compass Chooses

The Compass Chooses

A Chapter by Grant P.

Meet Dante as he learns what his future entails.


Chapter 2

“Dante, wake up and go see Jenka!” Yelled Nan, Dante’s mother.

Dante rubbed his eyes, stretched, and let out a big yawn. He sat up on his bed and looked forward at the window in front of him. Outside he could see the town’s people going about their everyday tasks. One man was carrying a bundle of sticks, while a woman behind him carried a woven basket over her head. Dante lifted himself off of the bed and walked to the chest at the end of his bed. Dante opened his chest and grabbed his brown tunic and gray linen pants and dressed. He walked up to his door and grabbed a shiny silver locket bringing a grin to his face, “Arianne…” spoke Dante looking at the shine of the locket. He opened the door to see his mother cooking some kind of a soup over fireplace in the den of the house.

“It’s about time you woke up boy!” spoke Nan

“Sorry Mother just tired from helping Jenka on the farm yesterday.”

Nan stirred  soup over the kettle in the fireplace and put the cover upon it. She turned around and walked up to Dante. She straightened his hair with her hands and smiled, “Oh Dante you’re growing up so fast, you’re turning out to be just like your father. Now you should be on your way to Jenka’s he has an errand for you.”

“Another Task?” Replied Dante.

“Yes Dante,” Replied Nan, “Jenka has done a lot for the family we need to return the favor.”


 Dante scuffled his way to the door. As he went to put his hand on the door knob the front door swung open. A tall scruffy man stood in the doorway. It was Cedric, Dante’s father.

“Ah good morning Dante,” said Cedric, “I believe Jenka is looking for you.”

“Hello Father and yes Mother has told me already.”

Dante walked around his father and sisters onto the busy pebble road. This was Linferdel, a small bustling village in Chevallia near the border of the Grevas Empire. Most of the houses were newly built using bright yellowish wood. The people with more money had their houses painted different colors such as white or red.

Dante trekked along the pebble road until he got to an old raggedy brown house. Old man Jenka sat in a rocking chair on the front porch of the house. Jenka  looked as if he was squinting. He smoked a pipe and told wonderful stories of battles he once fought during the hundred year war. He was the story teller of Linferdel and was greatly beloved by everyone, especially Dante.

Dante walked to the steps leading up to the porch where Jenka was sitting. As soon as Dante hit the first board of the porch Jenka said with his fragile voice, “Well, how goes it young boy?”

“Great Mr. Jenka,” replied Dante, “I was told you had an errand for me?”

“Oh yes-yes, follow me.”

Jenka put his arm under his rocking chair and pulled up a curved walking stick that had a carving of a Craven on top of it. Craven’s were legendary giant birds that were flown by the forest dwellers, Jenka called them giant ravens. Jenka pulled himself up using the walking stick and led Dante to his front door. Each step they took on the porch made a creaking sound. Jenka opened the front door to his house and inside were potions galore. Every potion you could think of in the land of Chevallia was in old man Jenka’s house.  In the entrance room of the house sat large wooden table  surrounded by cabinets with windowed doors, packed full of potions. Jenka’s full white cat Lew would rub against Dante’s leg as he walked in.

“Looks like Lew is happy to see yuh boy,” laughed Jenka as he wobbled his way to a scroll that rested on the table, “Let’s see here…Ah here we go.”

“What is it?” Questioned Dante.

“I need an ingredient for my strengthen potion, a Dead Lakia leaf.”

“Why not a fresh blue one?”

Jenka’s eyes widened, “No one must hurt the forest, it will curse you.”

“Yes, Mr. Jenka, I won’t hurt the for-“

Dante was interrupted by a woman outside yelling, “Possagic!”

Jenka smiled and moved toward the door, opened it and wobbled to the edge of the porch. Dante followed and came to see that a red cloaked figure was approaching Jenka’s house. As he got closer he took off his hood showing his face.

Jenka turned to Dante, “It’s-It’s Reo, he-he!”

“Who is Reo?”

“An old friend.”

Reo walked up to the porch, “Jenka!”

Jenka opened his arms and Reo hugged him.

“It’s been fifty years Reo,” replied Jenka, “You have not aged a bit. I can’t believe you left the forest”

Dante stood still amazed by what he was seeing. He had only been told tales of the possagics, and had never seen a one in his life. Dante titled his head slightly looking into Reo’s eyes, “Your eyes sir, they look like…fire.”

Reo turned to Dante and smiled. Jenka laughed, “Oh, Reo. This is Dante. He is part of the Alexander Family.”

“Uh huh, an Alexander,” replied Reo, “ nice to meet you young sir. I knew your relatives who fought in the war, and yes my eyes show what I’m capable of. I’m the Possagic of fire.

A galloping horse came rambling through Linferdel, racing toward Jenka’s house.  It was a knight upon a white horse. The knight grabbed their helmet and twisted it off. It was Scarlett. She quickly hopped off the horse and marched toward Reo, “How dare you run from a Justice Knight!”

“I must stay here,” replied Reo, “this village is about to be attacked.”

“What do you mean ‘this’ village is going to be attack!” asked Jenka as he yanked on Reo’s cloak.

Reo turned to Jenka and then looked at the tattoo on his hand, “I’ve been seeing this vision…It keeps haunting me.”

“What’s in the vision?” interrupted Dante.

“This village in flames and-,” gasped Reo, “I saw him…”

“Who is it!?” spoke the three.


“No,” spoke Scarlett, “he was killed ten years ago.”

“He was in my vision, I am not a liar.”

Scarlett put her sword back into her sheath and sighed, “Why would he choose this village and not any other.”

Jenka began to back up toward the door of his house, but was stopped by Reo grabbing a hold of Jenka’s shirt, “Jenka, you know something?”

“Oh nothing,” replied Jenka.

“Don’t lie!”

Jenka looked down at the ground, “y-yes. I have something that Darius would want…”

“What is it!” Yelled Scarlett.

“The compass to find the sword of elements.”


                Jenka quickly turned to his cabinets rummaging and throwing items everywhere, “Where did I put that compass.”

Dante, Scarlett, and Reo watched as Jenka swiftly went through all his belongings. Jenka would grow frustrated and slam one of the drawers of his shaky old cabinets. The cabinet would wobble until gravity pulled it back to balance. A small object rolled off the top of the cabinet onto the wooden floor. The object was circular. It rolled oddly in one direction and stopped at Dante’s feet. Scarlett and Reo watched as Dante slowly picked up the object. As Dante got a good look at it he finally knew what it was, “Is this the compass,” questioned Dante when suddenly he felt a prick of a needle, “Ouch!”

Dante suddenly dropped the compass onto the floor, and as soon as it hit, the compass turned to dust. Dante grabbed is hand and saw a small hole in the middle of his palm where the compass pricked him. A drop of blood would come out of the small wound, but the hole would then close and heal itself. Seconds after the hole closed in his hand, Dante’s eyes turned black, his face grew pale, and his knees dropped to the ground. He stood motionless on his knees for a couple of seconds.

Dante was suddenly in a dream. He stood on sand at the bottom of the sea. It front of him was a sword lodged into ground. It gave a white glow and as Dante stepped closer it grew brighter. Dante walked toward the sword until he was inches away. He reached and grasped the handle of the sword. In an instant he was awoken from his dream.

Dante woke up laying on his bed, standing around him was his family, Reo, Scarlett and Jenka. Nan came rushing to Dante and rubbed her hand upon his forehead.

“Oh, I am so glad you are okay,” spoke Nan, “I was afraid you weren’t going to wake up.”

Dante’s family surrounded and hugged him. Reo swiftly interrupted, “I do not wish to bring unhappiness, but Dante wasn’t pricked by any compass.”

“What do you mean,” replied Cedric as he scowled at Reo.

“The compass was the compass of the protector. He was chosen by it.”

Cedric looked down at his feet with disgust, “Jenka has so many trinkets, there is no way he had the compass of the protector.”

“It is true,” spoke Jenka, “I promised to keep it hidden. It was orders from the king.”

“What is the compass of the protector,” asked the twins.

“It is a compass created by the gods 1,000 years ago to stop the dark possagic named Drakendar. Drakendar wished to have a world only populated by immortals. He needed to be stopped, so the god’s created the sword of elements. The gods gave the compass to King Geoffrey and told him that the compass will chose the one whom will defeat the dark possagic. The compass was taken everywhere throughout the land, but no one was chosen. Drakendar began to bring ravage to the land, and King Geoffrey grew frustrated. He thought the god’s were playing a joke on him. He took the compass and threw it into the sea out of anger. A poor farmer named Johann Alexander while scavenging the beaches of Chevallia came across the compass. He picked up the compass and was pricked in the hand. The compass transformed into what we know as the sword of elements. Johann was the only one who could wield this sword. He went to the king to show him the sword, when king Geoffrey tried to hold the sword his hand was burned. Anyone who attempted to wield the sword other than Johann would get burned. King Geoffrey sent Johann with his best knights to battle against Drakendar in the mountains of Teronia. There Johann would defeat Drakendar with the great power of the sword and bring peace back to the land.”

“Wait,” spoke Dante, “I’m an Alexander.”

“The compass made a mistake,” said Cedric, “there is no way.”

“I’m afraid not,” replied Reo, “It never makes a mistake.”

“Why I did the compass choose Dante,” Question Nan, “there is no danger to the world.”

“Darius of darkness is still alive,” stated Scarlett.

Reo turned to Scarlett, “You must take this boy to Mount Teronia,” spoke Reo, “It’s the safest place for him.”

“I’ll make sure he will be okay,” replied Scarlett, “I don’t know how Artica will take the news.”

“He’s experienced, he has protected the sword keeper numerous times. He shall be fine.”

 “Dante isn’t going anywhere,” growled Cedric.

Jenka wobbled his way over to Cedric and put his hand upon his shoulder, “My friend, you must trust these people. This woman here is a Justice Knight, and Reo is a possagic who fought for the light possagic’s in the hundred year war.”

Dante looked to Jenka with confusion in his eyes, “Must I leave now? I’ve never left this village in my life other than to go for a hunt. And-”

“From my visions you are unsafe here,” interrupted Reo, “We must leave tomorrow at daybreak.”

Everyone left the room except for Cedric who stood next to Dante’s bed in disbelief.

“I never thought a day like this would come,” voiced Cedric, “Your my son Dante. My only son.”

“Yes father,” replied Dante.

“We are a simple farm family from Linferdel. Why would the compass choose you.”

“I don’t know, I don’t want to leave.”

“Dante I know things are going to be hard to handle in the days to come. The world outside of Linferdel can be harsh. You won’t be ready. I just want you to make sure to keep your head up high and to know there is more strength in one who has heart, than one who is heartless.”

Cedric reached into his boots and pulled a small wooden dagger out and presented it to Dante.

“This has been in the family for hundreds of years. It is not going to good use with me, you’ll need it.”

Dante held the dagger in his hand and gave a slight smirk, he then put it on the stand beside his bed.

“Will you be going with me,” questioned Dante.

“No. I must tend to the farm and… I’m no warrior Dante, I wouldn’t be able to protect you from the dangers ahead.”

Dante turned away from Cedric and tugged the blanket.

“I’m sorry this has to happen to you my son,” spoke Cedric as he patted Dante’s shoulder and strolled to the door, “rest…”

Cedric exited the room and shut the door slowly. In the room ahead of him Nan and the twins sat around the table teary eyed. Reo leaned against the front door with his arms crossed.

“Where are Jenka and Scarlett?” Questioned Cedric.

“They are preparing things for the journey, “replied Reo.

“Why are you still here?”

“I must keep an eye on the sword keeper.”

Cedric marched to Reo until their faces were inches apart.

“If anything happens to my son, “expressed Cedric, “I will hunt you down and make you wish you weren’t a possagic.”

“You can be assured Dante is in good hands,” replied Reo, “I would give my life for the keeper of the sword.”

“Cedric please sit,” said Nan, “you need to calm down.”

Cedric grunted and plopped himself onto the last chair near the table.

© 2014 Grant P.

Author's Note

Grant P.
Still some edits here in there from me taking parts of the story out. other than that Enjoy :D.

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Grant P.


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