Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Pookie

A couple of weeks after my sixteenth birthday my parents move us to a new house, this weird incredibly hot guy shows up and hasn't stopped staring at me since he got here. What the f**k is going on?


Chapter 1:

Skylar Quinn Tosh

November 29th, 2010

Dear Diary,

My birthday is sixteen days away. I’m excited, I’ll be sixteen this December. Can’t wait.. Wonder what mom and dad got me this year. School was pretty lame this week.

December 13th, 2010

Dear Diary,

On my way up the walkway in front of the house I saw this really nice car in our driveway. It was a nice cherry red, all clean and nice. Then as I make my way towards my house some tall man with these bright hazel eyes comes out of my house. There’s something about him that creeps me out. But as I stop in the middle of the walkway he looks at me and smiles and waves. It was weird, I didn’t wave at him, I just nodded and waited for him to get back in his car and leave before I started towards the door where my dad was standing waving at the cherry red car. I asked my dad who it was and he just said a ‘family friend’. I know most of our family friends, who was this guy?

December 15th, 2010

Dear Diary,

It’s final, I’m sixteen now. My day was pretty fun, staye home from school and hung out with mom until dad got home. They took me out to eat this year, we went to Chilis and then mom made me a cake at home. She could never go a year without making that three layer cake. It had three different kinds of cake mix and three types of icing. Best cake ever. But when I opened my presents there was something from someone I’ve never heard of, or don’t remember, they sounded familiar, but I couldn’t put a face to the name. The gifts tags read from Allix <3 Who’s Allix? I feel like I know her, the way her name was spelled seemed like I knew it.. What she got me was something I’d been wanting for a while, it was a pink DS. The box the DS came in was big, it came with three games. The next gift from Allix was wrapped in this pretty blue wrapping paper, I made sure I could keep it and put it up when I was done. It was an IPad that was in the second box, a freaking IPAD. Mom got me this pretty sweater, the one I’d been looking at for at least two weeks, it was in pink, it was soft and fell off the shoulder a little and it was huge! Dad got me some new posters for my room, which is awesome. Good birthday I’d say.

In February, my parents told me that we would be moving. I mean I’d never made friends here, but I didn’t want to up and leave during the middle of the year. I was just settling into my schedule and the clubs I took after school. Dad promised it wouldn’t be far, I’d still be able to continue going to school there, which was good.

At the end of February we had finished packing and were on the move. Where we went was a nice neighborhood, it was quiet, the houses were really nice looking. They were bigger than what we lived in. The place was covered in snow, it had just snowed the day before and it made the street look peaceful.

“Did we have to move into a bigger house?” I asked as I got out of mom’s car. My dad, Vincent, just got out of the truck that held all our stuff.
“Are you guys trying to have another kid?” I questioned, a little nerve racked at that. I wasn’t ready for a new sibling, especially a baby.

My mother shook her head as she laughed. “Sweetheart we told you we only wanted one kid and we have you. But we might adopt once you’re away in college.” She explained. Because that made everything better. I shook my head and looked up at the two story house, it was two floors, same as our old house, but seemed so much bigger.

“It has a finished attic, and a finished basement, which would you like?” My dad asked as he opened the back of the truck. The attic would be awesome, but if I ever decided to get friends and wanted to sneak out with a boy I was fooling around with the basement would be better, probably has a door that was around back. I shrugged.

“I really don’t know.” I said, pushing fingers through my hair, trying to get my bangs out of the way. “But I’m leaning towards the basement.” I said, as I stared at the house. It wasn't that far from school now, I could walk, it’d be good for exercise, something I am probably allergic to.

        "I'm gonna go check out the basement." I told my parents, as the wind picked up, blowing snow off the roof and onto me. Making a face as the powdered snow fell onto me.

        "Alright dear. Me and your father will be taking things out of the car." My mother said as my father beat her to the trunk of her car and started. I nodded my head and went into the house.

        Walking into the house my footsteps echoed. As I enter, I’m met with a staircase off to the right in front of a door frame that leads off to what looks like a kitchen.The dark, hardwood floors were smooth and went with the light beige walls and white trim, real weird colors if you ask me, but what do I know? It looked like something out of one if those home shows, you know where they buy a s****y house and then fix it up to sell. To the left there are two arches that lead into what must be our living room. Inside, the doorway I see that it's large and also very empty. A fireplace stood on the far side of the room. In the middle of the floor it had a mosaic type tile, a shade lighter than the floor around it. So by adult standards it went together, really don't see how. Natural light filtered in through the long windows, making the room look even bigger.

"Mom is gonna love going curtain shopping." I say, looking around the room.

         "What color do you think she'll pick?" A deep voice asked from behind me. Jumping, I spun around and met the face the voice belongs to. He was tall with dark hair, not hazel eyes, they were blue. Sharp features stare back at me, perfect nose, cheekbones, eyebrows, everything. It kind of pissed me off that he looked amazing. I narrow my eyes at him, and cross my arms over my flat chest. Now that I was closer he looked a lot like that man that stopped off at the house the week of my birthday.

        "Who in God's name are you?" I ask, full on glaring now.

        "I'm here to help you guys move in." He said, a smile formed on his face as he held his hand out to me. My eyes dropped to look at his hand. His olive toned skin had a light tan, with long, well shaped fingers. I have a thing for hands, any kind of hands. Perfect everything and now these hands. I shake my head and keep my arms crossed.

        "That's good to know, if you're here to help us move why are you inside bothering me?" I question, raising a red brow. A chuckle came from him, the noise made my eye twitch. Made me want to throw something at him and hope it hurt a lot.

        "I'm Allix by the way. Friend of your dad's." He told me, completely ignoring my question. Looking at him, I remember my birthday and the gift. Allix, he gave me the DS and the IPad. I didn't know this guy, but he knew enough to get me something like that for my birthday.

        "Good to know. Now go help." I repeat again and start to walk past him. Making sure to steer clear of being close to him. There’s just something about this guy that makes me not want to be in the same room as him.

        I stalk out of the room and find my way to the staircase that leads downstairs. I open the door, my hand finding a switch to the left on the wall. I flip it up and bright lights illuminate the dark stairs and what looks like a hallway at the end. The walls on either side of me are a boring white color. I take my time going down the steps, noticing that they are perfectly even, which is perfect considering I’m always so clumsy. As if I jinxed myself, when I reach the last step, I manage to trip and fall to my knees on the concrete.

       "Ow!" I hiss before standing up to dust myself off. "God this is gonna be fun." I roll my eyes and push my fingers through my bangs to get them out of my face.

      "Are you alright?" That same deep voice came from the top of the stairs. I clench my teeth and glare at the steps.

      "I'm fine. Go lift things, I can take care of myself thanks." I snap. A chuckle came again. It wasn't one that was cute it was almost as if to say, 'I'd like you to keep testing me'. The thought made a shiver go down my spine.

       "F*****g creep." I mumble to myself and look over the open space of the basement, it was more like a downstairs living room. It was big enough to have a nice couch and maybe a wall separate for video games and all of that. I could see three doors, one on the far left of the room another right next to it and then one to the right of the living room.

        The first door was a bedroom, connected to the bathroom next to it. The other room across was another bedroom, with a connected bathroom. This room was gonna be mine, it was a pretty nice size, not too big or too small. It also had a good size walk in closet.

       "Pretty nice room." He said. I clench my teeth and turn to yell at him, but saw he had a box with my name on it.

       "So you finally decided to help unload the car?" I ask, as I cross my arms. Allix chuckled, that same laugh as before, it was weighed, made my stomach knot.

       "Yeah I guess you could say that." He said, as he made his way towards me. The way he walked, slow, like a predator stalking prey. It caused goosebumps to rise on my body.

       I nodded and looked around. "I'll handle my own boxes, you can do the heavy lifting with dad." I told him, my fingers going through my short hair. These bangs were getting annoying.

       "Here, this might help." He said, as he put the box down. Allix slipped his hand into his front pants pocket and pulled out what looked like a clip for hair. I cocked a brow and looked at the clip then back up at him.

       "Um thanks." I say as I reached for it, our fingers touched, causing a shock to shoot through me. I yank my hand back and put the clip into my hair, keeping my bangs out of the way.

       "Thanks." I tell him and walk around him again and leave. A hallway away from the living room and led outside. I smiled and went around to the side of the house.

        The truck was now backed into the driveway and there were boxes stacked in front of my mother's car. Most were mine, huffing I walk toward the stack and start to bring them into the house and down the stairs.

        Soon the empty house was full of boxes and then my dad and Allix brought in the heavier stuff, bed frames, dressers, mirrors, couches, tvs. Everything.

        It was around 5:47pm when everything was unloaded from the truck and the car. We'd gotten here at ten o'clock. I didn't think it would of taken that long, we didn't have that much stuff.

        "How about I order some pizza and we just hangout in the kitchen?" My mom asked as I sat on the couch, Allix beside me, but on the far side of the sofa and my dad sitting on the arm to my right, in the living room. My stomach growled at the thought of pizza.

       "Can you get a small pie of chicken bacon?" I asked, looking at mom.

       "Extra ranch on the side with a ginger ale, okay, would you like anything Allix?" She asked him.

       "Some hot wings, ranch on the side with a coke, please thanks." He smiled politely at my mom. The smile seemed fake and forced. I made a face and shook my head.

       "I'm gonna go move my room around and get it the way I want." I told them as I stood, stretching.

       "Sweetheart take Allix with you, he could help. He's strong." Vincent said. I huffed, not saying anything as I left and went downstairs. I could feel Allix follow behind me, it was difficult to not feel him follow behind me. He towered over me by what felt like two whole feet, but it had to be at least a foot or a couple of inches. I don't know, I didn't really want to look at him all that much.

        Walking into my room it had my bed and bookcase, dresser and boxes full of books and clothes. I organized the boxes first, put the clothes over where I wanted the dresser and the books over where I wanted my bookcase. When that was done I moved my bed into a corner, over by this little window I can. Well it wasn't really that little, if anything I could fit through it and leave when wanted.

       There were eyes on me. Looking around until I found the source of the feeling of staring, Allix. "What are you looking at?" I ask him, folding my arms over my chest.

        The brunet smirked at me as he stood leaning against the door frame. There was this weird feeling he put out, just caused the hair on my arms to stand on end. He was creepy, but of course being a teenage girl my body and mind just loooved the way he looked.

“I don’t know, some cute little redhead.” He said, shrugging his shoulders.

His words made my stomach knot. Rolling my eyes I snort and move to find my bed sheets.

“You done flirting?” I ask as I squat in front of the box with my bed things in it. I could already feel the corners of his mouth pull up, it made me shudder at the thought.
“You telling me you don’t enjoy my flirting?” Allix questioned just as I pulled out my nice soft sheets.

“You really think women enjoy that?” I snort, peering at him with a raise brow. He didn’t say anything, just nodded. Strong looking arms still folded across his broad chest with that stupid, sexy smug look on his face. God this guy legitimately pissed me off and pulled at the girl part of me. Yeah, I know, a little annoying when want to be that strong independent woman that doesn’t need any guy to make her feel good about herself.

I turn back to what I was doing and set up my bed the way I want. The bell rang the moment I accomplished making my bed. “Looks pretty damn good.” I say to myself, hands on my hips and a little smile on my face.

“Yeah, looks pretty comfy.” Allix’s voice is right behind me, before I could move his arms slip around my waist, pulling me back against his hard body.

“What are you doing?” I demand, not knowing whether I should pull away and slap him or elbow him and kick him in the balls. All of the above seemed the right option to me.
“Something I’ve been wanting to do since I got here.” He disclosed into my ear, his lips against the back of my ear. His breath ghosting over the skin of my ear, causing me to quiver. My brain told me to move and tell him off, but god did my body tell me to be pressed against him closer, with nothing but my skin on. I flushed red and looked down at the floor at my thought process. Just as I was about to go weak in the knees, when his lips touched the skin below my ear, my mother’s voice called down to tell us the food was here.

“Oh thank god.” I mumble, pushing his athletic arms off of me and took a step away from him.
“Um, I’ll meet you upstairs.” I announce, not turning to look at him.
“Okay.” Allix said, his voice giving nothing away that whatever that was didn’t make him squirm just as much as it made me. I waited about a minute before turning to look at my empty room.
“Thank god.” I sigh, going to push fingers through my bangs but end up hissing as I pull some of my hair out of the clip Allix had given me. Making a face I take the clip out and ruffle my bangs and fix my hair before I head up stairs to the kitchen.

The smell of pizza hits me and my stomach growls.

“Sky, your pizza is over on the counter.” Mom replies, gesturing over to where our fridge. I look over and smile to myself at the small box of pizza with a ginger ale and a small cup of ranch on top of it.

“Thanks.” I tell her and walk over to open the box and breathe in the ranch, bacon and chicken smell. Licking my lips I hop up onto the counter and grab a slice with one hand and in the other the cup of ranch. I keep the open bottle of ginger ale close by to rinse the food down when ready. It sounds like I eat like a pig, I do, when I’m starving. My parents dragged me out of bed this morning to finish the last of the moving without any breakfast, so I’m going to eat this whole small pie all by myself.

When I finally took a breath I found Allix staring at me, while my parents were talking to each other as they ate beside. I made a face at Allix, he chuckled quietly, the smile on his face plain to see from where I was. The brunet stood and walked over to me, in one hand was his food, in the other was the chair he had been sitting in.

“Is this seat taken?” He asked as he set the chair down in front of me. I c**k a brow and sip my ginger ale.

“Seems to be since it is your chair.” I answer back. He smiled and nodded, sitting down in the chair. I pulled another slice from the box and took a bite. Allix continued to stare at me while I ate, I became more self conscience as I ate. I chewed slower, wiped my mouth and chewed with my mouth closed.

“I’ll trade you a wing for a bite of your pizza.” He negotiated, holding up the container the wings came in. Just looking at the wings made my eyes water, the smell of it I could tell it was spicy.

“What kind of sauce did you get?” I inquired, looking from him and then the wings.

“Got buffalo.” He told me. I nodded and reached for a drumstick and put it into the box. I held out my slice to him to take a bite of. Allix leaned forward and took a bite of my pizza, nodding.

“That’s good, never thought all of that would be good on a pizza.” He said, clicking his lips of the ranch.

“Yeah, gotta make some risks with pizza these days.” I laugh softly. Allix nodded, leaning back in his chair and started to eat his wings again. I shake my head and suck the sauce off my index finger and thumb. Coughing a little at how hot it was and how quick it hit me. I covered my mouth and coughed harder. Allix’s blue eyes flew to my face as he watched me cough.

“Too hot?” He questioned. I nodded, reaching for my soda and took a big sip from it. When I stopped coughing I sighed, feeling a little better.

“Just wasn’t expecting that heat to hit so quick.” I explained, licking my lips of the ginger ale. Allix agreed. We both went back to eating our food. I finished my pizza, like I said I would and drank the last of my soda before hopping off the counter and stretching, a burp flying out of me. I blushed and covered my mouth.

“Excuse me.” I said softly. Allix looked at me surprised and then started laughing a little hard. My parents looked over and my mother chuckled and dad snickered as he wiped his mouth.

“Sounds like the pizza was good.” Allix said, watching me, a little smirk on his face. I shook my head, running fingers through my bangs.

“It was good. Amazing actually.” I told him. Cleaning up my things I moved around Allix in his chair and went to throw out all my garbage.

© 2015 Pookie

Author's Note

First Chapter :D let me know what you think about it. :D I'm enjoying writing it.

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It is such I eye catcher makes me want to read more although the line ~"Got buffalo.” He told him. I nodded and reached for a drumstick and put it into the box.~I think you meant me not him
This was a fun read can't wait to read chapter 2. But I am waiting tell tomorrow for that it was a pleasure to read thank you for sharing
Broken girl.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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9 Years Ago

No thank you for reviewing it and reading it and enjoying. I didn't catch that one bit. Thanks so mu.. read more
child of God

9 Years Ago

No problem it is always a pleasure to help a fellow writer


It is such I eye catcher makes me want to read more although the line ~"Got buffalo.” He told him. I nodded and reached for a drumstick and put it into the box.~I think you meant me not him
This was a fun read can't wait to read chapter 2. But I am waiting tell tomorrow for that it was a pleasure to read thank you for sharing
Broken girl.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


9 Years Ago

No thank you for reviewing it and reading it and enjoying. I didn't catch that one bit. Thanks so mu.. read more
child of God

9 Years Ago

No problem it is always a pleasure to help a fellow writer

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Middletown, NY

Would like to give a shout out to my good friend Brooke Madison. Love you girlll Hi! My name is Leyra. Just to keep this short, I love to write, anything and everything. I have a Book I am currently.. more..

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