Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Pookie

School, thank god, somewhere familiar. But of course something has to get in my way.


Chapter 3:

Dad and I got into his car. I set my book bag onto the back seat and buckled up. My dad didn’t say anything until we got far enough away from the house. My gaze was on the outside of the car, watching the snow covered trees go back at about thirty miles per hour.

“Honey, have you see Allix? He wasn’t in the living room.” He said. I looked away from the window and peered at my dad

“He slept downstairs in my room. We both agreed this new house is way too big to be in a huge room by yourself with no noise.” I explained. My father nodded, liking that answer and he turned on the radio. What came on was this weird talk show, from what I caught it was just complete s**t. It was too early in the morning for this.

“As much as I would of loved to. We didn’t have sex.” I told my dad out right. From my peripherals that his hands tightened on the wheel. I couldn’t help the smirk that grew across my face. It was so easy to get my dad from 0-100 real quick and I loved to push his buttons.

“Sweetheart, you’re too young to have sex.” He started, trying to keep calm about it. “But you should wait, until you’re married, or when you’re older.”

I nodded, pushing my fingers through my bangs. “Okay daddy.” I told him, my voice soft and sweet. He relaxed and changed the station.

“So before I take you to school want me to make you something at the diner?” He asked, his mood changed completely. I nodded, stomach growling. I ate my weight in pizza the night before and of course I could eat again.

“Yes, I’m starving.” I beamed. Vincent chuckled and nodded and drove towards the diner he owns. It was his dad’s and his dad’s before him. So it’s a family thing. Kind of glad we own a food place. I like food so that means free food.

Dad drove to the diner and parked. We both got out. I shuddered at how cold it was. Pulling my arms into my sweater I followed my dad as he unlocked the door to the place and switched the sign to open. It was a slow rush in the morning, so he’d be able to deal with it by himself before everyone came in.

“So what can I get you angel?” He asked, taking off his jacket, flipping on the lights and turning on the TV and radio. I looked up at the menu above the counter.

“What’s today’s special?” I asked, chuckling. My dad held his hand up and pulled a small metal box out from under the counter.

“Let’s see what you pick.” He said opening the metal box and held it out to me. It was filled with recipes me and him and my grandmother, before she past, made when I was growing up. Some of them had been big hits. I chewed my bottom lip and flipped through them, not really looking at them and then pulled one out. Dad looked at it and chuckled, nodding.

“Which one is it?” I asked, looking at him.

“Seems today’s special is bacon, sausage and ham Belgian Waffle with syrup along with any kind of eggs on the side. And we can’t forget a small bowl of fruit.” He explained. I smiled and nodded.

“Now that sounds like something I would skip school for.” I teased. My dad gave me a smile and shook his head as he got onto the counter and wrote the special on the dry erase board. The special wrote Sky’s Waffle. I laughed and shook my head.

“Wipe down the counter and tables while I get this ready for you.” He told me. Nodding, I get off the stool in front of the counter. I went around it and grabbed a new clean sponge and wet it and put soap on it and went to work. I soaped up the tables and everything and then went back around and cleaned them off of soap. Then went around with a towel to dry them quickly.

“Almost done honey.” He called. I put the towel back where it came from and washed my hands. The floor had been cleaned the night before so that didn’t have to get cleaned again. A shiver went through me. The heat needed to be turned up a little. I walked over to the thermostat and turned it up high.

I took my seat at the counter just as my dad was coming out with a plate with one giant Belgian Waffle. The bacon was sticking out of it like it had arms and legs, there were pieces of sausage sticking out. The best part was to come. My dad drizzled a heap of syrup on it and then handed me fresh cut fruit.

“Have fun.” He chuckled as the door opened and the bell jingled. My dad greeted the first person of the day.

“Hey Vincent. Let me just get a large coffee, vanilla cream and three sugars.” The man said. My dad nodded and moved around to get the coffee going. I dug into the Waffle and sighed happily at the way it tasted. It was fluffy on the inside and nice and crunchy on the outside, the bacon was crispy and the sausage was juicy. It just felt like everything was melting in my mouth.

The man came and sat at the counter. I looked over at him and gave him a little smile around a bite of my waffle. He was fairly young, I’d say early thirties, he was completely bald and had a goatee, it worked for him. His eyes were a nice brown, soft and warm, like a puppy. He looked at my waffle with big eyes.

“What’s that?” He asked me. I licked my lips of the syrup and wiped my mouth for extra measure and swallowed what I had.

“Sky’s Waffle.” I told him, sipping the cup of orange juice my dad set in front of me as he handed the man his big cup of coffee.

“What’s in it?” Puppy eyes man asked.

“Bacon, sausage, ham and any type of egg you want.” Vincent said as he rang up the coffee.

“Wow, that’s a breakfast. That’ll be here for lunch?” He asked, looking at my dad as he handed my dad a five dollar bill.

My dad gave him his change and nodded, chuckling. “Yeah, it’ll be here the rest of the week.” He closed the register.

“I’ll be back.” Puppy eyes said, holding his cup up to me and my dad before leaving.

“I think this one is going to be a hit. You might have to put it in the normal menu.” I told him, my mouth stuffed full of the fruit beside my plate. Dad chuckled, wiping his hands on his apron.

“Everyone should be coming in soon. You want to walk to school?” He asked. I shrugged as I cut into the behemoth waffle and continued to stuff my face.

“I could ask Allix to take you, he’s not doing anything.” Dad voiced, stroking his little beard.

“Yes, do that. We could always have the sex on my way to school.” I teased him through a cut of the amazing golden brown mess I had in front of me.

My dad my a face and shook his head as he pulled his phone out of his pocket. “No, your mother is going to take you. She has work today too.” He said as he called mom.

I laughed a little and finished off my huge waffle, while downing the rest of my orange juice. “God it’s a wonder why no one has tried to give you like a medal for best food ever in the world.” I say as I get off the stool and stretch, my fingers lacing together and reaching for the ceiling.

“Your mom will be here in a little. And you did, when you were younger.” He grinned at me. Rolling my eyes I chuckle and take my plate and cup to the back and put it to clean. I grew up around here, so I knew how everything worked, on weekends I come down and help out with the cooking, bussing tables and waitressing. When I was done I just sat at the counter, spinning on the chair.

It was about twenty minutes before someone else walked in, the jingle of the door and the gust of cold air that came in and lasted a lot longer than the first time. I spun in my chair and lo and behold my mom with the gigantic brunet that stood the night. His blue eyes looked around and then they focused on me.

“Ay, it’s so hot in here. Sky why do you have to put the heat up so high?” My mom asked, a slight accent in her words, as she walked over to the thermostat, all the while fanning herself.

“It was freezing in here when we got here.” I told her, spinning back around, turning my back on Allix.

“This is a nice place. Don’t think my parents have ever brought me here.” Allix expressed as he sat beside me. On a stool that looked too small for his massive size. I didn’t say anything, I just quietly brought my sleeve up to my mouth and chewed on it.

“And yet you were so talkative last night. What happened? Cat got your tongue?” He said low enough so only I could hear him. My moss colored eyes looked up at him when he spoke. A grin spread across his face as I just sat there, not talking.

“This is a great conversation we’re having.” He teased, nudging me with his elbow.

“Why are you here?” I asked, finally saying something.

“I followed your mom here so I could say hi and then head home.” He explained. I nodded, pushing my fingers through my bangs.

“Is that not allowed?” He hummed, leaning into my bubble. I stiffened and looked at him from the corner of my eye. Allix chuckled and folded his arms on the counter and put his heads on his arms so he could stare up at me.

“I told my dad that I’d sleep with you if I wanted to, since he asked where you were last night. I told him you were in my room and reassured that if I wanted to I would.” I disclosed. As I kept talking, a s**t eating smile grew across his face, looking into his eyes I could see he agreed with me. His mouth opened to say something, then my mom interrupted.

“Well sweetheart, it’s time to go.” She said. I nodded, giving Allix a little polite smile and got off the stool and picked up my bag from the floor.

“Nice meeting you.” I voiced, pushing my fingers through my bangs again. Allix nodded, giving me a lopsided smile. It was one of those smiles that would look bad on anyone else, but him, made my stomach do backflips.

“Have a good day at school.” My dad and Allix said at the same time.

“I’ll try.” I said to them both and left with my mom, my bag over my shoulder. I got into my mom’s Ford Focus, setting my bag at my feet and buckled up, leaning back in the seat.

“Well that was fun wasn’t it? Moving and all.” She said, smiling as she got into the car and started it up. I shrugged, leaning forward to turn on the radio.

“It was okay. But why did he have to come and help us?” I asked, looking over at her.

“He lives near by so I asked your father if he could come help. We would of asked his parents to come join us but they’re over in the caribbean on a vacation.” She revealed. I nodded, turning to look back out the window as my mom backed out of her spot and drove out of the diner’s parking lot. The music that played made me sing along.

“He seemed to like you.” My mom said, a big smile in her words. I turned to look at her and there was that big smile that I heard.

“Good for him. I don’t have time to worry about if a guy likes me or not mom.” I explained to her, my hand going up to my mouth so I could chew on my sleeve.

“Why not? You’re top of your class, I’m sure you can have some fun and go on a couple of dates with Allix.” She said softly, like she was hiding something. As we drove into the school parking lot I sighed.

“Mom, no. It’s not in the plan, you know that.”

She nodded, waving her hand at me as she went around the school to the back where the teachers parked. “I know not in the plan. But it would be fun to not follow it for a little.” She said, giving me a little smile. I smiled back and nodded.

“One day.” I told her, getting out of the car and grabbing my bag. “I love you, see you later.” I waved to her and went through the doors in front of us and headed to my locker. It was going to be a long day.

It was lunch and here I was on the lunch line, a plastic tray in my hand, waiting to get served some s****y school food. It was Meatball Monday, so that was something to be a little excited about. I got meatballs plopped onto my tray with a roll of wheat bread, and a cup of fruit. At the end where I paid for my lunch were cookies and chips and a little cooler for drinks. I got two bags of chips and two Ice Teas. When it was my turn to pay I got out a ten and paid for my chips and teas. Stuffing the extra stuff I got into my bag and then walking over to a table in the opposite side of the lunch room.

I sat down, putting my tray down and pulling my notebook so I could study for the test I had next period. I used my left hand to cut the meatballs and my right to flip through my notebook. I ate my food slowly, this time, didn’t want to let these people know who I actually was. At school I was the quiet nerd, the top honor roll student. A head by at least one grade, but you know, gotta play it dumb for some of these people.

Lunch went smooth, the rest of the day went smoothly too. I was in my last period of the day, a Study hall. I was doing all my homework that I needed to get done when my phone vibrated. I ignored it, until it vibrated again and again. Groaning quietly I took it out of my pajama pocket and looked unlocked it and saw a number I’ve never seen.

Unknown Number

[Hey Sky, it’s Allix. (:]

[Your mom told me you had a free period right now. So I thought I’d text you.]

[Come onnn, I have an awesome request to ask. It’ll be fun. Pleasseee.]

I snorted and shook my head at the texts. “My god.” I said to myself, pushing fingers through my hair. I couldn’t help myself from smiling at the texts. It was unwanted attention, but it felt nice. Of course my mom would do this. But I was almost done with everything. I just had an essay I have to do and like two packets of work. I can get those done at home later.

“Why the hell not?” I mumbled and pressed where my reply would go.


(Sure, why not. Sounds like ‘fun’. To be alone with you for god knows how long.)


[Sweet :D. And yes, sounds horrible. You could have fun. I know it’s a big deal for you. So I’m gonna sign you out of this hell hole.]

[See you in a little princess. ;P]

I couldn’t help the knot that formed in my stomach. Whenever anyone was getting signed out they said it over the loudspeaker, I didn’t want anyone to look at me. I whined quietly to myself and started to pack up. What didn’t hit me until my name was said over the speaker in the class was, he was already here when he texted me.

“Skylar Tosh, you’re being signed out, please go to the main office.” A woman’s voice said, loudly, might I add. I groaned internally and got up, looking at the teacher with a little smile, making sure not to meet any of the other gazes in the class. I gathered my things and left the room.

When I walked into the main office there he was, six foot two or three, broad shoulders, slimming down into a narrow waist and from the way his jeans sat the a*s of a god. I shook my head and looked away. I was going to say something but a giggle came from in front of him. Great. Here we go with the flirting. I sighed softly, rubbing my face.

“You done flirting? Or would the two of you like a moment?” I asked, folding my arms. Allix turned to look at me, the girl in front of him, behind the desk was pretty, light brown hair, gray eyes, make up done perfectly, she was a senior, I was in her lunch period.

“Hey beautiful. Ready to go?” He beamed, walking over to me. He grabbed my bag from me, lifting it over his shoulder as if it didn’t weigh anything. There were two textbooks, three slim notebooks inside a massive binder in it. It made my back hurt just thinking about what was in it.

“Yeah, sure.” I said, moving to look at the sign out sheet, to make sure he did sign me out. And he did. My name was written in a pretty script, it was beautiful. The girl stared at me as if I had three heads. I cocked a brow at her and made a face at her.

“Something wrong sweetheart?” I asked, turning on my heel before following Allix out of the office. He was already some way down the hall. God having short legs was a curse. I quickly jogged to catch up to him. He looked down at me and smiled a blinding smile at me. Caused my stomach to knot again, my face grew hot and I looked away. We walked out of the school, my eyes hurt from the sunlight.

“So how was school?” Allix questioned as he led me over to this big car, it was some sort of SUV I think, it was a tank. If he ever hit another car the other would just bounce off and he’d crush it easily.

“It was okay. Had a couple of tests today, so nothing special happened.” I explained. He looked at me as I spoke, which made me nervous. The car beeped and he helped me up into the car, closing the door behind me. Then he put my bag in the back seat and went around to get in the driver’s seat. This was a little nerve racking, I didn’t know him from a hole in the wall. But if my parents trusted his family, I could try not to freak out about everything. But it was really hard.

“I want you to know I should be home by five. I still have homework to do.” I told him when he started the car. My green eyes looked over at him and he nodded, putting his seatbelt on.

“Yeah, no problem.” Allix said, giving me a little smile. “Buckle up, otherwise we’re not going anywhere.” He gestured to me not having my seat belt on.

“Oh.” I mumbled and fixed the seat the way I liked it and buckled up. I looked at Allix and he was already backing out of the parking space he was in and out of the parking lot altogether. Doing what I normally did in a car, looking out the window, watching everything pass us.

“So I know you’re going to like what we’re going to do. It was last minute. But you’ll have fun.” He chuckled. Shaking my head I looked over at him.

“You gonna tell me what it is we’re doing?” I asked him. Allix shook his head, with a grin. Making a face I turned and continue to look out the window. He chuckled and I felt his hand on my shoulder and neck. I stiffened and moved away, my gaze falling back on him.

“Don’t touch me.” I ordered, glaring at him. He looked at me, quickly, then his eyes were back on the road, as if I were crazy.

“Why?” He asked. Why? Why? I rolled my eyes.

“Because I don’t want you to touch me. Is that so hard to believe?” I told him, a red brow arching, challenging him to counter me. He nodded, putting his hand back in his lap and continued to drive.

“Sorry.” He said, not looking at me as he drove. It was quiet in the car for about five minutes. Then I decided to turn the radio on, hating the silence. Allix didn’t stop me and I didn’t bother asking him what he wanted to listen to. Running fingers through my bangs I looked out the windshield and saw we were getting on the highway to go down to the city.

“You’re taking me to the city?” I asked, my green gaze landing on him now.

“Yeah, thought it’d be fun. Go walk around Times Square and go out to eat, it’ll be great.” He said, giving me a little smile. I didn’t want to go to the city. But I could always do my homework if I needed to while we ate, I’m sure he wouldn’t object. Then again, who knows what’s gonna happen.

“I have been wanting to go to this yogurt shop down in Koreatown.” I told him. Allix nodded, chuckling.

“We’ll get to do that too, don’t worry. I know you gotta be home by five, but it’ll be later than that.” He explained. Shrugging I had my chair go back a little and got settled in for the ride.

I was born up here, upstate New York, but I have family down in the city. I’m always in school work and making that work for me that I’ve never been down to just go. I only go when my parents go to visit my aunts and uncle. This could be fun, I was a little excited now. It was nice that it was just me and Allix, no one else. I mean I didn’t know him, not like I liked him. He was annoying, handsome beyond belief, funny, a goofball...okay, he was any girl’s type. But he wasn’t mine, or well I wasn’t his. So there was really nothing to get all excited about. So what if he wanted to hangout with me, to go down to the city and have some fun. We were friends, well acquaintances, soon to be friends.   

© 2015 Pookie

Author's Note

Chapter 3!!! Let me know what you think! :D

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Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is like the funniest thing I have read ( and that wasn't sarcasm )

Posted 8 Years Ago

I do like this version better than the other one- you have more time to get to know the characters and the situation at hand :) Well done!

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

I'm so glad. And I'm glad I took the time to look it over and rewrite it, make it better. I hope I c.. read more
i love it! i want to see if they get together. anyways i wonder what happens next?

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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