A Chapter by Holly-Anne

Chapter 1: First Impressions


“Here’s a map of the academy, Miss Huntsdale.”

Astro took the fancy-looking piece of paper from the plump woman residing behind the huge oak desk.

“Thanks,” she mumbled “erm, sorry, I mean �" thankyou”. She hastily corrected when she caught the glare sending heat waves over the desk.

“That’s quite alright Miss Huntsdale. Please use the map to get to your first class promptly. Arriving late will not serve well for first impressions.” With that, the woman went back to her computer.

“Thankyou again Ms- “ Astro squinted at the woman’s’ name tag “- Smith.”


Fair enough. The first person I meet here is a total snob and she was only a receptionist. Says a lot about the place doesn’t it.

Astro sighed and made her way out of the doorway and into one of the numerous hallways. Everything in sight was made from the most expensive oak. Astro walked slowly, taking in all the splendor the academy had to offer from the pristinely polished floors, up the walls decorated with portraits of the academy’s elders, to the ceilings with gold intricately carved in swirling patterns.

A particularly large portrait caught her eye. It featured the shoulders and head of an elaborately dressed old man.

Who the hell is he? Astro wondered.

A small plaque beneath the portrait stated �"

Edward Falcon

Founder of ‘Edward Falcon Academy’

Born 1651 �" 1710

After founding the academy in 1690, his wise teachings have inspired thousands.

Ooooh, so he’s the guy who found this place, huh? Not much of a looker. Good thing he was smart �" there’s no way he could’ve had a painting done otherwise, with a face like that she thought in distaste.

He was chubby (fat), his hair looked like grey wire (frizzy) and he only had one eyebrow (a monobrow. Nice). This didn’t include his black, beady eyes and several large boils protruding from his chin.

Ugh. This school gets better and better Astro thought bitterly. Damn you Uncle Jared. Damn you for sending me to this God-awful place. Why the hell is it called Edward Falcon Academy anyway? Why name it after an ugly bloke who didn’t possess a mirror?

Astro trudged on dejectedly. She shouldn’t be here. She should be at her common high school. With her friends. Her girl friends. With people who had nothing to do with her home, her personal life or her work. Her safe haven.

But, alas, she was forced to come here for “an adequate education as well as valuable training.” I don’t need this type of training. I’m one of the best f*****g fighters in the country. What’s there to learn here? She sighed again. Well, if I have to do this, I’m gonna do it right. I’ll show that b*****d.

A door stood slightly ahead. Astro looked down at her map, complete with schedule. “Room 101, class 12A.” She muttered to herself. She looked at the door again.

Yep. Another plaque declared, in adorned lettering, that she had found the right place.

Cool. Didn’t even need the map.

Astro took a deep breath and knocked on the spotless wood.

“Please, enter.” A stern voice commanded. Another deep breath. Astro grabbed the doorknob, twisted and opened the heavy door to her new challenge. 

© 2010 Holly-Anne

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Added on June 15, 2010
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Hiya I'm Holly-Anne (anne pronounced anna)! I like writing but I probably prefer reading. I'm not really sure what else to say but when I do, I'll update :D more..

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A Chapter by Holly-Anne