Immortal Land

Immortal Land

A Story by HorrorMaster

It's about amusement park for vampires that can take you to your dream vampire world once you go on the vampire rides.

October 2nd, 2010

In New York City, on a Friday morning at school time. A young 18 year old Gothic girl name Lisa has always been obsessed with vampires.. She been failing her grades and been always standing back in 12th grade for a first time. Everyday in Brooklyn high school, she always dress up wearing a grown with a vest, collar, over skirt, and a velvet choker with make up. All the students been calling her a freak and telling her that it’s not Halloween yet. Lisa doesn’t care what other students think of her. Her dream is becoming a vampire with her favorite dream vampire husband Lestat from Anne Rice’s Queen of the damned. That is her favorite book and movie.

Lisa got very tired in her English class. Her best friend Amber sitting next to her at class. Amber always wanted Lisa to have good grades, so that she can go to college with her next year. Amber is also gothic, but she into witches more then vampires.  Amber and Lisa are going to this concert tonight, so she wanted Lisa to stay awake.
“Hey Lisa wake up, you have to go do your work. Plus you need to stay awake for tonight concert.” said Amber.
Lisa doesn’t remember what concert she going to see tonight. She been always dreaming about her soon to be her vampire husband.  Whenever she dream of him and wakes up. She doesn’t remember about what concert they going to see or anything.
“Wow I’m sorry Amber, I was dreaming. What concert we’re going to see?” said Lisa.
Amber roll her eyes and said, “Ah hello! we’re going to see Korn live at Madison Square Garden tonight at 7pm. Remember we got tickets to see them like few weeks ago.”
Lisa got so excited and can’t wait for tonight to see them. She loves all their songs. Her favorite song is slept so long. She puts it on every night whenever she listen to her Queen of the damned soundtrack. She likes Korn song version better then Orgy. Lisa got up at her desk and yelled out, “I’M GOING TO SEE KORN TONIGHT. YAY!”
Her teacher Miss. Clapper told her to leave the class for standing up and yelling.
“Lisa get out of my class. I’m kicking you out for yelling and standing up in front of class.” said Miss Clapper.
Lisa always hated her teacher and so she yell at her with anger. “F**k you Clapper!” As she clapping at Miss. Clapper. “I have a nice clap for you.”
She started to clap with two of her middle fingers as she laughing. Amber started to laugh too. Miss Clapper also kick Amber too. They both walk out of her class.
“Ah god I hate Miss. Clapper.” said Lisa.
“I know I hate her too. Lets go to the library, I want to go on myspace to check out my friends.” said Amber.
“Okay lets do that.” said Lisa.
They both walk to the library and set very quit at the computer desk. Lisa went on the computer to do some more research for vampires while Amber busy checking out her myspace.  She spotted a site for real live vampires. She went on the site called Immortal land. It was a site for the upcoming amusement park for vampires that is going to be opening tomorrow night. The amusement park is called Immortal land. She saw the event link and clicks on it. This what it says.


Lisa got so excited on what she seen about this site. She told Amber to come with her tomorrow night to immortal land.
“Amber guess what? There is going to be a new amusement park tomorrow night called Immortal land. It’s a amusement park for vampires and fans of vampires. I am biggest fan of vampires. We need to go there. I’ve been waiting for this to happen. It’s a dream come true and it’s going to be a roller coaster based on my favorite movie Queen of the damned.”
Amber got shock what Lisa told her about the new amusement park for vampires, but she told her that she can’t.
“Lisa you know you I can’t tomorrow. I have to baby sit my little sister tomorrow. My parents are going out tomorrow night. I’m so sorry Lisa.” She get up from her computer desk and give Lisa a hug.
She got very disappointed  about Amber not be able to come with her tomorrow night. At least she happy that she coming with her to the korn concert tonight.
“Oh well, at least you coming with me to see Korn live tonight. Oh god I am going to have an amazing weekend after this piece of s**t school is over.” Lisa smiled as she thought about Immortal land.
Now school is over, they both walk out of school and ran to Amber’s home to get ready for tonight’s concert.  Lisa is still wearing her vampire dress. As for Amber she put on her mini black leather skirt. A korn t shirt and wearing black lip stick and black eye liner. Lisa stared at Amber and thinking about herself in her mind that Amber looks like a s**t.
“Amber you look like a f*****g s**t.” Lisa said.
Amber wasn’t dressing up as a s**t. She wanted to dress sexy for her lovely gothic boyfriend John that she going to see him in tonight’s concert.
“Shut up w***e, I am not a s**t. I just wanted to wear something sexy for my boyfriend John. You know I’m going to meet him there.” said Amber.
Lisa has always been jealous on Amber’s boyfriend. She always wanted him more then Amber does before she started falling in love with Lestat.
“Yeah at least you have a boyfriend that love you and give you gifts of witch crafts books and stuff.” Lisa whispered in her soft voice.
They both walk out of Amber’s room and go to the kitchen to eat some food before Amber’s mom come home. After they were done eating. They went outside and all the little kids were playing hockey. They look at them like a freak.
“Hey freaks go to hell.” said the little kids.
Lisa give them the middle finger. “We already been there kids,” said Lisa as she went in Amber’s black car.
Amber smile at Lisa and said, “you ready to have fun tonight babe.”
Lisa smile and said, “hell yeah I am ready and I am getting wasted tonight.”
Amber started her car and turn on her favorite radio station 93.5 rock. They were playing If I was your vampire by Marilyn Manson. Lisa also love this song. Amber is always a fan of Marilyn Manson.  They both went to  Madison Square Garden while listening to the song.

One hour later
They went to Madison square garden and saw lots of people on line waiting to get in the concert. Amber park her car in a parking lot. They both walk out to go the big line. Right when they go on the line, Amber spotted John. John is wearing his black long coat, a black fish net t shirt, korn t shirt, tripp pants, a spike collar. He also have make up on by wearing eye liner and black lip stick. He is 21 years old. John saw Amber walking with Lisa coming up to him.
“Oh my god you look so sexy baby.” said John as he kiss Amber on the lips and hold her. Amber smile at him and said, “you two baby,  you look so sexy wearing your black coat.”
Lisa roll her eyes and let them have fun like couples. Little did they know, John is hiding a small bag of ecstasy under his socks so that security guards wont find it. John had always been taking drugs and getting drunk ever since he was 15.  He wanted to drug Amber and Lisa, so that he can have a threesome with them later on tonight.
Now is 7pm, and the line is moving fast. They both were excited on going in the concert.
“All you ready Lisa to see them live?” said Amber
“Hell yeah I am!” said Lisa
While they were going in, security guards were checking on them just to make sure they don’t have any drugs or weapons.  They seem to be all clear. Lisa and Amber were so happy as they walk on. John told Amber that he going to get couple of beers before the concert starts.
“Hey babe I’m going to get some beers so we can drink before the concert starts alright sweetie.”
Amber smile at him and said, “okay baby hurry up is going to start soon.”
John went to the food concession stand to get three beers of Budweiser. There were no lines at the concession stand. Everyone is waiting for the show to start. John grab three beers from the concession stand and went in the bathroom. He take out his ecstasy bag. Then he puts one of it inside each beer bottles, since he only had three of ecstasy pills. He throw the bag inside the trash. John went out of the bathroom to give them beers to drink. He starts walking up to them. Lisa grab the beer bottle of out his hand.
“Here Amber this is your drink. Drink up fast before it starts, you two Lisa.” said John.
They both drink as fast as they can. Amber started to feel a little buzz out. Same thing with Lisa. They all walk inside the concert to see them live. Amber and John hold hands and saw Jonathan Davis the lead singer from Korn walking on the stage. Lisa yelled out, “I love you Jonathan Davis.”  As she smile at him and waiting him to sing. Everyone cheered as Jonathan Davis about to sing Lisa favorite song Slept so long.
“How you guys doing tonight? This song is coming from the movie Queen of the damned. I am sure you all heard of it. It’s called Slept so long.” said Jonathan Davis.
Lisa smiled so hard, becoming even happier that they were playing her favorite song first.  Amber and John started to make out while the song is playing. As for Lisa stared at him listening to the song.

Walking, waiting
Alone without a care
Hoping, and hating
Things that I can’t bear

Did you  think it’s cool to walk right up
To take my life and f**k it up
Well did you

I see hell in your eyes
Taken in by surprise
Touching you  makes me feel alive
 Touching you make me die inside

Walking, waiting
Alone without a care
Hoping, and hating
Things that I can’t bear

Did you  think it’s cool to walk right up
To take my life and f**k it up
Well did you
I hate you

I see hell in your eyes
Taken in by surprise
Touching you  makes me feel alive
 Touching you make me die inside

I’ve slept so long  without you
It’s tearing me apart, too
How to get this far
Playing games with this old heart

I’ve killed a million petty souls
But I couldn’t kill you
I’ve slept so long without you

I see hell in your eyes
Taken in by surprise
Touching you  makes me feel alive
 Touching you make me die inside

I see hell in your eyes
Taken in by  surprise
Touching you  makes me feel alive
 Touching you make me die inside

While Lisa listen to that song, she starts to dream like she watching her vampire husband Lestat singing that song to her. The drugs were tripping her out as she seem like she in another dream world filled with vampires. She started frowning into the air to get to the stage while she watch her dream vampire husband Lestat live on stage. Lestat puts his hand on her head staring into her green eyes.  Lestat take off her dress as he slowly sucking her neck. Blood were pouring into his mouth. Lisa  felt like she into a deep pleasure as she moan softly. Amber stared at Lisa like she seem to be dead. Her eyes were still open as she dreaming of her vampire husband.
“Are you okay Lisa?” Amber asked.
Lisa has not respond to her. She can’t talk to everyone at this moment while she dreaming and listening to korn playing that song. Amber seem to think she drug out from the ecstasy.  She know that John give her ecstasy by riding his mind just by looking into his eyes.  Amber didn’t drink much of the beer, but Lisa drink all of it.
“John I’m sorry but I am taking her home. She drug out  and I think you give us ecstasy you f*****g a*****e.” Amber yelled at him.
John got shock that he didn’t think this will happen to Lisa. “Sweetie I didn’t know, I’m sorry alright. Please let me take you guys home.” said John as he worried out.
Amber didn’t want John to take them home. She thinks he going to rape her and Lisa. “No it’s over John. We don’t want you to rape us, so f**k off John. Good bye you f*****g a*****e.” Amber anger scared him.
They both walk out of the concert. Amber hold on to Lisa shoulders, she put her in Amber's car. Amber got in her car to drive her home.
“Hang in there Lisa, you will be okay. You just drunk, hopefully you be better tomorrow.” said Amber.

One hour later

Amber went to her house. She take Lisa out of the car to take her to Lisa’s room. Lisa went into bed with her eyes still open still dreaming about her vampire husband. Amber kisses her on the forehead and said, “Sweet dreams! I hope you feel better tomorrow when you go to Immortal land.”
She went in her car as she worried of Lisa dying of over dose. “I hope she okay.” Amber thought.

October 3rd, 2010

It was night time at Lisa’s house. Lisa realized she been sleeping all day and wondering what happen to her last night. She got out of bed, her make up were all mass up.  She look at the clock and it said 8:30pm.
“Holy s**t I am going to be late to go to this new amusement park. God I feel like I have a head ache. I don’t remember anything last night.” Lisa thought.
She went her bathroom to fix up the make up. She still wearing her vampire dress from last night. After that she walk outside to get on the city bus to go to Immortal Land at Central Park, NY. Lisa wait for an hour for the city bus to come. An hour later it came, she got on the bus. It took about an hour to get there. Right when she get there she smile at the sign.


She got out of the city bus and went to the admission stand to get her ticket. After she pay for it, she walk in the amusement park. It has a lots of vampire rides, food concession stand selling blood drinks and cotton candy made out of blood. It also has bat games, vampire haunted houses.  Some of the rides name is called Fangs. It’s an upside down ride. What you do is you go on the ride and set there. It goes upside down , the speed is 50mph and it spins you around making you teeth bleeds.
Other ride that is haunted is called the vampire’s cross. It’s a 3.D ride that will take you in to another world filled with vampires trying to bite your neck while you wear those 3.D glasses once you go inside their house. It has the Underworld roller coaster and it has speed of 40mph, flips you way high upside down on a loop, lots of upside down sides. It making you think that you fighting lykans. 30 days of night haunted house maze filled with real vampires biting on your neck. Other vampires games are there too, like the bat game. You can shoots other bats and drink their blood for prizes. 
Lisa went on the ride that she always wanted to go on. She went on the Queen of the damned roller coaster. In this roller coaster it has lots of big flips loops, speed  50mph, and it has a dark castle to it on were Queen Akasha live. Also there were no lines on this ride, just her. She went on the ride and hold on tight. The roller coaster starts and it took her way up. Lisa got all excited.
“Hell yeah I’m starting to love this ride.” Lisa scream as she hold on tight holding the safety harness on her.
It took her way up then take her down very fast. She went pass all the big loops. Next it took her way up to the castle. Then it took her down to 50mph inside the castle. Flashing lights were blinking inside the dark castle, but then the castle made her go through a dimension vampire world. She got out of the ride and wanted to know where she at.
“Where am I? This seem like a real castle. What happen to the ride?” Lisa wondered as she look around. She went in the castle. It has lots of candles around on the wall. Lisa got all confused  by thinking that it’s just one of her dreams, but it’s not. A vampire name Vaguer came from the shadows behind the wall. He look like Lestat from Queen of the damned, but he not.  He came to her. Lisa smile at him and asked, “Are you a Lestat?”
“No my dear I am not him. Welcome to my world. Did you enjoy your ride to get here? I know you were coming.” Vaguer replied to her.
Vaguer can read her mind and he knows that Lisa always dream about Lestat. He wanted her to go to his vampire world just to meet her face to face. Lisa wanted to know how she got here.
“How do I get here?” Lisa asked.
“You travel in time into a dimension world to get here. You went on your favorite ride. In Immortal Land, every vampire ride will take a vampire fan to their dream vampire world and stay there for all eternity so they become immortals just like us. Welcome to your vampire world my dear. Now join us!” Vaguer replied.
Lisa smiled at him and since he does look like Lestat from Queen of the damned. She came to him, kisses him on the lips and said, “take my blood I’m yours.”
Vaguer put his hand on her head. As he suck on her neck. Blood were pouring into Vaguer’s fangs. Lisa join him as a vampire having her dream come true.
Meanwhile in the real world. In the next day, Amber came to Lisa’s House. She went her room and she was gone. She look everywhere for her, but Lisa is in her dream world. Amber went to Immortal Land and it was close on day light. She saw a gate that is a little broken. She went through it and go on Lisa’s ride that she went on last night. She turn it on and go on the ride. When she went through the castle. The castle made her go through the vampire world were Lisa is at. Amber got off the ride and went to the dark castle while it was still night time in the vampire world. It will always stay night. She was wondering where is she.
“Where am I? Lisa are you there? Answer me please it’s Amber.”
Lisa walk through the shadows with her new boyfriend Vaguer. They both saw Amber all frighten.
“Amber welcome to the vampire world. We belong in this immortal world forever, come join us.” said Lisa as she smile evil at her.
Amber stared at them like she is seeing a ghost. All the vampires in the castle appears to her as they wanted her blood.
“Okay I will join you. I miss you Lisa.” said Amber.
Lisa and Vaguer used their fangs and bite Amber’s neck to drink her blood. Amber started to become a vampire. They all live forever in their Vampire World.
Now come to Immortal Land, go on your favorite vampire rides. It will take you to your dream vampire world to become one of them as immortals that live forever.

The End

© 2017 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

What you think of this vampire tale? Also ignore grammar problems and don't be harsh either.

Lisa's dream vampire husband Lestat

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So sorry it took me so long in reading your wonderful tale into the dark side of life. And to incorporate a band that has come from my hometown was awesome, not my cup of tea in the music dept. But they are popular with lots of kids still. I would like to see if you expanded on what happened after they became a part of the vampire land too.

Posted 11 Years Ago


Posted 13 Years Ago

omg how do i get this to be for real.... so Ira can this store be real for me some day... please i want this for myself... as long as you can come with....

Posted 13 Years Ago

No I haven't as long I hire an editor then maybe I will publish it.

Posted 13 Years Ago

U are awsome i have no words!!!!!! have u published any books on horror stories??? but iam scared like hell.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Good like usual, and AMAZING song, i love queen of the damned, so i'ma huge fan of all of that music :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

Intersting actually, liking the characters and intensity xx

Posted 14 Years Ago

I like the human side to the story. The characters are interesting and the story is very good. A strange ending to the story. The story was very good. Thank you.

Posted 14 Years Ago

the ending was different.. unlike others. not a huge fan of vampires, but it is a good write. i seemed to like the ending. i thought it was a little sudden, although the whole idea is interesting. btw, is that actually a real song?

Posted 14 Years Ago

Interesting concept. I liked it. Which I like dark stories anyway. Keep up the hard work.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Tamarac, FL

Hello i'm Ira and i'm pretty much a horror writer. I have bad grammar and spelling or typos errors, but I tried my best, so please enjoy them. Also I don't like harsh grammar nazi saying (oh yo.. more..


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