Shadow Of His Light

Shadow Of His Light

A Poem by Inject Positivity

Here I am
On the rocky shores of life
Climbing and falling
Drowning and breathing
All at once
Not knowing where I belong
Crushes my serenity
Pushes me towards the darkness
With chains binding me from behind
I look behind with a deep breath
Hoping to find the shadow of His light

© 2017 Inject Positivity

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"Shadow Of His Light"
Inject Positivity,
I can identify with the battle played out in the above words. The desire to find our way in these days and find balance and fairness in difficulty is the goal.
"Here I am
On the rocky shores of life
climbing and falling
drowning and breathing
all at once"
The search-the niche for our place is what we all want and need.
"Not knowing where i belong
crushes my serenity"
Somehow we recognize that we are made for more than a blind struggle which lacks love and true center. You use of darkness and light here and the capitalization of "His" is beautiful is so revealing!
"Pushes me towards the ddarkness
with chains binding me from behind
I look behind with a deep breath
Hoping to find the shadow of His Light."
I hope you are doing well and finding peace in these days.
Happy New Year dear Dhiman.

Posted 3 Years Ago

His light breathtaking
His arms holding my own
His love is a rose
But a rose of stone
No color no life
As I hear his words no more
And I stand here watching as he walks out the door
The door of us of light of peace
And then turns and in his eyes I see
I see the pain the hurt the grudge
I had left the door first but now I had returned
Yet he kept walking as the pain continued to burn inspire my friend thank you

Posted 4 Years Ago

An enlightening and positive poem rife with the possibility of Hope. It's very well-written with some great imagery.

I will be up front with you: I'm Agnostic and while I do believe there's a pretty decent chance God exists but I believe that if he does, I don't truly think he answers prayers or cares much about us in the long run. I almost never pray, I don't believe in organized religion and I never go to church. Just trying to be honest as I don't really like when people talk about God a lot. Sorry for rambling on there. :)

Still, I can admire and respect true faith when I see it even when I lack it myself. This is a very good poem that doesn't seem to rely on God too much which is a good thing IMHO.

A very good poem you have here, Inject! ;)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Hi, Dhiman! It's been a while - hope you're doing well! I love the contrasts in this poem. "Climbing and falling / Drowning and breathing" really speaks to me. I've imagined life as a rocky shore as well before, so this poem is especially meaningful to me. I love how it encompasses messages of suffering AND hope, because that's what life is truly about. Keep growing and keep up the great work!

Posted 4 Years Ago

I totally love this poem!!! I can feel what it is saying. I love your imagery and language and yes, it speaks to me!!!

Posted 4 Years Ago

It is only at our darkest and loneliest moments in life, that we can feel truly alone, even surrounded by people. We can be part of a crowd, yet removed from it by the simple fact of thought, which consumes our every thought, keeps sleep from us and eats away at us as we try to find an answer to a question we don't understand. There is no lonelier place to be than in our own minds. We can only hope that we find some light along the way.
Beautifully captured my friend.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Inject Positivity
Inject Positivity

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