A Chapter by Incandescence

Lauren, Spencer’s closest girl friend, was coming to pick her up at seven the next day to head to the party. It was such a relief to finally get out of the house, especially since her parents have been fighting about that letter that was read five days earlier. She still had no idea what that had to do with her.


Although, there was an odd phone call that her mother received last night. Spencer didn’t know who it was, but she leaned against Mrs. Moore’s bedroom door to listen to the conversation.


All that was picked up was something about someone “being protected” and “keeping her safe” and “the bond will make everything right”.


None of it made too much sense with anything that had to do with her. So, she let it go.


Tonight should be just full of fun and drinks.


Lauren rang the doorbell and Spencer opened it yelling, “GOT IT!”


“You are so loud, girl. An opera would do you good,” Lauren laughed.


She rolled her eyes and walked out the door, following her friend to her car, “You know quite well I do not do high notes.”




It only took fifteen minutes to drive into Jessie Fletcher’s house. There were about ten other cars here and it was a wonder as to how everyone could fit on this small street.


Up the slanted driveway, Spencer’s steps were slow and Lauren was at least twenty steps ahead of her. Spencer looked up and down the streets at all the familiar cars that she always sees in the school parking lot. But there was a very expensive-looking black Volvo at the end of the street that she didn’t recognize. And she could see a person in it. The windshield was blurry from where she stood and it was difficult to tell whether the person inside was a boy or girl and what they were doing.


Spencer took her eyes off the vehicle. Jessie’s house wasn’t that big. Smaller than her own, but fairly sized. When Lauren opened the door, Spencer caught up and a burst of rock music blared out. She was a bit taken back, but she shook her head and entered the house.


A bunch of familiar faces came into view. Lauren walked over to her boyfriend, Tyler. It had only been two weeks since she’d seen these faces and she already felt like an outcast; a stranger walking into a stranger’s house.


“Oh, hey, Spence! I haven’t seen you in a while,” exclaimed Megan Boise, a friend she liked to be partners with in Math, “I think Ray is upstairs. Have you seen Jess? I wanted to show her this hilarious forward. I would’ve sent her it, but I don’t know her number. Do you know her number?”


Spencer just shrugged and laughed. She didn’t know her number, that was the truth, but she felt tongue-tied. And yet, there was no reason for her to feel that way.


Megan finally focused her blond head on something else. She slid past the crowd of people with plastic red cups full of a red substance. And truthfully, she didn’t want to know if it was punch or alcohol.


She jogged up the carpeted stairs and looked in every room she came to. Then she came to a room painted in all pink. But what she came into wasn’t something she necessarily liked. This had to be that odd, quiet gut feeling she had only moments before.


“What the hell?” was all Spencer could spit out. The tears sprang into her eyes, but she forced them away. Confidence, head held high and fearless are the keys.


Ray got off of Jessie; Jessie’s bed under her.


He had an astonished look upon his face. He hadn’t expected her to walk in. did he expect her friends to walk in and notice?


But Jessie’s expression had satisfaction hidden beneath the shock.


After a few moments of silence, Spencer finally broke it, “I demand an explanation. From you, Ray. I don’t care to hear how you wished for me to see this, Jessica.” There was a sharp icy tone to her voice. She made sure it was clear that she was pissed.


“I’ll meet up with you in a little bit. I wasn’t finished with you yet,” Jessie said seductively. She pecked Ray on the cheek and scampered off.


Heartbroken. Completely and utterly heartbroken was what Spencer was. There were no words to explain it. She couldn’t put it into words, she didn’t even want to think about it. If she did, she would surely loose her composure.




Ray cleared his throat, trying to find the exact words to say. “I’ve just been feel�"no, I haven’t really been feeling anything for you lately and�"”


“Oh, no, no, no,” Spencer interrupted, “I’m breaking up with you. That is all said and done. I just want to know how you could do this.”


“I just fell in love with someone else.” He stuttered a bit and his words were unsure.


“You do know that she intentionally brought me over here, right?”


He said nothing. Ray was much too embarrassed to say anything at all.


“Well, bye then.” Spencer said no more. She couldn’t say anymore. She finally let those tears fall as soon as she hit the front door. She walked outside in the cold. There wasn’t a ride for her, she didn’t feel like interrupting Lauren and Tyler’s make out session. So instead, she just walked a random direction and let the cold tears fall quickly down her face. The way she was going was blurry. The tears completely ruined her vision and she just kept her head at the ground hoping for the tears to go away. Once they were gone she could find someplace to call her parents to pick her up.


After she made a right down the small street, she heard quick footsteps. They got louder after she continued to walk in her zombie state. Spencer looked behind her and noticed a blurry figure only thirty yards behind her. She walked faster and the figure seemed to get faster too.


Her heart pounded and she broke into a run.


Her eyes were still blurry. No detail could be made out. She soon felt herself fall; headfirst onto the cold sidewalk. Then everything went black.

© 2011 Incandescence

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A Chapter by Incandescence

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