As a Writer

As a Writer

A Stage Play by InkedLance

Short, snappy recounts about how cool and uncool being a writer can be. Hope you like it! ^_*

1. As a writer, saying random crap and receiving unnecessary attention is...


*             *             *

In class...

MICHELLE: (reading a handout) So Jane Seymour was the third wife of Henry VIII.

ME: Mmm... (Thinking to self) But then how could a male character be that good-looking after the gun fight...? It wouldn't make sense unless--

MICHELLE: (Taps me) Hey? Do you get this?

ME: (slams right hand onto desk) Of course!  


ME: (Looks up with a euphoric expression) He must be metro-sexual! 

MICHELLE: (Glancing at the other staring people) Er...


2. As a writer, asking weird questions is...

A part of life...

*             *             *

In 'James An'*, Maths class...

ME: (sitting at a desk in the front row, thinking to self) Hmmm... So he's gotta be stylish and stuff but... I don't know what guys find stylish... Hmmm... (Gazing ahead) Grr... What do I do...?

{TEACHER}: Are you finished?

ME: (Nodding slowly, still thinking to self) ... Sir's actually pretty stylish. (to the teacher) Hey Sir?

{TEACHER}: Yeah?

ME: I love your clothes. Where did you get them?

{TEACHER}: Err...


3. As a writer, seeking out strange information is...


In the library...

ME: (browsing through the maternity section, thinking to self) Hmmm... I should find out how Elenaia would feel when she's giving birth to their kid... Hey! (Removes book from shelf)

{LIBRARIAN}: (walking past) ... (Sees me and stops) Excuse me...?

ME: (obliviously looking through the book) Yeesh... That's scary...

{LIBRARIAN}: ... Are you alright?

ME: Me? Oh, yeah. I'm fine.

{LIBRARIAN}: Ah... Of... Course... Er... (Continues walking)


But best of all...

4. As a writer, at least you get to know your woes...

Are always worthwhile!

*             *             *

ME: (Opens the front door) I'm back... (Collapses on door mat)

{MY MUSE}: Eeeee! You got so much stuff for me to work from!

ME: (still on the ground) Y-You seriously owe me...

{MY MUSE}: (Rummaging through books) Mm... This one looks really good...

ME: (silently lying down, eyes drooping) Gr...

{MY MUSE}: Thanks! Well, HERE! (Runs out of the room)

ME: Uh...? (Eyes widen) Oh my God! I got an idea!

© 2013 InkedLance

Author's Note

This was inspired by Yuumei's funny comics on DeviantART.

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Yep, that last one is EXACTLY what my muse does... Thing can't sit still worth anything, always bouncing around and going: "Oooh, this looks cool! Oh, so does this!" "Oh, come on! I know you want to finish that other story, but THIS LOOKS EVEN MORE COOL!!!" *sighs*
Anyway, I'll definitely have to look at the comics you mentioned. Can you give me a link to one of them?
Keep up the great work!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on January 17, 2013
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