Romeo Juliet 121 Where are you

Romeo Juliet 121 Where are you

A Poem by Inyourshadow

A modern Romeo and Juliet


An American soldier walks into a shelled ruin to find a young girl huddled in a darkened corner, her hands covering her face, she is shaking.

Soldier ~ How Amongst this war torn masonry,
             could Grow so fair a desert flower.
             That hides so soft her eyes from me,  
             but yet steals from me the very power. 
             To reason love amidst this scenery,
             as I ashamed now turn and cower.   

She looks up and on seeing his uncertainty and gentle face finds herself drawn to him.

Girl ~      By what star was this night born,
             that alights on so silent a step.
             Adorning this dark with love not scorn,
             and into my heart so softly crept.
             Doth now my soul such thoughts adorn,
             as through his eyes such sorrow wept.

They look at one another as the sound of automatic gunfire shatters the silence...

Soldier ~ If I could but steal one solitary hour,
             and thus pluck it out of time.
             Wouldst I not share it with this flower,
             that has so ataken this hard heart of mine.

Girl ~      If I could but steal one unashamed look, 
             and seal this chance meeting with a kiss.
             But for this war we are unstuck,
             and never may we share such bliss. 

Soldiers screaming orders and receiving commands.

Radio ~   Romeo Juliet 121 where are you,
             let fly the shells that rend this night.
             and burn surrounding building too,
             leave no cover from which for them to fight.

The soldier turns and runs out casting one final look over his shoulder towards her, she stands and walks to the doorway speaking.

Girl ~      May whatever God you pray to keep you,
             and May he safe your journey be.
             So when at last this madness through,
             he leads you back to be with me.

Soldier ~ May whatever God you pray to guard you,
             and keep you safe from hatreds eyes.
             That come a time when we're unbound,
             He let's us love without disguise.

The radio crackles into life orders are screamed and a shell whistles over the soldiers head, striking the second floor of her home causing the roof to collaspe.
He turns and screams running toward the smoke and dust billowing from the open doorway...

Soldier ~ What hell hath such disdain to break a heart,
             With mortar shell and racial hate.
             Imprisoning my soul now ripped apart,
             amidst the sands of this damned state.

He falls to his knees, rifle butt driven into the ground..

Soldier ~ Then let me here atone this crime, 
             ending this ache within my beating chest.
             For without your love what use is time,
             when by your side I seek to rest.

 He pulls his trigger and falls over slowly hitting the ground as she appears through the smoke coughing, she sees him and runs to crouch down by his side stroking his bloodied face..

Girl ~      In suicide are we both damned,
             and hell will own here our mortal soul.
             But just to be once held soft within your hand,
             would I suffer all to be made whole.

 His knife in her hand she closes her eyes and thrusts deep into her Breast, falling limp across his body and in death knows his touch.

Sergent ~ Why when all men are brothers,
              do we scar both heart and earth.
              Feel humbled by the sight of lovers,
              who knew that war attains not worth,
              Killing the sons of faceless mothers,
              that mourn now the life that they gave birth.

He walks away head bowed, other grunts gather around the couple and stare uncertainly at what transpired as love conquered death and cast doubts amongst the living.

© 2011 Inyourshadow

Author's Note

Romeo Juliet 121 is his call sign and the 121 is a nod towards he and she one to one

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nice write!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow incredible work!! 100 for sure!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I have no words! This is way out there love, you have rendered me speechless! lol
I can feel this so much, you have taken a modern slant to something that hits with intensity and I am in awe! A fav and 100...past that...true respect! xoxo

Posted 9 Years Ago

Loved the entire work, wow! Amazing write. Since we're sharing favorite parts, mine was the last line, " love conquered death and cast doubts among the living." I can picture all of them in that tiny, devasted state. Again, amazing!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I really loved this poem the words you used really made the poem so amazing all the detail and the tragic things that are going on in the poem and how it alll refers to romeo and juliet was reallly great I loved it all especially the talk that is going on between the soldier and girl amazing job

Posted 9 Years Ago

Somber is the first word that comes to mind when I think of this. Somber, loneliness, colored with the short blissful tidings of love. That are cut too short in the ways of war. Where each tries to reach each other and keep in their arms. Only to have it taken away. It's so pure, so true, and very well written.

Stage directions really should be put in italics, and "[]" marks.
Other than that fact, it's the best poem I've read in months.

Great work, and amazing story even if it sad.

-Marie Riorden-

Posted 9 Years Ago

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But for this war we are unstuck,
and never may we share such bliss.

gah! has to be my favorite line!!! uh! how can i say that whole thing was scrumdiliumcious like ice cream on hot summer day :P oh i'm hungry now.
*goes to get some cookies then comes back*
anyway i never like romeo and juliet (romeo is too whiney :( ) but this was just beautiful
modern day romeo and juliet

Posted 9 Years Ago

Whoa! Seriously you are a talented IYS! Heart-wrenching write....and capturing the small window of human tenderness and contact in amongst the brutality of war... and then translated into a modern day Romeo and Juliet tale... absolutely love it! What a mind and heart you have! I am in awe with everyone else here!

Posted 9 Years Ago

[send message][befriend] Subscribe
Breathtaking. Superior to a lot of writes and far better than most. Exceptional work that just leaves e reeling, damn near speechless and quite envious. Superb work

Posted 9 Years Ago

Well if I may say, I am in friend, I have read your work and know of what you are capable, but this, IS one of the best writings I have read to date.
It is high up on this list and certainly gives Shakespeare a run for his money!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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