Hinata Hyuga's Death

Hinata Hyuga's Death

A Poem by Julio Cesar Ruiz

I wrote this after the chapter in the manga when everyone thought that Pein had killed hinata. thank god she is still alive.


There was once a powerful foe,

who no one could go toe to toe,

only one could defeat this man,

yet everyone doubted that he can,

only a select few believed that he could,

and only one believed like they should,

for when he fought they all thought,

that victory by him could not be brought,

they all tried to join the fight,

they failed even with all their might,

it wasn't enough for the foe was too great,

and only one to fight was his fate,

yet it seemed like he would lose,

and she was the one to make a choose,

to run away and never look back,

or to jump into the fight and attack,

the latter was chosen and she would die,

it was her choice to fight and not cry,

smiling she said the words he never heard,

and as he watched tears his vision blurred,

for his heart lay on the ground dead,

sorrow clouded his mind with things unsaid,

anger filled the void in his heart,

and rage threatened to tear him apart,

for in his mind only one thing remained clear,

to destroy the one that attacked all that he held dear,

to kill the man who committed the crime,

of killing the purest being of all time,

he didn't know why he didn't realize it before,

that everything about him she would adore,

but now its too late as she slips away,

gone from all the chaos and disarray,

but before him he still stood,

the enemy of all things pure and good,

the one who took her away,

the one who didn't let her say,

whether she wanted to live or die,

he didn't give her a chance to to try,

he didn't give her a chance to fight or flee,

so now he will kill him without mercy,

no one and nothing will stand in his way,

from obtaining his revenge and making him pay,

no matter the cost he will suffer defeat,

and suffer the worst possible fate that he could meet,

yet it won't be enough for what he has done,

for he killed her and Hinata is gone.

© 2009 Julio Cesar Ruiz

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wow, this is an amazing poem. it makes me tear up

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on May 2, 2009


Julio Cesar Ruiz
Julio Cesar Ruiz

Hollister, CA

Damn its been a while since Ive last been on here. well Im back and I plan on udating regurlary from now on, like twice a month if I can, mayb more but it depends on my schedule. .. more..