Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

A Story by Jermar Makins

the woods have eyes...Blue eyes


A storm brews.Wind whistling through the woods grabbing leaves and sticks and smashing it into trees and mad lakes. Light illuminating the dark woods, rain masking the forest in flurries. In the darkness a small farm settled gleaming through the dark.

A man walks in after a hard day's work, taking off his muddy boots and soaked attire. The farmer hurriedly searched through his house looking for a cloth to stop the bleeding hand. The farmer tore off a shirt from his closet and tied it to his hand to stop the bleeding. Cursing under his breath he hurriedly ran outside to gather his herd and bring them into the safety of the pens. The sheep were in a blind panic running from one side of the fence to the other. At first the farmer supposed that it was because of the storm, but the sheep never acted like this before. Usually they would just follow into shelter. “No”. The farmer thought, there was something else there was something out there. The farmer rallied the last of the sheep inside the pen and stared into the darkest part of the woods having a strong feelings that he was being watched. Peering into the dark waiting for dozens of pairs of eyes to reveal themselves. He had a fearful hunch of a pack of wolves and a little hunch of...something else. Suddenly a strong gust of wind appeared blasting the gate to the pen into the farmer’s hand. The man let out a pained wail and looked back in the direction of the forest. Two sets of eyes eyes. The eyes came closer rising and rising. Pure horror set in realizing this was no animal. The man let out a panicked scream trying with all his might to dislodge his hand from the gate, but the intense wind would not let up all the while grinding down on his already smashed hand. The man screamed through his pain and found the strength to pull it out. The man landed in a heap in the mud. His right hand a bloody cast he cradled his broken knuckles and rolled on his stomach.Two blue eyes stood before the man staring into his soul. A sensation building up in him caused him to have the taste of bile that touched his tongue, he felt searing pain suddenly as if his skull might crack. The man rolled onto his back shaking uncontrollably all the while the huge hollow eyes stared looking onto his as he was to it. The man’s vision started to go black all that was visible were the soul piercing hollow eyes.   

© 2017 Jermar Makins

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Added on March 3, 2017
Last Updated on March 6, 2017


Jermar Makins
Jermar Makins

camden, NJ

I'm the type of writer who likes to write and finds it a good little past time that I guess, I'm pretty good at. I really like to immerse myself into my writing. I use to write about anything and foun.. more..


A Story by Jermar Makins