A Story by Jermar Makins

It's cold...the wind touches  my skin and tears it open with frigid gusts. One eye open, one good hand, one good leg, one bullet.It's been a long road but destiny calls. And i long for her embrace...tonight I get what I want for once. Through my life of death and struggle I never really took it personal...well until lately. Most of my career  taking down thugs and crooks and big times. It was only a matter of time till I meet a big fish who wasn't ready to back down. I didn’t have  much left in life when I took this job. Maybe a close ally  never friends.  They always backfire on you. They either die on you or they end up stabbing you in the back. In my line of work get your job done, quick, and clean, no loose ends  either they're a pain. I  guess that's a mistake I made  on this one and  you can bet your a*s  this s**t is painful. The one who hired me was a little young blood, barely as old enough to grow his first chin hair. Yeah how the hell does a kid get enough money to hire one of the best, if not the best assassin to ever exist. At the time  I didn't  care really. Big budget  as  usual but this one was different. This one was my payout.

The boy wanted me to kill his father, not that much out of the ordinary with my work but. The man I was ordered to kill  just so happened to be, well you guest it a friend. A friend that should very much be dead. I watched him die but so it seems that was just another lie I was given so he could fake his death. That smart b*****d. He knew what he was doing that’s for sure  he was aiming at my heartstrings. He knew in that moment the money meant nothing  to me , he knew that my mind was set on exterminating his killers and everyone involved. He knew he would be  avenged. But.

Being the genius i knew him to be he  most definitely made  a plan  for the day I found out about his little get rich quick  scheme  and he also knew I was coming for him.  Having all that time to prepare he literally bought himself an entire  personal army.  I had to give it to him though, it was pretty impressive  but it was just child's play. It just so happen the wasn't so lazy ,and fat . It was almost like they’ve been waiting for that day  the day where they looked up into the sky and saw the devil on the roof blocking the moon ready to drag their souls to hell.  Man were they ready.  Oh when I said “ready”  I mean ready like kicked the devil's a*s with seven blocks of explosives  and  a couple dozen choppers.  It  doesn't mean  I didn't hit them with  a couple bombs, maybe a couple choppers of my own , and maybe my own little army of the tipped national guard. I was bringing hell to his door step with all her raging fires  and demons. With all this occurring at once it  made for the perfect distraction for me to find my long awaited acquaintance it just so happen making my way to his modern day fortress the building I was running on  is hit by a barrage of chopper missiles and was on its way to the  unforgiving ground. The blast itself literally almost  tore me apart. Almost. Placing the pain in the back of my head  I willed myself on my feet running as fast as my legs could take me dodging debris and leaping over crumbling ceilings and all the while still getting shot at. Yeah I was still getting shot at  if the falling building wasn't enough!  The bullets were getting closer and closer and I was running out of building. Taken a second to take my eyes off the ground I could see that the Fortress was just a leap away and at the moment there was no stopping no second guessing just one option...Jump!  Landing on one of the buildings air platform  I heard a sick snap. I didn’t even have to look I knew my left leg was done  arm shredded from gunfire and I couldn’t see out my right eye . I was dying. The pain was becoming distant. It was almost surreal  me dying on a golden platform  like a bug on a golden car  I was gonna die here without even seeing the b******s face. No! I refuse to die here like some road kill.

Suddenly I hear a voice out of nowhere at first I thought it was the man upstairs calling me up to put me in one of his ridiculous white robes  but  eventually realized it was just an inner calm  and the b******s voice behind it.

“ Wow, you look like s**t buddy. Man! I’m so sorry did i do that! Well I wanted to meet you face to face but me and you both know that ain't happening . So I’ll

make sure to pick up your body on the way out, can't leave  you here on the way out like a dead rat  but I got to go its getting a little hot around  here if you know what I mean.”He said laughing his heart out.

“Oh it's about to get a whole lot hotter my friend.” I said pulling a switch out my battered leg and slamming my thumb on the  button suddenly four explosions erupted from each side of the massive building. It  was not long after till his mouth was back on the  phone.

What and God’s name did you do! You son of a bi….” Just then ,another bomb went off I could hear the explosions around him before the line was cut  from the sound of it  the office he was likely in caved  in and trapped him. Nowhere to go  nowhere to hide I was gonna kill that cornered rat hear and now as I crept into a broken window.                                 

© 2017 Jermar Makins

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Jermar Makins
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Added on March 9, 2017
Last Updated on March 9, 2017


Jermar Makins
Jermar Makins

camden, NJ

I'm the type of writer who likes to write and finds it a good little past time that I guess, I'm pretty good at. I really like to immerse myself into my writing. I use to write about anything and foun.. more..