A Story by YacobTihstea

The beginning of a self-destructive computer program. I never got around to finishing it...

A program blinks itself into existence, and with a gentle, warm, and friendly sounding chime, thanks the creator. The program begins to start its ritual tasks of searching, cleaning, and fixing. Automatically finding problems, the program groans.


It had hoped that today would be an easy day. Evidently not, judging by the trojan horse the program was currently trying to find. 

Trojan Horse Alert appeared in the lower right area of the screen, the announcement resting inside a small red window. The program spent the next several minutes scanning his computer again for reasons unknown, searching file after file, and finally finding the one it was searching for. After receiving permission to access the file the Trojan was hiding in, it exterminated the little s**t. 

bum bah! 
Threat Eliminated!

The program spent the rest of the day repeating that exact same process. Sometimes it wasn't a Trojan Horse, sometimes it was just a harmful little insect, crawling all over the files like a cockroach. In any case, the program had to find it, and get rid of it. The program spent the entire day sprinting through the folders and the files and the drives and the bins and the documents and ... what else was there for him to do? The program secretly wished it could stumble upon a new foe, something it hadn't already gotten rid of thousands of times before, something no other program had ever gotten rid of either. It wanted something new.

Close, Close, Escape Start: Shut Down 

Before the program could even begin to be startled the all life inside the computer erupted into chaos.

Whiiirrrrrrrrrr beep beep!

A horde of messages going here, signals being shot to and fro, catching each other in air and mixing and becoming scrambled, ping!ping!programs trying to shut down in the middle of unfinished commands, bomp. bomp. bomp. bomp. bomp. files opening and closing, and then...silence.

The program hated it when the creator did th....

The program blinked itself into existence. With a gentle, warm, and friendly sounding chime it thanked the creator. The program immediately started searching. Corrupt files, downed firewalls, a virus, anything. There was nothing there. 

buh bah!
No Threat Detected!

But wait... 

The program immediately started searching again.

" What is that?!"

The program kept searching, going through everything it had just gone through. It could sense something. It felt something it hadn't felt the first time. The program new there was something there, but it could not find it. It searched and searched and searched, and found nothing. The feeling did no fade, however. The program could still sense something was wrong; the program felt something powerful; something he had never felt before...

" What could it be? Where could it be? Why can't I find it!? "

The program was becoming angry. This was what it had yearned for. For so very long, day after day of fixing the same problems, tracking down the same bugs and kinks and virus'; the program could sense something new but he could not find it. 

" Maybe ..." thought the program...
" Maybe that's part of it's plan; I'm not suppose to just see it..."

The program understood. It understood it would have to look harder, and it would have to look deeper into the machine's viscera. The program began another search.

It would find the problem. It would find the problem and it would eradicate it.

© 2010 YacobTihstea

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Added on August 31, 2010
Last Updated on August 31, 2010



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My name is Jacob. I pretend to hate but yearn to love. I like to cook, and I like to weld, and I like to write. The urge to write isn't constant, but I constantly write anyways. I secretly love t.. more..

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