Chapter One: Meeting the Man

Chapter One: Meeting the Man

A Chapter by Jade Renee Bacon

How Rebecca and her bestfriend, Patrick, met.


Meeting the Man


          Everyone experiences "love at first sight" sometime in their life. They may not realize it. I felt this... Only once.


          I had met him through a mutual friend. (He used to date her. They had broken up when he had to move away with his father and step-mom, but they remained close friends. When I first saw him they were still dating.) His girlfriend, Lydia, had invited him to watch a musical she was in and it just so happened that I was in it too. I saw him after the show with her. They looked so happy. His smile caught my eye, but I was way too shy to say hello.


          That was the first time I had seen him. He had curly brown hair that reached past his chin just slightly and an athletic build that was also slim. The sound of his laugh made me want to smile, even though I hadn't heard the joke. I didn't know what it was about him, but I felt like I wanted to know him. Strange, right?


          A couple of months later I was at Prom, sitting alone at my table while everyone was dancing to the heavy beat of some pop song I didn't know. That's when I saw him. He was with Lydia on the dance floor, looking like he was having a lot of fun. His smile was contagious to me. I couldn't help but smile as I watched him, but felt bad about staring. I tried to distract myself for the rest of the night, but only ended up texting and sighing for the next two hours.


          Prom ended and my sisters and I moved on to After Prom. I had changed into the most relaxed close I could find; a Chicago Bears jersey and a pair of faded, gray jeans. I wasn't going to impress anyone. My sisters and I gathered around a table and talked and laughed for an hour or so before I started to look around; wondering if anyone else there was as bored as I was.


          As I looked around, I spotted him again. He was in the corner with Lydia and all her friends. I stared for a little longer, but knew that I needed to stop being such a creeper. When I left After Prom that night, I couldn't forget about him.


          About two or three months after I had first seen him, I saw his name pop up on my Facebook. We had some friends in common, so I decided to add him. About two hours later he had accepted. It took me a while longer to actually start to chat with him. At first, I just commented on his status or liked pictures that popped up in my news feed, but after another month I decided to strike up a conversation with him.


          It turned out that we had a lot in common so after two weeks of chatting on Facebook I told him to text me and sent him my number. When he first texted me, I couldn't believe it! I immediately responded and we texted for hours. In the first two weeks of our texting friendship we had sent probable over 1,000 texts.


          I was excited to be talking to him, especially since I didn't think we would ever speak.


          We have been friends for almost two months now and there's a lot I have to discovered about him and myself. The biggest thing I have discovered is that I am in love with him, but isn't the only problem. I wanted to admit that I cared for him, but about a month into our friendship he dropped the bomb on me. It turned out, that he was... Gay.

© 2012 Jade Renee Bacon

Author's Note

Jade Renee Bacon
I usually suck at punctuation... So, I know that'll be a problem.

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