Through A Wolf's Eyes-Chapter One

Through A Wolf's Eyes-Chapter One

A Chapter by Jane

The wolf was born, a cruel pack and a cruel world awaiting.

  I blinked, after a few days after I was born, I was already put in the cold, just to get used to it. "Mama, I'm to cold!" I complain. "It's never to cold," she replies to my whine. I snuggle her for warmth. I couldn't believe the cold. I shiver, all my siblings didn't have to go through this, I was the different one. I had striped blue legs, a blue marking that looked like a crown, a striped tail with a filling of blue at the end. The others pierced my ear also, it was a screech I gave them.

  "She's doing fine," my mother patted my small back. The alpha male glanced at me. "She is?" he raised a brow. "Hm, she's a wolf husky mix, she'll be amazingly beautiful when she grows up," he chuckled. My mom smiled, I did to, shyly though.

  I walk up the path, my first "practice" fight, I was ready. Fighting my siblings, we we're on different teams for this. I was ready, my heart pounding, I was excited. My first fight.
"She's grown," someone whispered. "Start," the alpha said. I growled, and I leaped at my brother. Grabbing his scruff and throwing him. I got my sister's paw and threw it as she fell.
My oldest brother shot at me, I went to a side and snatched his scruff. Kiara, my sister that I threw her paw. Went after me and scratched my eye. I went after her shoulders and scratched  them.  My oldest brother Bullet went after my scruff, and I shook him off and bit his scruff back.  "STOP!" I heard. The alpha trotted up, I let go of my brother's scruff. "We're done for today," he said, I went back to my den.

  "NightStar!" Bullet yelled. "Run away! The alpha has gone MAD!" "No! Why would I leave you?!" I yell back. "Trust me!" he yelled. "I love you! Tell the rest of the family!" I run, I looked behind, my mother was fighting the alpha..."Mother!" I yell. "Just run NightStar!" Bullet yells, I run for my life. Scared what I would find ahead. 

© 2010 Jane

Author's Note

Woop! Woop! I wrote a lot, that's my goal. xD So, tell me what you liked and hated. Tell me how to improve, tell me if I need to describe more, correct me! :D

So, here's how NightStar looks: Is her piercing so awesome? xD Also, I just colored it, not draw it. ;)

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Added on May 29, 2010
Last Updated on June 1, 2010
Tags: Wolves, drama, romance



Hollister, CA

'Ello! I'm Jane, total grammar freak. Horse freak..What else? I don't know! -Giggle- So, I love writing. my best point. Add more later. more..