Through A Wolf's Eyes Chapter Two

Through A Wolf's Eyes Chapter Two

A Chapter by Jane

She finds someone, is he willing to challenge her, maybe kill her? Or will he seek the path that NightStar is on?

  I run, my heart pounding. Why did he go mad? Why did they want me to leave? Something was behind this. I couldn't believe it. Someone chuckled. I stop, to look around. "Hey, what are you doing running around?" someone asks. I turn around. A gray wolf, he has two huge scars around his eyes, dark red strips on his muzzle and his legs. His right leg, and his left back leg. He had, like dark and light green eyes. "Um, sorta, a lot of problems at my pack," I said. "Oooh, packs. I hate 'em, but love 'em at the same time. Family, fights, all that," he chuckled. "Name? " I ask. "Scourge," his green eyes flickered at me. "NightStar," I said. "Ah, did you run away because you where different? I was kicked out, those disgusting wolves, they think every wolf different would kill them, they said I was cursed with madness and evil, look where I am, I'm not killing you, or anything," Scourge said. "I see," I said looking down.

          (Scourge's point of view)

    I trotted down to the woods, keeping me pace up. "Why we going here? " Night asks. "Wonderful things," I said, "and things you should know," I continued. As we entered, we made no sounds off our feet. I look at Night. She was....I dunno, nice, sweet, very charming. I wonder what made her run away. Force? Her markings? Just wanted to? What? I was ready to ask her.."Night.."

© 2010 Jane

Author's Note

Not a lot today, but, I LOVE Scourge, he's my little prince. ^^ So, they next chapter, Scourge will be still telling the story.

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Added on June 11, 2010
Last Updated on June 11, 2010
Tags: Drama, Romance, Wolves



Hollister, CA

'Ello! I'm Jane, total grammar freak. Horse freak..What else? I don't know! -Giggle- So, I love writing. my best point. Add more later. more..