001: Waiting.

001: Waiting.

A Chapter by ShadyGirl763

William has had enough waiting for his girlfriend to be done with her day job. It's only fair that she has to wait too.


“Knock, knock love.” I winced as the door opening caused me to flinch which sent the Photoshop brush halfway across the canvas. I bit my lip as I felt lips touch my shoulder. “What are you doing?”

“Working.” I replied testily.

“I know but�"why are you not naked?” He asked, and I can practically hear the tongue scraping the inside of his teeth in that lewd gesture that could only mean that he was ‘in the mood.’ I could feel his fingertips graze my shoulder and I looked over my shoulder briefly. “And she smiles. Come on love, give us a little rough and tumble.”

“I can’t. I have work. I don’t feel like it. I’m�"“ There was a soft whine and I sighed as he sat down on the bed behind me.

“Will�"“ He took his glasses off, wiped them, and then placed them on the table beside us.

“No, it’s fine. Bloody fine it is. Haven’t touched my kitty in two weeks because her mother is selfish with the milk, innit she?” I rolled my eyes, rolled my chair over to the bookshelf and grabbed the hard drive. As I turned back to the computer, I gasped when he grabbed the hard drive out of my hand. “You will regret this.” He spoke darkly in the only tone that could make my body shiver.

He crossed the room and sat the hard drive down as I wheeled slowly back to the computer, squirming under his eye. He slammed out of the bedroom which I was used to.  I sighed and headed toward my bed.


When I opened my eyes, the first thing I realized was that I couldn’t stretch my arms. “Will!” I screamed out and gasped when there was a tight grasp around my neck. “Shut your mouth.” He glared at me as he unfastened his pants with his free hand, before he began rubbing his already hardening member. “God you look so cute like this.”

“Will, untie me now. I have work.” I twisted my arms back and forth and he bit his lip as his hand skimmed down. He pinched a n****e tightly which caused my hips to raise.

“Like a bloody queen you are, writhing beneath my touch. All flushed and helpless, I can’t get enough of it.” He bowed his head and worried the opposite n****e with his teeth as he twisted the other between his fingers. I moaned loudly and he chuckled as he alternated between licks and bites, pulls and twists. He pulled his hand away from his dick and took both breasts in each hand. Lovingly, he lapped at the n*****s and pressed them as close together as he cooled. He looked up and watched my face.

I shut my eyes to try to mask the pleasure on my face as he rubbed the tips of his thumbs against the wetness he’d created upon my n*****s. He bit down on the underside of one and a loud moan escaped my lips. “That’s what I thought my dirty, little minx. You want me too, don’t you?” he asked as he hand traveled down further. “My wanton little goddess, working day and night.” He reached into my panties and growled before he ripped them away from my body. I gasped as he chuckled darkly at how my hips bucked at the promise of his touch. . “Ignoring her needs.” He sunk his fingers inside of me for what felt like just seconds before rubbing the wetness he’d created there onto the tip of my c**t.

My head fell back as I moaned softly. He hummed his approval as he used one gentle finger to tease the pink nub.  “You can’t ignore me now, can you baby? You want me inside of you don’t you?” The feather-like touches began to move faster and my legs fell open. “Delicious.” He slid down to his knees, his tussles of curly hair brushing my stomach as his tongue made contact with the warm cleft between my legs. “My, what does my goddess have hidden between these tight thighs of hers?” He slid his hands between my legs, and spread them roughly. Before I could protest, he wedged his shoulders between them and began long languid licks up each thigh.

“Willi�"“ My words were cut off by a guttural moan as it escaped my lips and my legs spread more.

“Oh baby. Someone sounds like they haven’t been properly fucked like the nasty little s**t they are in two weeks.” He licked a long journey up and down the outer walls of my vagina before he spread it gently, pushing the hood back just slightly. His thumb slightly brushed it and my legs jumped. “Poor little p***y, pouting from all the neglect.” He flattened his tongue and stroked every bit it could reach. I started to pull back, but he growled darkly before reaching his arms up and using his thumbs to pinch my n*****s once more.

“Oh God.”

“You want me?” He asked, arching an eyebrow but not looking up as he picked up the pace, shaking his tongue back and forth quickly. Ravenously, he tasted me and soon my hands were fisted in his hair begging him to go a bit deeper. His fingernails squeezed into the flesh of my breast and just a little more friction would’ve pushed me over the edge.

“Maybe you don’t.” He pulled away and I nearly cried out from the loss. “Maybe you’d rather sit here and let me wank off every single night wondering when’s the next time I can bend you over the kitchen table. I lie awake every night and touch myself and sometimes I use your knickers while I do it.” He thrust himself violently into his hands and laid his head back against the wall behind him. “God… I’m so close.”

“Will.” I begged.

“What?” He looked over as he fisted his c**k, staring shamelessly at my vagina which was bucking along with my hips for contact. His eyes met mine and the darkness inside them only made me wetter. “You want me to have my way with you?” I only stared at him until he reached over and grabbed my neck, not once taking his other hand off of his c**k. He got down from the bed, pulling me along.

“Do you want me?” He glared into my eyes, hand wrapped around my neck, and pushed me against the closest wall.

“Yes.” I begged helplessly. There was no denying Will when he got that way, it was primal, animalistic, it was the way I liked it.

“Yes what?” He squeezed harder and dipped his finger into my mouth. I watched him as he swirled it around before pulling it out and sliding it down my chest. “Can we not�"“

“Bite your tongue.” He blurted out before he caught a n****e between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing it with renewed vigor. I cried out and without warning, he slammed into me. Punishing strokes came one after another as he grabbed a hold of my hair with one hand and rubbed my c**t with the other. “Oh�"Oh god.”

“Yeah, yeah. This what you wanted? For me to drown myself in your quim? Force you to take my f*****g c**k deep?” He pounded in and I cried out as I grabbed his shoulders and began riding him. “Ah, ah, ah.” He pushed me against the wall hard and stilled us. “I’m the boss here. I say what goes, I make the rules. Got it?”

“F**k you.” He chuckled before grabbing my neck once more and pushing me toward the bed. I cried out as I tumbled forward but he was behind me and grabbing my hips too soon. Only slowing down to dip his hips for five seconds, he slammed back into me.

“Say it.” I smirked at him and he slammed into me harder, squeezing my neck roughly. “Say it!”

“Sorry.” I croaked.

“For what?”

“For�"“ I gasped as he pushed harder.

“For not f*****g me? For spending more time in your bleeding office than on my c**k?” He pulled out, leaned down and began licking vigorously again. I cried out as the feathering touch swirled around my c**t and alternated back and forth between that and teasing the hole beneath it.

“Will�"“I  begged and he pulled my legs over his neck and continued. He used his tongue to make long strokes up and down while he used his thumb to brush against the c**t again. “Oh God�"PLEASE!” I begged and he latched his lips to me. “Please, William please!” I cried out and his chuckle vibrated through his lips. I gasped as my body began shivering and he pulled away once more.


“I’m trying.” He pulled his pants off of his ankles and laid over me, wasting no time as he stroked his c**k to hardness and thumped it against my c**t.


“Shut your mouth!” He wrapped his thumb around the inside of my cheek and shoved his dick deep inside of me. I cried out as he groaned loudly and pulled away to wrap his hands in the sheets. “Say it again.”

“Please.” I succumbed to the pleasure as he pistoned his hips and pumped in and out of me.



“Don’t you dare come until I say you do.” He said as he reached down between us and mashed his fingers against me.

“I can’t hold it.” I begged.

He stopped and I cried out. He reached his hand back up and stroked my face. I frowned as he ran his thumb against my mouth, my chin, my neck. Once he got to the base of my neck, he wrapped his hand around it and grinned darkly as my breath caught up. “Now.” He slammed into me again at an unbelievably quick pace. Grunting and growling, he continued to chase the sensations racing through both of us as he pushed us closer and closer over the edge.

“Come, now kitten now.” He whispered in my ear and suddenly, everything went black.


© 2015 ShadyGirl763

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Added on July 4, 2015
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