Angel Of Lust

Angel Of Lust

A Story by Jason Shadows

The Passion And Desire Of A Fallen Angel.

Angel Of Lust By Jason

"Tempting I Am But Always Death Follows Where I Walk As All Burns Behind Me. Touching The Hearts Of Those Who Are Soft And Lost In The Flames Of Despair. I Walk With Many Who Say Im Beyond The Dead For I Walk With Ghost That Have Evil Intents And Most Are Your Worst Nightmares. Grinding Away At Love Like Its A Rag Doll. I Search And Use To Abuse It In Many Ways That I See Fit Unlike You. I Like Pain And Like The Break Downs Within Humans. I Love To Lick On The Broken Pieces Of Their So Called Heart. I Love The Lust They All Seem To Desire As Within My Evilness That Is My Fire. Belong To A Song Of Sexual Passion Within The Flames Of Torment I Ride The Night Skies Finding The Next One To Play With Like A Puppet As The Strings I Hold Can Lead Into Tragic Moments I Want - Need And Feed On. Begging For More From Those Who Want The S E X In The Silent Chaos I Inhale As I Take Their Breath Away As The Sign Of Release From Them Is Statical In My Heart And Mind. Watching And Waiting For The Next Victim To Fall Pray To My Darkend Wings Of Unholyness. I Bring You A New World Of Sexual Enjoyment And Pleasure To A Hole New Level For Im The One Who Is Enjoying Seeing You Scurm Like A Wurm As I Touch Your Most Valcious Spots That Drive You Wild As Drag You To The Darkside Where I Get To Enjoy You Even More As I Make You My Private W***e. In Other Words I Want To Hear You Scream As I Become Your Ultimate Desire Cause I Am Your Dark Temptation For In This I Am Your Dark Trust For I Am Your Angel Of Lust."

© 2010 Jason Shadows

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Added on May 22, 2010
Last Updated on May 22, 2010


Jason Shadows
Jason Shadows

I'm your shadow within the light., NC

"Welcome to a world of light and shadow. In my apocalyptic paradise there are creatures and ghosts of the past and lost trying to remember what was that can never be again within ruins. So grab you.. more..