A Story by Jason Shadows

A Monster Bent On Destorying Our World.

Doomsday By Jason

"Loosing All Hope Of Surviving An Eternal Catastrophe That Is Within A Grip Can No Longer Be Stopped For It Has Begun That What It Has To End. You Have Hope But Its Fading Fast As The Door Of Tomorrow Is Shut. No Way Back And No Way Forward Into The Future For Now Your Stuck With Me And Im Not Goin Anywhere. I Here To Make Sure You Forever Lost Within A Mindtrap That Your Emotions Become Mine As I Feed Off Your Fear. The Only Thing Left Is For Me To Do Is To Become The Shredder Of Faith. You Seem To Believe Now But You Where A Disbeliever Before As Your Loose Mind Changed Within A Instant As The Chaos Came Raining Down Upon Your Torn World. You Share Your Thoughts With Me But I Dont Care About You Or The Next One. Im Just Here To Show That Your Time Is Up And Im Here To Bring A New Evolution Of Pain On A New Plain. Your Extinction Is In My Monstrous Hands For I Am Your Vague Doomsday."

© 2010 Jason Shadows

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Added on May 22, 2010
Last Updated on May 22, 2010


Jason Shadows
Jason Shadows

I'm your shadow within the light., NC

"Welcome to a world of light and shadow. In my apocalyptic paradise there are creatures and ghosts of the past and lost trying to remember what was that can never be again within ruins. So grab you.. more..