Never Look Back

Never Look Back

A Chapter by Jaspar

Chapter 1 (This is a work of fiction. Any likenesses to any living people is coincidental.)


Never Look Back

He could smell the fear as she sat there frozen in a silent scream. It was her eyes that spoke to him. The terror they spoke with was palpable. It was as if they were begging him in a language all their own. They darted around like frantic rabbits caught in a painful trap. "This is far from over." He said to her, with a satisfied smile on his face. The little rabbits seemed to let go of all their sanity as reality settled upon them. It was his voice that made her realize just how fucked she was. She instantly knew who he was. Jamie pulled back the hood of the black pullover he was wearing to reveal what Pauline had already known. It was him. Her former lover. The one that she left broken and alone. She knew the pain she had caused him and feared the worst. "Jamie." She said. "What are you doing?" Jamie stood motionless, saying not a word. Just looking on with curiosity. "Oh, so now you speak my name. Now you have something to say?" Said Jamie with a slight smirk on his face. He moved closer in a menacing manner. The way he moved frightened her. This was not the same man she knew so intimately for all those years. He had changed. "Thank you Pauline.” Jamie said in a raspy voice. You have made me into the man you see before you now. A man without a god, a man without fear. "I'm already dead!" He said. You killed the man that I used to be. You hardened my resolve and hatred. "I'am your creation my love." You created this Frankenstein before you." I have become the man that you will come to fear." Jamie said in a perfectly even voice, as if he were speaking to a friend.

Jamie took another quick step and was at Pauline's side. He grabbed the restraints that held her tight in the dentist chair he had liberated from a broken down warehouse just for this occasion and pulled them so tight they cut Pauline’s wrists and she let out a muffled shriek. "Oh my Love." He said. "Can you believe it's come to this?" "After all this time I haven't forgotten how you hurt me. "I tried to let you go." God how I tried." But I just couldn't, and now it's come to this."  "I will never be able to live a happy life as long as you are alive." He said with stone cold eyes. With each syllable Jamie spoke the terror in Pauline's eyes grew.

"Remember all the good times we shared?" The trips, the adventures? The love, the sex?" Jamie's laugh became maniacal as he stuck out his tongue and moved it in a suggestive manner. "You're going to die tonight my love." Jamie spoke matter a factly as he made a flourishing movement of his arm to bring all his lovely toys to her attention. The drills, knives, chains and other makeshift tools of terror hung neatly on a pegboard that sat at the ready awaiting their time to be useful. This time Pauline's scream was anything but silent and Jamie began to dance to her screams as if it were music. Pauline continued to scream and Jamie grabbed her with both hands, caressing her face trying to sooth her. "Oh, there there my Love. "You brought this all on yourself. You never should've fucked with me." His caress became instantly violent and he pulled back his fist as if to strike her. Holding his arm at the ready, Jamie let out a laugh as he gently brought his hand down to stroked Pauline's face. "Why are you doing this Jamie, I'm sorry I hurt you!" Cried Pauline. Jamie danced like a madman with his hands tented in front of his face making a low guttural kind of laugh. This terrified Pauline. This was a side of Jamie she had never seen. He exuded an animal like confidence. The meek, soft push over she knew for all those years was gone. The man that stood before her was almost alien. Albeit a familiar alien. Jamie suddenly became very serious. He went to the table that held his tools and from a drawer took a straight razor and softly ran it the length Pauline's body starting at the tip of her nose and gently brought it down over her breasts and stomach to her groin and down her legs to her toes. Pauline eyes grew to the size of saucers and she shook like an earthquake with the anticipation of pain that never came. 

Jamie walked back to the table and reached into the same drawer he pulled the blade from and took out a large bag of white powder and dumped a sizeable pile onto the table. He used the straight razor to cut a large line of cocaine and pulled a 100 dollar bill from his pocket, rolled it up, put the bill to his nose and inhaled the drugs. A feeling of strong confidence overcame him and a warm, almost kind smile crawled upon his face. He knew how this would end.

© 2015 Jaspar

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