A few thoughts on the spammers cluttering the site

A few thoughts on the spammers cluttering the site

A Story by Spamalot

I could use some help

This is a great site. It's been around forever, and though there's little moderation done, for the most part it's become a worldwide writer's forum, where beginners and experienced writers can entertain, help, and support each other. Once, we had a discussion area, where people could ask questions, register opinions, or just chat with those who share our interest in writing.

That area was invaded and destroyed, and I'm concerned that it's going to happen again.

As I'm certain you've all noticed, a small group of spammers are cluttering the pages with crap advertising for car leasing in Philadelphia, divorce service in Australia, and other crap that's not targeted to the people who use the site. It's just spam. For the most part the spammers get paid when someone clicks on the link they provide. They don't care if they annoy every user on the site. All that matters to them is that maybe, someone will click on the link and make them a few pennies.

I hate people like that, who have so little regard for others. And because I do, I've begun responding on their posted pages, so that the advertiser who checks to see what was said in their name will know how unwelcome it is. This site sells advertising, but they would rather drop in page after page of crap, for free, no matter that it has nothing to do with the reason we come here, or that they're annoying users and making the site less fun to use.

My problem is that it's easy enough for them to block me. Sure, I can create other accounts, but a better thing is for all of us to reject them. So instead of passing their posts by, take a moment to open the page and post a "Go away, you're not a writer and have no place here." That will tell their advertisers that the adds are having a negative effect.

It only takes a minute to do that, and to flag the one posting as a spammer (top right corner of the page). And, spamming the spammer will annoy the hell out of them.

It's OUR site. So let's keep it our site. Anyone with me?

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I'm notifying the companies being spammed for, and have managed to cut down on a lot of it. But the problem is, it's being done by SEO outfits who help people get better standings in search engines by placing their client's name on many websites. So they're gaming the system, and don't care who's inconvenienced.

It appears that the original owner has abandoned the site, and that GoDaddy is keeping it up for whatever advertising revenue comes in. Anyone want to buy it?

Posted 3 Years Ago

They're advertising for call girls from india now. Terrible grammar skills too. haha

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

And porn from India, too
With you? I certainly am! I've been on this site for a decade, and have never seen it fall this low. Bad, inappropriate content is everywhere. Just a while ago, I searched for new stories to review, and had to wade through a ton of garbage before finding anything legit. I'd move to another site if I could find a good one.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Toronto, Canada

I hate spam...and spammers—especially the b******s who are taking advantage of the fact that there's little moderation, to sell "advertising" that's in reality, just spam. They destroyed the .. more..