Rogues and Empires

Rogues and Empires

A Chapter by Jester


The hall was silent, the type of quiet that was found in a place were one couldn’t speak for fear of disturbing the delicate balance that was over the place. This silence is not the type that was found in magical glades and fantastic libraries, it is a cold silence that one finds in a morgue. There were demons roaming these halls and no one wanted to meet them. Moonlight reflected off bleach white and lime green walls, and shadows danced between the patches of light, spirits of the dark. A long way off sirens blared, the echoes of the screech barely whispering in the hall. Doors lined both walls, some the type of door you find in a normal house, others, the ones at the very end, barred with heavy locks. No noise came from the doors, as they stood their silent vigil over the night.

A scream reverberated through the wing, shattering the frozen silence in an explosion of sound and feeling. A restlessness came over the occupants of the rooms as they paced, caged, trying to figure out what happened. In one of the rooms, the one behind the door most heavily locked, a figure looked towards the single window. The bars on the frame were enough to discourage most of the residents from trying to escape, but some still tried. The bars were bent out of shape, and there was just enough space for a small child to slip through. The figure glanced at the door again, unnatural red eyes gleaming in the darkness. It seemed that Mark had found the mouse he’d managed to scavenge away from the sterilizers that the cleaners used.  He glanced toward the window, eyeing the bent bars. His shoulders were just narrow enough to slip through. A smirk ghosted over his lips, and with a last glance of those devil eyes and a fleeting feeling of triumph, the man turned and ran, full speed, at the window. He slipped through in a show of agility and flexibility and dropped to the ground.

                He looked up at his second story window, one of the many one the side of the generic building, and grinned. The grin bared his white teeth, and it was a thing of evil. With glowing eyes, the man turned from the building and began to run. As he reached the fence surrounding the building he jumped unnaturally high, clearing the 3 meter high fence in a single bound. He landed in a crouch and, after he shook his head, began to run again. The devil ran for over 500 hundred meters before he was confident that no one was following him. He grinned again, that evil thing, and let out a chilling laugh. A wind shook the branches of the trees surrounding him.

                After he had calmed down he looked down at his clothes in disgust. He sighed, a long drawn out dramatic thing, and decided that he would have to do something about them because really, the prison style pajamas just didn’t suit him. He looked around himself, a smoldering ruby gaze that nearly burned the surrounding forests. He mentally added that he had to find a better place to stay as well. He briefly wondered what way to go about getting his two objectives done. Then he just shook his head and smiled, he would do things the way he had before, after all, that’s who he is. He turned, and long black hair swishing behind him, the mass murdering psychopath known simply as Red, began his journey back to civilization.


                As dawn broke over the cookie cutter building, spreading blues and greens across the grey paint, people began to stir from their beds. Some put on white coats, labeling them as doctors, while others got up and tried the door knob, trying to see if it was unlocked. It would be at least half an hour before people noticed the disappearance of one person, the person behind the thickest door with the most locks. Doctors and helpers alike began to panic once they realized that patient 3052K was missing, the patient that had always frightened them the most. News soon spread and the government found out that the most feared serial killer in all of U. S. history was back in the game. Search teams went out but none ever found the mysterious man, the killer known now as Red, but who was once known as Damien Vosh, brother to the empress and the little boy no one wanted.

                A figure ducked out of the doors, away from the doctors in their white coats and the patients in their blue pajamas. He looked around, brown eyes scoring the surrounding areas, trying to see if there was any one in the immediate vicinity. When the room gave up no intruders he pulled out a slim onyx phone, a contraband item at a hospital that forbids all contact with the outside world. No one was allowed to bring any news in, not even newspapers and magazines into personal offices. As he flipped it open the screen lit up, showering his face in cold blue lights. High cheek bones threw dark shadows on his eyes, and long nimble fingers began to type in numbers on the red keypad. As the final tones died away he put the phone up to his ear and waited.

                “Hello, department of empiric foreign issues. How may I help you?”  The voice was pleasant enough, speaking in a soft Spanish accent that was enjoyable to the ear, though not very memorable. The man supposed that it was this quality that made her so acceptable for a job like that, not being very noticeable.

                “I need to speak to the Madam Natansy.” His voice was soft and had a slight lit to it, making the words blend together in a symphony of silken noises.

                One moment please. Your name sir?”

                “Dmitri, Dmitri Valcov.”

                Alright, wait one more moment Lord Valcov.” There was a short pause before the receptionist was replaced by another.

                Dmitri, what news do you bring from America?” This voice was harsh and demanding, though not particularly distasteful. 

                “My Lady, the Rogue has escaped.” There was a slight hesitation before he said it, almost as if dreading the way that his Lady would react. The line was silent for a moment as the news sunk in for Madam Natansy. When she next spoke it wasn’t a yell like many would expect, but a soft voice filled with trepidation.

                “See if you can track him down, but don’t attack him. If you do you will die, and I can’t bare that.”

                “My Lady…” Dmitri’s voice was filled with love and respect for Natansy, one of the only generals who cared about her people.

                “If you can’t track him down, then hurry home Dmitri, it’s not safe for one us to be out of our empire at this point. The other empires will be looking for him as well, let them die. You, however, will not.”

                “Of course My Lady.” Dmitri’s chocolate eyes darted back to the door way, it had been several minutes and the other doctors were probably wondering were he was. “I shall see you in several days.” Natansy didn’t say anything, just hung up the line. Dmitri flipped his phone down and after securing it to his thigh, ventured out into the hall. One of the other doctors noticed him and called out.

                “Stephen, were have you been?”

                Dmitri turned his chocolate eyes to the blond haired blue eyed doctor that had called to him. He shook his head as he answered the other doctor. “Just clearing my mind Aaron. It’s pretty scary, what with 3052K going missing and everything.” Aaron darkly chuckled for a few seconds before replying.

                “Yeah, I think we’re all a little bit freaked out right now. Hey, but at least he can’t pop out of the walls or anything.” Dmitri, or Stephen as he was called, laughed with Aaron before turning away thinking about how right his colleague was without even knowing it.

© 2008 Jester

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hmmmmmm interestingggg! great read! very visual, great character development! thank you!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Very well done. Believable characters and interesting storyline, the makings of a good book.
I'll be looking forward to reading further.

Posted 15 Years Ago

DUN DUN DUN! Dont you hate it when super-ultra-viscous villains escape from jail? OH NO! DONT EAT ME, Mr. Villain, Sir, Person, MASTER!

Posted 15 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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