A Poem by Isimbabi

The Contradiction in the structure of society


They say stand tall but bow

Be proud of who you are

If you are isn't I then you are isn't right

They say make your own way

But stick to tradition

Tradition say follow the path created by the elders

Wise elders

Nobody realizes

Tradition isn’t gospel, tradition ain’t religion

But we’re all blinded by sentiment

And pick tradition on everything

Ignoring the plain truth

That tradition was once words, it was once pronouncements, tradition was just law

Spoken by a man who sat upon a throne,

Probably hated by most while he never did his job,

And took taxes from the small who didn’t have enough,

And he sent the young to battle in a war they didn’t start

As he sat on his throne in a palace high and mighty

Safe from the war that he didn’t plan on ending

At least we can say he got one thing right

Creating new festivals while the pauper’s kids died

I see the logic behind it

Tradition is the s**t,

I should be devoted

'Cause the man, he was right

The contradiction was wise

Let’s follow that tradition because it feeds the starving bellies?

Or it provides for the masses?

I’m sorry,

I cannot compromise

I am sorry.





I’m sorry I did what you asked

You told me to talk more,

You told me to socialize.

You told me to read more,

You told me to speak my mind.

Now I’m the bad egg,

'cause I did the things you asked?

You wanted me to change,

Now I changed and it isn’t right?

You said I should smile more,

I even smiled when it wasn’t nice

I’ve grown tired of hiding thoughts,

Camouflaging doubts,

Behind these mighty walls,

so fragile as my lips

I’ve hated this veil, this veil of deceit

I hated it!

It’s becoming part of me,

And I’m tired of silencing,

the scream inside of me.

I’ve read and I’ve seen,

All that we have done.

I’m sorry if I’m not,

Who you thought I will be,

But I have become I and I is me.

I went in search of freedom,

And found my ostentatious wing,

We all want white or something glorious as gold

But black is popular

Indolence a culture

So people settle for plebian

But I’m not people and I’m not common

I hope I’m not wrong

I hope I’m on track

I hope I am right

I hope I’ve not become the monster deep inside

I may not be the sight for sore eyes,

But respect my choices coz at least I will wipe your sore eyes.






I won’t be the person I hate

The person I’ve come to hate all my life

The hypocrites,

The people who smile to your face and bite your back

I’ve got a knack for this,

For seeing the people change,

I’m tired of saying sorry

I’m not sorry, I am furious at your lack of understanding

I’m not you, I can’t be, I am me

And I have watched from the back

As the ones that you trust, chew on your spine as you lift all their logs

And try to do like the king said

Well done

But let’s look at the king’s stead,

How many burdens did he bear?





© 2020 Isimbabi

Author's Note

It's been a while since I wrote anything.

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Added on August 25, 2018
Last Updated on January 10, 2020
Tags: contradiction, society, lies, experimental, spokenword




A collection of the writings that I'd allow anyone see. I don't know if I'm a creative writer or even a good one but I'm going to keep on, because... what could I loose more..