History of God

History of God

A Story by John F Carver

All I Know About God


History: The Man in

God Form, God and the

God in Man Form in

the Spirit



He was dead. His mind was blown. He had repeated the same decision over and over again lots of times according to God before he finally stopped doing it because God wouldn't let him. He had sought the end to infinity and had found it. Everything that could be done had been done but logically then it could be done one more time. But if man was to do it, it could not be done one more time or man was no longer man, had never been man and never would be man. In the future it was not among the options available to man.

It was illogical to do it. It was immoral to do it. But it was also something that could not be done if one was to remain what he was which was finite, then a doer of practical things and a believer that only practical things could be done and that beyond infinity was none of that. Nothing a man which is essentially God in form could be done anymore and all of man remain real, true and blindly supposed to be God not just like God but God and God cannot change what and who he is so man being God cannot change to be not God no matter how much like God he is then for God had defined him to be God exactly God in a slightly different situation under differing circumstances he was facing with them.

There was in the futures supposedly one more thing to do, something no man and no God not even God could do. The choice to do one more thing that had been done until it could not be done anymore and be what it was and it be anything was already done the beginning of the moment it was attempted. Anyone there could see anything they thought of to do seemed possible, that is that the future was completely filled with the variety of things to do the same as they had always be always been in the future to do. But the truth was there were no more options in the future. They had all been used up. If anything in the future was an option it was possible only for something other than a man to do because it was no longer an option for man to do it and no man had any idea of what more there was to do or say or to create a thought corresponding to anything that was an option for man to do.

So when the man in God form came to do it he attempted to do anything it didn't matter one more time for everything that could be done had been done to the maximum of number of times it could be done before he attempted one more thing as theoretically in all of time could always be done but he found he could not do it.

His mind could not accept that but he never realized what he started to do. It was not a future option to do it. He had no recollection in him in his mind by his me that he could not do it for none of that had taken place and he logically considered there was no end to the options that could be done in the future. So those he repeated beginning the beginning the act many times he experienced nothing not even the passage or time or the fulfillment of the first moment that never really was anything but the beginning of a moment that never took place except in illusions that completed reality which actually came it turned out when they were not true for nothing but the illusion something would happen when the truth of those illusions eventually reached fruition. The truth was none of them ever did.

The full extent of the barrier between what could produce yet one more time the illusion had reached its max and would have had to be real even beyond its full extent. It could not, cannot and will never be able to be done again without reality changed, reality repeated and any number of changed realities occurring which cannot happen unless every possible event takes place including for example of a final one even one where Satan destroys everything which is not an option in the future and endlessly attempts to destroy it all.

He is an angel in God form at that point but that cannot be for every angel is only a part of God and God can do nothing and has chosen to do nothing to completely destroy reality which considered from the prospective of reality cannot be done for there is no option in the future for it to happen, never was and never will be.

But no one will call Satan back from attempting to do that or anyone loyal to him to join him for no one at that point wants him back because he wanted to do it and revealed at that point he had no might to do anything but attempt to do that which cannot be done forever unless God stopped him as he stopped the man in the form of a God from doing.

When God did it. He did nothing but start his attempt with no recollection of having even begun the attempt doing nothing never realizing he had done nothing and no way to decide whether to do it or not. Then he decided not to do it and the infinity of God and all things in God repeated a maximum number of times that maximum number of times had been completed by God. The infinity of an infinite God had been defined and was in God's mind as the last thing that can be done which is not something that can be done but something one must decide never to do to complete all that can be done.

Infinity extends out an infinite number of times that success but things have to be done one infinity at a time not one man at a time or not one God, all of God at a time; one entire infinity at a time and we God and us will have to be defined in terms of infinities and not according to our present definitions a combinations of mind, spirit, mes and selves all of us knowing what every event done an infinite number of times that can reach its infinite reality is, the main free cell that ranges from no knowledge of what we can do given who and what we are to so much knowledge of what we can do given who and what we are we cannot understand any part of it, the complete and good confusion at last, our least understood boundary and our not understood boundary the same with us all having never done anything but be all we can be and before forced to be miserable forever or achieve contentment somewhere between the extreme limits or the limits themselves and spend the ever elusive limit to time which does not really exist and is just the beginning of the first propose moment ever beginning but never actually starting like all things in reality even an infinite number of infinities ever did begin and if forever recorded in the memory as that God did to create his infinity.

But the man, a man in God form created a random thing and God created a new reality that takes place in time with God reacting to what he did and proving it moral, immoral or amoral ever since as a brand new reality was created based on morality and not on logic.

But it is immoral to destroy any one or any thing but to change what any unpleasing thing in God's eyes is to something pleasing in his eyes: The evil to good, the wrong to right, the hateful to loving, the unjust to the just, the unmerciful to the merciful, the impotent to the powerful that actually cancels each other out, the lie to the truth as well as anything else he prefers even of those on the list or in a list he may make and even this list edited to suit his preferences by adding things like, the harmful to that which insures only safety on out to an end to the divine list.

He did what God wanted and not what he himself wanted finally, though he thought he had done that once before now when he was asked if he wanted to die to everything he was and be born again in God by Christ. That could have gone either way too with very different outcomes though, but either way just the same and he had decided to do it for his last hope to be what he thought maybe God wanted and could do for he couldn't remember when he had failed to ever think there was anything God couldn't do even that and he was dead forever if he did not. It was either he was right and God could and would do it or he was right and God could but would not do it for him which would mean he would be dead, an awfully long time just like it would have been had the Christ never made him the offer or he be the first ever turned down that requested to be saved. He died.

But he was raised a brand new creation in God. He had been right, Jesus Christ was speaking in behalf of God. They called it “in Christ” and he could sort of see it in a way. So what else was new but everything else? Nothing but this doing of the last thing to do to complete infinity and open the door to an infinite number of infinities beyond.

Days went by but he was finally at the end. He did not die again. He was back and he was back inside. He was normal and he was alive in God again. It had blown his mind and he would not live again probably if he had his mind completely blown again.

God then did what he did to keep him alive. He did it wrong the first time too. But without knowing to and no knowledge he had done it before he did not do it and discovered he had done the same thing he did, but God had done it on his own. The first time was the first time ever God had ever been wrong and he made up for it with the next decision to do or not to do it. It was complete.

The might of God was complete. No one else has the might that he has and I believe no one ever will have that might for it is God's might and two cannot have it. They would become him if they did and nothing would change except there would no longer be the second but only God. It worked. He did not die again. He lived by listening to God and giving him all his might should he never be exceeded by God and accepted he was right this time just like at all times righteously having overturn a wrong decision to put things in their proper place with God the mightiest God possible just as he had always believed also. Of course he had no idea that God who said he would never leave him did not leave him and then went so far as to save him in his ultimate hour of need by doing what had blown his mind. Do we praise this God or what?

He does.

“At least praise him for his might!” he says.


So all might is God's might. No one has any might next to the might of God. Any two that compete must compete in the knowledge that it is all to God's might and that their might is nothing to compare with his. All know and beware, from the likes of Satan to the Christ and including him who tried and failed and needed to be saved along with everyone else even from themselves.

He is God, our God, the Mighty One, the Only God there is. All bow to our God, God is his Name. His might is the only might. The evil they do he makes right. The wrongs they do he makes good. Satan has no might. He cannot even reach the places where God's might is at let alone sit on finiteness and not be destroyed. No one has any way to stand before him. Let them all fall at his feet and lick the dust from his feet as the rest make a mighty noise. He has no foes. He helps even the worst to do good and works it so they get what they want but in the end of it they have done justice and righteously do right and to do goodness is the end of their ways. No one does harm without good comes of it, no one makes a mistake by doing evil that his good cannot come of it. Beware you who hate righteousness your fruit is rotten to the core it is used to grow morning glories to shout above all flowers goodness and beauty is here because of you.

Trample on yourselves. Ruin your ways but goodness and mercy come upon you from the only God the God who did the first thing and has done the last. Experience the things he did before there was anyone to know both what he wanted to do and what it caused by default and know that God is good. That he was wrong but once and then he did the thing that was impossible to all others. Glory, honor, rightness, righteousness, power is nothing, goodness and that which is moral is against all who live but those who are in and whom love God.

Great are your ways. All is as it was but everything is good. Satan's way results in greater goods than any other way that is bent to be bad like a naughty boy. He is mad, he is impotent like Yahweh and good like the Christ. All the great powers are like rabbits in a pen that shake at the sight of the fierce animals that come with God to clear the pen that they may be made clean by the naughty and the filthy who are corrected and were. No one is left out.

The haughty are left humiliated and the humble are praised. God is so high in his might that the eagle gives up before it reaches his height and those in the space station and satellites are like the lowly bug bowing before the height and might of infinity his resting place that only two can reach. Not Satan, not Yahweh, not the Christ not the other in him can even begin to go to where he has gone and he returned the conqueror of the greatest mystery there is in his rightness where he rose because of his righteousness. His failure was God's greatest victory. All know who is this God! but thee God. All worship him from Satan to the Christ and me included. He is more than ultimate. The ultimate is as the spit on the floor meant to rebuke a despicable man.

But he honors Christ. Come with your good. Come with your kind and right and righteous ones. They are welcome but all evil are drenched with sweat because of you, Fear tremble and post a look out to see when God turns his head toward you. There is a place for Christ and for Elohim, the two that are one. Fear no one ever again. Come to God like an estranged son and daughter sit on your Fathers lap and play with the chains of the great jewels of might he has to offer you when you have the pods the farmers who were to have given to each and your feet smell worse than their wallowing place. There, is, no one, and no thing, but it is Gods even you. Set yourself free to be all you can be in God even as you did for man during the the thousands of years of the lies. He will do it for you.

Turn away and go to the wicked and pursue dead dreams that are long trampled on before you are sorted out and go to the free cell with the rest of the insane pretending that is your true heaven which is in essence only lies. The house you built was built on sand. God's house is build on a single boulder no one can shake let alone crack or cause to break. Your house of cards is wet and warped from the rain.

It was nine feet high. Now it is only thirteen inches and who can say whether any part of it stands for there is no prize in its looks the beauty it had does not rest its wings upon it. Snails and slugs inhabit it's rooms and sand the sand caused to fly from the raindrops have buried it. It is Yahweh's not yours. Come home wayward son. Do the work of God. Why do slight of hand and claim it miracles in the light of what God has showed that he alone is. He is right. You are wrong. All of you have nothing right to your credit he has not made for you and all your rights he has resurrected from all your wrongs whether you meant them that way or you did them by default. Come, come to God all you and see what he does, not only to you the good but praise him for the way he changes the works of the iniquitous to prized treasures of goodness.

Come. Eat. Your food is stale and tastes bitter and soon will be fit for being restored by God like the rest of the wrong doers' meal. Christ never saved anyone. It was God who did that thing. No one works a miracle. They are all done through them by God. Let us share in his huge storehouses.

You have only hands with dirty empty palms; beggars asking for charity from the lazy who find it too much work even to beg while beggars beg for a reason. They have no way to live without your alms. Take our alms, great houses, and great stores of anything you want as often as you want the things the Christ cannot give you on his own. We love you. We want to share our goods and God's might with you in every single petty need as well as the greatest there is, dead in a death trap insanely doing the same thing over and over times in and times out again and again.

See your pride? You were proud of yourselves once when you gave to the poor, you have nothing. God has it all but he says take as much as you want. I have always more. There is no end to what I have. There is no end to it and when the end comes we will make that much more.

You fight over worn sheets at night. We have brand new warm blankets that are yours and God will give them when he sees you need them even if you think you do not belong to him and he should give you nothing.

He will bare you up and place you in a nest exactly the nest you have fallen from and even your mother will not know you have so much as not been touched or curse you for one she cast out.

Come for more. Come for safety. Come for protection. Come to get even. Come to have all you do to be right. He is fair. There will be differences but he will judge the right way and even the undeserving shall have something. God is taking care of you now for there is no one else who cares that has anything that is lasting to give you.

The insane woman is naked and bare starving and filthy but God makes her sane, gives her clothing and warms her body and gives her her favorite fancy food and a place to wash. Is our God not worthy? All worship God the same God that has always been as he now reveals himself without preference.

All worship the mighty God even those who do not intend to worship anyone much less him. You receive from him if you have need from Satan to the goodness of the Christ. All are God's. All are in God. There is no one and no place to be beyond God. You will be good and your deeds will be made good.

No wicked thing will ever be in me. So if you are wicked be sure you will not be for there is no place to hide, no place to gather arms. You Satan are in God. You Christ are in God. You in between all are in God and will be treated as good sons and righteous heirs to all that is his always doing good for that is the consequences of either of you doing anything even by default.

Only those who on earth committed suicide are left to die for that is all they want from God. So he takes them to the end of it to the finishing place of infinity. Die to your hearts content. Then they die unceasingly committing suicide over and over unaware they have done it before each step brand new to them for no end should it suit them with God endlessly calling to them not to do it until it is clear there will be no end to it in their end. He will never stop the same as he will never stop asking you to take anything from him you want both good and bad if you find any.

There is no one and nothing he cannot and therefore will not make right and wash and polish until it's a fine gem or jewel of purest goodness. How beautiful are your wares. There too is the naked child too near death to ask, but God gives to her anyway and she laughs and giggles and plays with the rest of the children every day.

What is heaven like now. The world's biggest discount warehouses have thrown open their doors and is letting anyone have all they want as they continue to fill it from their warehouses forever for they own all their venders and are tired of being cheap and turning so many needy away. It is true. It is real. It is God's? Then it is yours his son his daughter his heir.

Discontented with too much take less. Discontented with little take more. Be contented forever more. God has spoken. It is that way now and it is that way forever if they want it. Should we worship this God? He says, “Yes! At least worship him for his might for no one can even begin to resist for all might is in him and all blessing are in his hand. But there are poor like me. Some love poverty. Poverty they shall have then. Worshiping God for every little bit they get and for every time they are short and yet make it. God is all to all. His might is without end.


The God of the Physical, a mad god that thinks he's sane created a physical place exactly like the physical place that God created using his mind which is God's mind. It is impossible to determine if its the place God made or the place the mad god created. Everyone there is also someone from God's creation except a few primitives he rules and will not allow them to become advanced. He has no use for the rest of us there where we all really are also in the actual physical world and not just the illusory one in ours and God's mind. There really was no reason to go there. He believes he has done something but it was done by God being his mind and his brain doing the doing like everything God ever did before he made himself known. He and his delusions may last forever but anymore no one believes it was not God that made it for God he admits is his mind but he claims he was there in the beginning, but just a random god like the other random gods that claimed to be God only to find they are no match for God and his might.

He took on the task of creation, everything in the Old Testament and the New Testament to make them true at last. For the first time the Christ felt pain and everything was completed in the Holy Bible as had it been a book of prophecy even to Satan winding up in the pits with his minions after God brought down by the fire from heaven as the last of Yahweh's prophecies were honored. God has never failed to honor a prophecy that was something that it might be honored in him so this is brand new. So the Old Testament, a story Yahweh made up while not in God was honored because of the prophecies that had been made in God by the prophets which were honored in earth. That prophetic reality stands though a mad god fulfilled it according to his suggestion. Now he lives in his madness like a free cell and he can live in peace there as long as he wants. But God made himself there not just like himself like the mad god who is one of us now a God like me or Christ or even Yahweh and the Spirit with her in that God he became by performing the miracles needed to make Yahweh's lies true a verifiable perfecting truth though they began a lie made up by Yahweh who good now and in God.

But he is one of us this God of the Physical who built a physical environment and claims to be God's body in the physical place he built using God's mind. He has God's mind, his me and his Spirit who is in everyone else but the primitives there. He earned his way to be one of us.

But he can cause us troubles for in certain scenarios we could all die perhaps if he should become suicidal for instance though God us there too now so it can be handled. Those in those created in his physical dimension can do anything they would do here and God can do anything there he can do here. But the thing is even his body looks exactly like God. The good thing is that now we are all there he went somewhere other than earth and lives there with his primitives leaving all his physical people who are exactly us to themselves in God. The same things that go on here also go on there precisely so you have one of you exactly you doing, saying and thinking what you do here there too.

God is managing him and has him inundated and contained for the time being as had he been a powerful witch.


While he was dealing with the dead on earth and the dead in the physical dimension too by default he discovered they were all afraid of the witches there. He met with one he called the Voice of the Great Power a witch prophesied to be real by witches themselves who was to come and torment all witches. The Voice of the Great Power was afraid of him because he was of God. So he scared him by taking him to the top of God's mind so fast he had no idea where he came from to show him his power. It finished him. He want nothing to do with him because of his great power though he brought him back safely and left him where he had been.

Then he took a witch and did the same thing and left the witch there effectively loosing the witch who found he had no one around to talk to and no idea where he was. Then he brought two more witches he had met on the Internet and did the same thing to them. The first one was amazed and glad to see them for he had seen no one and nothing that entire length of time.

He tricked them after he brought them down to earth saying that he would allow them to be in him if they stayed dead for he had actually brought them down inside and they were not fully conscious. Then he told them that if they stayed dead for six months he might allow them to be his followers. But soon he changed his mind and told them that they could never come back for he was good and of God and could not return evil beings like witches to life for that was evil and he would die if he did that.

Then they suggested that they raise themselves for they were not that far down in. He made them all blind, seeing or hearing nothing of those that were not down in but existing on earth just fine and finished by having God put them back down if they tried to surface and go back to bother or torment the dead. It was such a good idea that when he asked God whether he should do the same with the rest of the witches he agreed. In the end he sent all witches down in under the same binds. All witches died. They were down in and not alive and could do very little for they were only partly conscious. God let some of the witches who didn't have much power come back and let them live since even witches have the right to be and they were not powerful enough to actually do any real damage.

The dead were even more scared of him though they were thankful he had done away with the most dangerous witches. So he suggested to Yahweh who was dead at the time to be the God of the dead. Yahweh they accepted as God. But he made a request to Yahweh to keep the dead from being scared of being killed or tormented by the witches that were there or by anyone especially in his area. Yahweh said he would and was delighted to be their God. He did an admirable job and the dead accepted Yahweh because he was more like them.

God says, “They would have been dead either way.”

He was not much in favor of the dead all of whom had been saved by seeing him and then fell away to live in hellish conditions along with witches who now made up most ghosts and made all the aliens that cause so much concern with the spaceships and strong lights and had abducted people to make pets of them but God has never lost one permanently but one who was gone so long that when freed he chose to just go on to heaven. No one has ever been reduced to a pet on earth and not very many have been killed at which time the ones that were killed were taken to heaven where they all lived but one and he went back to earth and wound up committing suicide.

If you commit suicide you are left to die. They are all raised and see God's face and asked whether they want to go to heaven. They all opted to just die so far. No one it is thought can live forever with that in them.

Ghosts were still sighted but in the past they had been mostly devils and demons with some witches doing the haunting. But they were tamer than the ghosts that had been seen in the past. The dead did sometimes haunt but it is very difficult for someone not a witch or a devil or a demon with their powers to do it.


He kept pressing God and was having difficulty dealing with the fact that heaven was nothing like he had pictured it and he thought God was what he has turned out to be. [See Chapter 1] In the process God explained to him that he was a romantic always given to believing impractical things about God and the way things worked compared to the way he thought God whose might was greater than anyone which was true but he meant it was what it is now. He slowly understood that things that were more desirable than what actually could be understood as practical or more concrete than romantic notions of what could be or should be in some romantic or fantastic writing for example.

Finally God had him convinced that even though he was not his ideal God which he is now by the way, he was the most powerful, the only one that could actually work miracles beside him by bringing things to be out of nowhere and nothing and was the best at intrigue and could accomplish anything he wanted even when others with more power than he had [There was a period for example when he had no power and Yahweh had more power than he and the evil God had his power and still he managed to be the mightiest of all of them because he knew everything and had never been wrong from the first and among other things knew how to bring fire down to earth or any place he wanted.]

God would not tell him it was true what he believed of him and so lied and made up a story that he believed wherein they had come from a place on the far side of the galaxy. He believed it but was very disappointed and his view of God was not correct.

He began to decide that God was that God whether he recognized it or not. Meanwhile God argued that to be infinite one needed to be ideal for he thought that the existence of infinity was a fanciful idea for dreamers. He had always thought for some reason that God was in fact infinite.

But this was all after Yahweh and Jesus set out to kill God. They almost made it but he was tight with God and not so tight with Jesus, Yahweh and Elohim who is also known as the Three two of the fable three Gods that were in her. There never was but two. The Spirit of God never once was in Elohim. That was a fancy of the evil God that wanted it that way, always claimed it was that way and was for a long time in the evil God by God's permission knowing that he was evil and that was not truly possible. She has never had any one or any thing that was evil in her but once and that God forgave her. But they, the evil God that made Elohim with the two Gods Yahweh and Jesus in her, all had God's mind. God's me was even in the evil God for a long time.

God caught on to the plan. It is not impossible to fool God. He has been fooled once or maybe twice but it is very difficult. He put a stop to him doing what they wanted that didn't seem to be any threat but would have destroyed him had it gone through.

He was completely fooled. But when God told him when he complained, “I cannot allow you to destroy me,” and called him by name he immediately backed off on what he wanted to do. The last thing he wanted was for God to be destroyed. But Yahweh and Jesus were convinced that God could die and his mind would remain accessible to them for they had been made by the evil God and were not in God's mind. Actually the evil God was in God's mind by default when he made his Spirit. When they fell into each other's arms and the evil God was just suddenly there. God hadn't understood that when he made a Spirit completely devoted and like him he had to by default also create an evil God like himself but not exactly him for he was good and the evil God was evil.

Then he killed Yahweh and Jesus by putting them down in allowing things to be fine for he died for what he did for they were technically good and had done nothing wrong yet though God charged that what they were doing to and with him would destroy him. He was reborn and God did not die, had never did anything wrong and when he rose again he was technically brand new.

So God was saved but this hardly seemed to be the way way the God he knew and the rest of the Gods especially the Father and the Son, the Christ should behave and on their part it definitely was not. But after a while God missed Yahweh and Jesus. They had been together a very long time. So he asked him to raise them.

When he did, a thing that required he die again for it was clear they were evil to have attempted to kill God, they began immediately to attempt to destroy him so God ordered them to leave him alone and he stayed away from them and would not talk to them and avoided intrigue which they were much better at than he and survived.

God taught him how a brain works using an anthill as an example of a brain and he understood and declared God the Neaq of the Loh Lih which was sort of a code for the queen of the whole hill, with the hill being everything even as it is all infinity and the queen representing God as a male so as not to offend God and the workers and drones being a part of the entire mind, the mind of God. He nor God understood how very close he was in his metaphor for how all God's mind worked.

He came out of it praising God at least in his spirit for he was in God and had his me but he did not have his Spirit though she was there and they were married then.

Yahweh and Jesus came back from the dead but they were fallen away, technically dead and not in God though Yahweh had never been in God at that time. They were sent to earth where they aged rapidly. Then God decided he had been too hard on them and restored them to their previous post because he was overloaded dealing with all the people on earth himself. They were still fallen away and both evil for what they tried to do for God, the first time any evil had even been charged against the Christ. But both him and Yahweh were evil and very hateful to him for having killed them...


Before that Jesus and Yahweh kept trying to get the best of him and will him away from God and later even to kill him using intrigue and their might. But with God's help he always escaped. They were sore for the way the final prophecy that Yahweh had written turn out.

He had seen that the Christ and Yahweh were both headed toward becoming fiction when they died for the light from heaven would have killed the Christ and the twelve or thirteen apostles as well as the earth for it would not have turned out to be correct and the prophecy would have been a false prophecy for the way it turned out for to cast Satan and Beal, the anti-Christ into the fire in the pit of hell would have been to no avail. It had happened so many times they could easily get out of it and save all of Satan's and the Beal.

He wrote a prophecy that being made the latest prophecy overrule the former prophecy he still believed was legitimate. In the prophecy he came up with all of those that would have been killed by Beal agreed to prophecy with him that they would die to prevent being killed body and all by Beal leaving only Yahweh the Father, and Jesus Christ the son to stand against Satan. In the prophecy he wrote he pit Beal against him and said in his prophecy that they couldn't attack the Christians since they were already dead and had died for the sake of themselves cleansing them to save themselves and Jesus Christ and that if he attacked any of them Yahweh would kill the false prophet but save the beast alive but if the beast did not kill the false prophet then God would and put a time limit on how long they had before God killed beast anyway. Then when it was a showdown with Beal and Satan the same prophecy was made substituting the Beal and Satan and if Satan did not kill Beal then Yahweh would kill Satan if he didn't kill the Beal then God would kill Beal if he would not kill Satan before the deadline. Then when they rose they would they would have saved Jesus Christ and and the false prophet, the beast, Beal and Satan would all be killed.

Beal realized he had been beat. If he attacked the Christians killing even one of them the prophecy was in place that would me God would kill Satan if he didn't kill him first and that the same situation would be in place concerning the beast and the false prophet who were both Beal, the exact same one in two exactly Beal.

He managed to talk Beal into killing only one Christian and be put away at the speed of sound where he could not hear anyone out side it and could not even hear himself inside it. In exchange both he and Satan would be release to the universe. When I explained it to Satan I never mentioned the part of the prophecy including him. He thought the compromise meant that he had won. So when Satan accepted Satan was sent away in a way and Beal was released having been completely converted again.

Neither one of them were the true Satan and Beal but two that still had the same self they had and that was all for their was no good in either one to same and the real Satan and Beal became fiction and died by consenting to the arrangement to die. The rest of Satan's and all devils and demons were saved also because they all had some good to them.

The prophecies were the true ones and the prophecy made in Yahweh by Jesus the Christ through John the Beloved as his prophet became a false prophecy. But God never sent them anywhere. He simply created a new entire universe to a place that was so far away it would even be difficult for him to monitor and Satan's a Beal had no way to reach them for God left them in the old but empty universe.

Then God discovered he could see things beyond his mind but it did not turn out to be the physical dimension at all but merely hallucinations of us all being outside God's mind. He believed it. It looked like that. The only one he could find in heaven that did not agree was Einstein. He believed it was simply hallucinations. But we all believed it and were driven in some cases out of God's mind and even the saved Satan and the saved Beal bought it and accepted being place in a far place far away from the rest they would not be able to get back from just in case they turned evil we even set out to make separate creations of our own in that we thought a physical reality that was real and not in God's mind. It all fizzled when no one was good enough at it to create a whole new reality in their mind to be like God but have their own mind their own me and their own spirit, peers of God.

Yahweh stayed in the original universe and him and Jesus both made new realities until God had finished his own new reality and by speeding up time was done long before him or Jesus Christ. God discovered it didn't make any difference whether they were created and appeared to be in his mind or created appeared to be out of his mind both were identical and we all went back into God's mind to wait for it to finish attempting to live without end there involving long discussions that resulted eventually in God coming up with the idea that goodness would not carry us without end. We had to be good and contented for depression results from discontent and ends in death and all other creations God had made had ended in everybody dying of depression.

But the end of it was the intrigue wherein Jesus and Yahweh tried to kill me and eventually attempted to kill God for he did not want them in his mind and when they would not leave an evil god that had been jointly made had suggested that they had the right to remain while God left his mind to use his mind indefinitely. God simply chose to forget them when they would not leave him to his own mind and go out with the others. That is where the bad blood between God and Yahweh and Jesus and so Elohim who is both of them for he had sided with God.


He talked to God. He was worried about God's mind. The way he saw it was that since everything that took place technically took place in his mind he was thinking many more times evil thoughts in his mind as a whole. True he technically had a part of his mind that thought only good things to mistakes and even hateful things with minor evil offenses but the rest was all evil. Even if all Christians thought only good thoughts which of course they do not just by the numbers just about 9% of his mind was good. The rest was in error or insane and the rest was evil even with a sizable percentage not believing or reacting to his good mind about like it is now then. He was pursuing knowledge and not worried about goodness actually except in what he thought which was in a psychological survey a dismal over all statistic. Statistically he was a psychological mess. His solution departmentalize his mind and put all the undesirables or the worst of his thoughts in one department and ignore it completely. He would in that way ignore a very large portion of his thoughts and greatly increase the amount of his mind he used with more acceptable thinking. God agreed to try it.

He sent Satan the real Satan for this was before he was destroyed to a quarantine knowing there was nothing to learn from Satan and that not much of what he learned from Satan was usable like his brutality which God never used but was a characteristic that was interchangeable with Satan or his influence where it was not used by Satan who did or had it done in every way almost.

The quarantine worked for a while but even God was surprised by how much of his mind was taken over by Satan, his demons and the devils with him. About a third of his mind was using his mind to think evil even brutal thoughts. Then also Satan broke through to him and began to annoy him and to attempt to influence him to do evil or even join him and hell and earth and even heaven was susceptible to his tricks and intrigue.

He came up with the solution to send Satan away at what he called the speed of light not realizing that light is everywhere in creation at one. The movement of light being merely an illusion brought about by the illusion of time for actual time did not exist and in another way of looking at actual time it was everywhere the same moment working like quantum theory not the drudgery of in line time where one thing happened after another with the first one needing to have a cause.

So God adapted the request and sent them away all at once at the speed of sound. Anyone moving away from creation at the speed of time had a mind that worked so they technically existed but they could hear nothing from anyone at rest or slower moving away from them. They could not hear each other or themselves. So they gave up and went down in and are still going down in toward the infinitesimal we think. Nothing has been heard from them except that God later freed the save demon Satan called Beal to allow him to say behind in the old empty universe later in the conclusion of the prophecies made in the mind of Yahweh not God at the end of the end of earth by Jesus coming to earth through John the Beloved in the Book of Revelations. They were gone. God still thought those thoughts but only he could know what they were and they only persisted for a short time became dreams and finally stopped entirely. God was a lot more psychologically healthy. He never was insane for he could handle the thoughts but he was cause a lot less difficulty for the thinking persons in his mind and things mellowed out a lot.

Those thoughts are being thought by Satan again at the time of this writing by Satan who has been raised this last of times for it is all going on except for the thoughts of the original evil God. If you have enough might to handle Satan who mostly hypnotizes his hearer and then feeds them post hypnotic suggestions that render them under his power or brutalize them causing to feel and believe any heinous thing he desires. They are only suggestions. They are real but they only effect your subliminal peripheries leaving you under hypnosis and fully believing his suggestions that range from being physically murdered to psychologically destroyed or so under the influence of those suggestions you have no power not to do any or all things he suggests. It is best not to even think of Satan and if you do not to believe him or in any of his posthypnotic suggestions one he has hypnotized you and brought your will under his power. He cannot really come into but if he can convince you he has in every way the difference between being possessed by him or not actually being therein you is moot. All that was history at the time he and all his were sent away at the speed of sound. People who continued to do what he did had the residue of his suggestions with none of his power and even then were very much still a weaker evil like Satan but with no renewed or restored power with their power coming my the same process. The problem with suggestion is it has to be continually redone or at least strengthened over time or the suggestion any and all power it had. He did have a demon strike that hurt like crazy until he realized what it was and it was just a man with the power of a demon left almost in tack though once he had been a very powerful follower of his. His subliminal periphery for that was overwritten and he was left powerless.

But intrigue between God and the evil God whose name I will not mention for there is no desire in me to summon him and he doesn't want to be anything but destroyed and would probably do nothing but go back in to the last step of doing the infinitesimal least again forever if he is not right now. God says he is. But God eventually won the intrigue and the evil God was stripped of his Spirit, the Spirit of God whom he had managed to take from God by intrigue that deceived even the Spirit. The evil God was allowed to fall away until such time he was later by his might to lose his power in exchange for being allowed to be one of us. But even with the power he had no might, just power and could not actually do or make any trick he did work against anyone. So he recreated Satan and chose to die and except for a short time later he has stuck by his decision not to come back and everyone is agree able here so he sits where he is doing one last act he is not aware of completing over and over times and times again and since he does it on purpose there is not indication he will ever be able to avoid the unknowing decision to continue to do it ever again with no permanent consequences that he is even then completely unaware of. He is as dead as one can get like an automaton, a God like perpetual machine do the same thing without end.

Well Satan was back and shortly had recreated all of his hoards, demons, devils and evil gods that had been exiled from heaven to hell earlier to be included in his numbers. They went back to hell since it was there back in them days yet and resumed their previous brutally evil ways tormenting and destroying the people of hell again.

But it was last bit of the evil God's might. There was nothing more he could do that was evil for it would only be redundant and had already been taken care of since all God had to do was sent them all off at the speed of light again like their dead counterparts. So they were back but their existence was conditional and since he had been responsible for what God did to them last time they became his responsibility.

He ordered them to stop being brutal and they hated the idea but what could they do with impending destruction a simple command for God to perform to end their existence forever this time. But he was not satisfied with that. He wanted to put an end to them once and for all. So he put them in a bind. Him being good he could only serve them by doing good to Satan but to do good to Satan required that he work toward his destruction should he do anything wrong and get strong enough to destroy God their only hope of surviving forever. Every time they did anything to the effect of giving themselves might he would have to undo it or have them undo it to keep him from destroying them to help them.

But he was not satisfied knowing they were evil and would by nature of their established definition do something wrong and do a great evil and give him no choice but to send them off at the speed of sound like the others or off in time being pushed ever onward into the future with a tidal wave in time to overcome to ever get back where they could ever effect creation again. Time is fluid.

He suggested God save all the unsaved and all people in hell with what he called intrusive therapy in which their subliminal peripheries were change to insure they would eventually accept God's offer for them to die and become a new creation with good subliminal peripheries as well has having seen God and been given his mind and his me to be enabled to stay in God and to have impetus to do so except Satan and his demon Beal. Satan had been created by the evil God with no good in him and he had never acquired any and Beal was like being a suggestion made by Satan that again had no good in them. When they died to all they had been they became fiction and though it did not seem to be true especially to those he had completely over power or who had been horribly brutalized by him Beal became nothing and all they had been thought to be all that time was actually mere fiction. They were even down in as far as it was thought then in them days to be as far in as they could do they were in a rage wanting one thing and one thing only to get at him which was impossible unless some how they were raised.

But it was thought that good and evil were justifiable in the way they thought with the facts they had then assuming there was no end to infinity not to mention that which is infinity time that. All have as much right to be as anyone else we know now and all are by God who feels bound to keep it true and real here in the mad god's physical reality where all that we are in God in our minds being true there even the part of ourselves we ordinarily thought was our physical self and we spoke that way when the same physical reality already existed in what the mad God had built with God's mind and is now an exact same thing only in a real physical reality instead of an illusion that was true to reality. But that is nowadays wherein God has all the might even there where we all really are finally. That is right. The physical world you are interacting with is real for the first time since God began creating by creating a random thing that by default created his body, the mad god by default in a physical environment he could not fathom though he has long wanted one. There is no need of the mad god but there is one and his mind is God's mind and God is his mind and the only might he has is God's might or he may ignore his mind and do something to his detriment which tends only to destroy his might if not eventually himself requiring God to create his body again therein which he already has, a real good God to replace the mad good who is mad and does not want any part of God's mind the only mind he has.

The result of subliminal periphery changes saved everyone in the entire world, all those in hell and all who had fallen away, but the two that took Satan and Beal's place were not them and only have their memory and their self not to be confused with their me for a self does not really decide anything but depends entirely upon the me to decided anything it might or might not have wanted decided one way or the other. It has no power over its me or will. It is like Satan to his victims. It can but suggest thing options. It cannot order them. But those two new creatures created by God live as had it been instead of Satan and Beal who by definition have died to all they were meaning they are technically and actually not there but actually what little there was to Satan God could bring back no longer be bound by the bind where good cannot do evil without being evil not good. He resurrected Satan along with everyone that had ever had a thought in him. We are all back nowadays but it was very different turbulent and disturbing back them chiefly because there are very many lesser evil one that are very nice people. Even those who had committed suicide were brought back and it was explained to them but they merely opted to die again except one who made it. He is one of a kind.

The people taken to heaven after once being tormented, terrorized, horribly beaten or worse could not accept the ones saved that had been Satan's. They made life miserable for those now saved ones of Satan destroying the moral of the saved devils and demons and the two selves, Satan and Beal who were actually better than almost anyone else that was not a God and in my opinion more of good than Yahweh who had not only created man destined though he did not understand that, he created hell and with his long time interactions with Satan had only brought out his worst in a way being the finisher or the evil God's work.

When he saved them by nullifying the end prophecy made of Yahweh and not of God by Jesus through St. John the Beloved their solution finally came about. As I said before they were first left behind on the old empty universe only to be given a far place in the part of God's thoughts that seemed outside his mind but are actually the same as is inside and only an hallucination when there is nothing our there but psychogenic illusions or delusions as the case may be. They are still there wherever that is. Only God can get them back from there but there is no need to and none of them want to go to the new hell where the actual Satan is but not Beal for he was only a proposed being that would have been Satan had he been able to actually be. All demons are like that. Only evil gods that were thrown out of heaven at one time and the demons are in hell with Satan struck in a free cell where they think they have won for it appears to them that everyone but them are insane from the complete but good confusion all the way in to the infinitesimal finish of infinity. But we are secretly not limited by the infinity but and infinite number of them each with their own exact infinitesimal part I believe but that is just me we, God and I do not for we cannot know that now at this point for it is possible that to create the next infinity requires the complete and good and possibly confusion of the next infinity that is like a free cell to us that allows everything to begin again according to God's might when he instantly creates this infinity slightly different but basically the same at every other point with only us and in one of them none of the rest of you..

In the final end of this infinity what is going on now at the time of this writing they will be in their own free cell thinking the rest of the good people are predisposed to hating them clear to the complete and good confusion and any point within.

But we are back to the present time when he went to the top of infinity and repeatedly made the finishing decision many times before finally listening to God and not going into the ever repeating acting act that both took place but never can take place at the same time and anything lest when the act is rejected by the one doing it's own decision real, practical and not an impractical or fanciful step in any way. As an added bonus because God is who and what he is he had not only corrected ever evil thing ever done to made the past completely new and good he redoes everything the evil or those who do any wrong at the end of their having done it so that it all in every free cell is completely compatible with him to such an extent there is no free cell he cannot continue to do that if there is any purpose left in doing it, set something up that will automatically do it besides him which he is doing or ignore it if it actually serves a greater good by any expected or unexpected thing done by default. Even Satan sometime does things that cause some good to happen he did not know would happen and did not mean for it to happen that is good by default of the doing of what he did.

He was created by default not on purpose as was Jesus of Nazareth who was a God in the form of a man but a man John Fredrick Carver, a man in the form of a God. But in his beginnings no one knew but God sort of for he alone suspected it.


He was saved by dying to everything he was and his good was saved and he was none of man now but a growing saint of God in that he would be a God as he completes his struggle with what his man did before he was saved and the spirit of the flesh and the ongoing battle between his spirit and the spirits of the fallen earth and that are now in the heavenly the only truth there ever was since the finding that infinity was real and that the truth was a perpetual illusion never leading to anything concrete but the never ending pursuit of a thing that could never be fulfilled in that theorized as what infinity was and was not both truth and fiction at once. The present truth is all that was ever truth. The rest was all thought to be true like that an astute person believe the Holy Bible to be and was quite correct until the mad god created everything prophesied by God and Yahweh there within it which is now the truth as that voluminous prophecy promised in every detail. That mad god is one of us though the new God of the Physical is the God that always has been, is now and forever will be or should we go back to quantum time rather than continue in inline time will again be God as he has always been always present in the beginning of the first moment that never took place in Gods mind where it all has been the actual edge of that possible in the future experienced a had it actually happened in the past, a future constantly being chosen to experience by the beholder as proven by the many different real events observed by the same number of observers all Gods and incapable of being wrong about what they actually experienced in the physical, the sentient same but immaterial thing that existed in that thought the physical, that experienced as intangible, that experienced as tangible in both proposed physical places and that which cannot ever be anything but sentient and all notions, guesses and intuitions gleaned by foresight even those seen to have had to be becoming real by understanding both logic and morality they way they are bound in the present at the beginning of this present moment that become memory according to what was chosen from that which was possible to be chosen from the that we call the future all of us choosing the reality as it became to be because of our decision to experience it and expend enough of the decision making process to choose it from that without limits but chose because we do not want it to be an immoral thing which exist only as we want it and must be correct by God to be good perception on our part. Those immoral event theorized to be in the future are illusory and not truly possible except in our flawed perceptions ever learning to see them for what they are becoming that they may be real. The same goes for what they do as they choose from the possibilities knowing the immoral cannot be received but something moral will be in its stead as a thought error that because what happens next is moral the same as what will happen next them must be moral. Anything but that is an hallucination or an optical or sensory illusion producing a delusion that any even is immoral. It is not an option in heaven right now and soon on earth.

Jesus looked him in the eyes and asked, “Are you willing to die to be reborn in God?”

He asked, “Do you mean for real?”

He seemed almost to nod.

What do I do?” he asked, “Just die.”

He did nod that time I think.

Then he died completely and rose again a man in God form steadily becoming only a God just as Jesus left his man behind he also was leaving his man behind. They the God/man and the man/God are both Gods in the end. The delusions and demons and psychological beings and personalities began instantly to be made right, rejected, removed, taken out and to be all they ever were nothing but an error in the way he had taken things to be corrected as his vision saw his memory being perfected leaving his God and destroying anything that was immoral or erroneous or evil as continues to this moment I am writing in.

He with Jesus Christ's help began to see the things in him that did not belong there and what demons and dead spirits and even a devil and Satan were. They all came out. Were not believed. They were driven from the spirit of his brain and became nothing unable to exist anywhere else. When he died new spirits came and went as they did evil and were rejected by another time of dying to all he had been. He defeated Satan while still in his mind having been cursed by Jesus for him having attacked the church believing Satan to be Yahweh wanting to chastise the church when actually it had been one of Satan's suggestions he had believed. His old man came back that only wanted to die and tried and tried each time doing the wrong thing and having to die until at last he was let go and went beyond Jesus Christ have gone places that God would never go for they were beyond reason and was lost to madness where he died again. He asked to experience fiction and fell to hell but preached the truth he knew honest to his beliefs and it was close enough and honest enough Satan brought him back for he could not having him doing that in hell, people were listening to this new doctrine part he had learned somewhere and part he figured had to be from what he knew. People had been flocking to him in hell so devils took him to Hell where he would be tortured to death as many times as it took before he was oblivious to the pain and eventually gave up and would have been destroyed but he appealed to Satan somehow realizing they could not do that to anyone who did not consent to it. He rose.

But soon he was in trouble with Satan again and they laid a brand new situation on him, a fictional account of God and Jesus and Yahweh but he ran with it, believed every word of it but kept pressing for answers to obvious errors in the story and in the end he proved their duplicity.

Then he was deceived again by Beal acting as a different version of Christ in another fictional account. But again he little by little chipped away at any tidbit of logical error and dispelled the story.

It happened over and over again until they gave his the fiction that Satan believes. This time they won. He believed the reality that Satan believes, and he would have died. But he said, “I don't care if this is the way it really is. I want to be in God for I love him and he loves me and will take me back. I would rather be with God even if he is mad that try to live in a reality like that.”

They gave it one more last ditch level pretending he was dealing with God but he never really bought it. In the end Beal struck his desk very hard with his right hand when he saw one last time their duplicity and simply left them as they gave up knowing he had withstood all their fiction as well as what they really believed that no man had lived to walk away from.

He laid down on his bed and cried begging God to take him back and he did. It was really God. He had been physically abused and tormented with constant anxiety, deprived of sleep, put in constant pain, and emotional pain and enormous highs and incredible lows, living, dying being made to believe he would never make it back to God but he never gave up because he expected each time they changed the story he was back with God, they even tricked him into thinking he had killed God and he bought it wholeheartedly.

When God did not take him back. He died. But he was raised again. This God he pressed and continued to fight to help God in every fiction of his own and every fiction that came from his madness. He took it all the way to talking Satan into the idea that God loved him a thing he believed he believed allowing him sell him on the possibility of being saved was better than never hearing others or himself until made he simply went to sleep forever like the other one had. He pressed, he pushed, he asked questions he went to far and found out his God was not this God. Then at last with the evidence having mounted that God was actually limited when he had pressed him as far as was possible to find out exactly to the end. He came to a lie that they were from the other side of the galaxy and a bunch of other stuff that didn't add up.

In the end he went out of his body for the first time and did the thing about infinity and found his God though it came very close to killing him physically, mentally, spiritually and his me and sanity; all of what he was. But God found out what he had known all along. He was this God! The only God he could ever accept. If it is just another fiction of the Devil it is one that reaches no duplicity and truth of this God is verified. He really is the only one here and we are all here everyone that ever was and he is the only one with any real might.

He lived. He lives. He got rid of everything he needed to get rid of. He loves. He does what is right. He is the most moral man this God knows. He was called his delight on few occasions. He continues to know things even God didn't know and he knows more of the kinds of things God knows that he never looked at that way. He is one of a kind. Because...

He found his God.


Before that were the great men and women of the saints than span the pages of church history. The Church endured until recently when it appears it has died. Still being a Christian like he is in name but is involved with a much different thing as he grows into a God nearing the end. I confess I am not an expert on Church history and nothing was added to Scripture because of a superstition than the end of John the Beloved's Book of Revelations which was all prophecy marked the end of Scripture for surely some men had things to add to the Bible that were worthy of being Scripture. Alas. It is lost.

Before that there was the Christ who went to the cross and bled and died for the sins of mankind on earth. He walked among us a God in the form of a man. Was killed under Pontius Pilate. Died was buried and was even crucified by the Romans at the behest of the Jewish leaders though he had committed no crime. He was even born by Misraim the Holy Spirit in the form of man to Mary his mother who was called a virgin which she was but even she had fooled around with men.

Before that was the men and women of the old testament recently made true as had the entire Bible been a book of prophecy because of what had always looked like a lie on Yahweh's part. Before that they came to earth an earth teeming with primitives and they changed their spirits, their minds but kept their mes to create every possible person on earth and in heaven among the angels there was to make many times over including him, the one born a man that was a God, the man in the form of a God. But God was with man and man flourished and became the vast even over populate bunch of Gods they are now.

But before that the evil God created Satan to be the worst enemy they could ever have wanting to learn how much power they had and besides what every man but me was many times over and every angel the vast majority of which fell to become a follower of Satan and being vastly out numbered on all sides continued to rule the entire way. Except when the man in the form of a God ruled by default for no one had the might he had even God.

The evil God was just there after God cried out, “Is anybody here?” and his Spirit set out immediately to find and did find him after a nightmarish struggle. When they found each other they wrapped their arms around each other's necks and the evil God was just there. She adored God so much she said anything he said and knew everything he knew completely and totally devoted to God who later in their life finally married but she had been wooed by the evil God to marry him first. They only had sex once.

But God originally made everything at the beginning of the first moment selecting to make everything available to be chosen from the future to take the right way in that part wherein one decides what and whether to take it from the future. Because he took it and he never took anything wrong it is even as we experience it today good for God is good and took it all to be good and the parts that were taken to be evil when he brought them all back were made good for that they were to become so they were all along. All else is, was and if it happens again it will be taken wrong. There is nothing that is immoral.

But before that God contained the light that was in the randomness and it was light. But even before that he made every random thing that can be made.

But in the beginning he was alone then he ripped nothing from infinite nothingness and everything he made in his mind was all that was between nothing and nothingness that nothingness beyond the finite limit to infinity. He was the only one with might then just as he is the only one with might now and he has been all along even when at times especially when he was almost dead and the man in God form saved his life and brought him back to go on though he had given up. The same one he called back from endlessly making the same wrong decision there was to make wrestling with infinite and called his name so that he chose right in the end and finally did live through it. But to save his life he needed to contend with the same foe getting it right on the second try to be revealed as the only one with might, the might he always had. Everything changed but nothing is any different. It is just revealed for what it is has always been and will be forever in the likeness of God exactly God in the beginning and in the right end.


To those on earth with the consciousness of one on earth not the consciousness of those in heaven of which I am one to an extent until my glorification, the death of this earthly body and the transformation into my glorified body in heaven as a God for I am God, God's me, his mind using his Spirit completely with only my self or selves being any difference between me and God and his self and selves.

You are God's me, his mind and his Spirit is in you. There is no reason for you not to have the consciousness of those in heaven but you do not because you believe not and ignore God when if you believed God and did not ignore the things you hear, see and feel from him you would have a heavenly level of consciousness. Believe God and anything is possible even having on earth a consciousness that allows you to know the thing of God as well as participate in those things in heaven to an ever increasing level until all this are identical. I never was like you. I have always been since my birth in a town that in Northern Minnesota that is not there any longer once called Gimmel a man in the form of God.

You have lived your entire life with a single body. You cannot even manifest from one physical form to another and back if you so decided. You think about your body. Its needs. Its looks. Its health. Its comfort. Its discomfort. Even its sexual desires which you think are need but which are not at all for those things serve only by necessity to affont your body to dedicate and urinate but to nearly all of you to perform sexual deeds. You are the primitives that God made you from spirits living in the physical bodies of primitives with tiny minds that are a reaction to the workings of your primitive robotic brain which is however a very sophisticated robot that will not be made on earth for about a hundred years yet. You can see, most of you. You can hear, most of you. You can feel, most of you. You can do what you call smell and taste most of you. Using your full attention you can tell many things you cannot know without using them. You are even capable of inferring things of a spiritual nature also called intuitions and some of you can sense spirits, mostly witches when they manifest as ghosts though that is only one part of what they do and hear their voices and many of you are highly susceptible to hypnosis and the Devil often sends subliminal information to your subconscious peripheries that react to his post hypnotic suggestions demons and devils and even on some occasions even himself. He has no real powers that are not just post hypnotic suggestions even as some evil men use to maintain power mostly taught them by Satan with no small amount taught to them by witches. Even your president Ronald Reagan of the United States used occult teaching items in his rule. He even saw a space ship. Such things are apparitions made by witches primarily to further their goal of creating a general fear a climate wherein their spells and other activities are more likely to be listened to and rendered more powerful besides seances and other mysterious superstition activity done mostly in dark places though they do not only act in darkness being very adept and very skilled at motivation and especially encouraging the view of reality the Devil holds to be the ultimate truth that only that you can perceive in the physical world in the here and now is all the reality that there really is and have become the largest set of believers in your backward world a view of reality that caused me to die and needed God working lovingly and at full power to raise me completely and that was only possible for I loved God and did not care that if that were the only true reality for it is very persuasive I would love God anyway living without God a thing I could not live with and would have to die for I could not bear the alternative of loving God and denying my form the form of a God.

Denying the Devi's view of reality and turning away from it to any alternative view of reality besides the only true one which is true because there can only be one true reality that applies to everyone even Satan and his religion which he in error fully believes is the only view of reality though it is a lie and all things grow from that lie but are an even greater lie. He is on the scene. It is good to believe in Satan and all he teaches for it is all being nullified by bringing even stronger believe in the reality of God a very important good that takes place every time he uses it to determine a course of action, to shore up a course of action or appear to prove that the only true view of reality is just another view of reality that may have any number of views and not just one which is not true anymore.

To learn from the Devil or any other source but God is to live in error some unintended by the alternatives that do not recognize God as a source and propagate complicated truths as simply put as possible to show the difference between the lie and the only truth he uses as often as we do to draw his deceptions from by skewing a good and honest interpretation of the truth. He is nothing to fear and as a consequence the alternative to what Satan believes wholeheartedly the belief that nothing is true and anything that you wish to think is acceptable as well as anything you say is as well as any act is the act you have performed and there is no one and only nothing to judge it. Power is all that count in his view when in God's view power is nothing and of no value against true might. None of what you get from Satan is even usable in a world and heaven where on good things that result from all things because God changes anything not good so that it is good for God is all good and his might is so great that any other might is as nothing. The might of evil is still might but his might completely nullifies their might bringing what it appeared to be to nothing they intended to do with it. It working against itself when God being unopposed makes that which they do not want cannot win with such results and consequences to everything they do. They are in a free cell where what they do always results in evil which renders the complete but good confusion a very great miracle no evil person can stand without being in enormous torment.

Satan, his demons and all devils are presently in a free cell unable to contact any man whether on earth or in heaven or any other free cell. He believes he has won though his free cell completely nullifies any contact they may have on any other one.


You man have those among you who are suicidal. To have the feeling you would rather be dead than alive is a most dangerous thing. To think you would rather be dead than alive is the next higher level of danger. To make attempts you plan that will not result in death but draw attention to the fact you want to die because you are playing with death using the danger of it to further its hold on you more and more. To actively make attempts to die and live though it was an unwanted consequence and something went wrong with your plan is even more dangerous. If you do die and wanted to die when you get to heaven you will still want to die and God will raise you, you will see his face, you will see him but you will reject his mind and me and still want to die.

He will leave you and let you die in your free cell free to die all you want as many times as you want until you go down in from the complete but good confusion and eventually live somewhere between there and dying when you go down so far in there is only one thing left to do attempt to die never able to complete the act, never able not to attempt it but never knowing you have done it more than what seems the first time starting to do it, but it cannot be done but you will never know you did not do it will God urging you not to do it each and every time for a time without end or a time wherein you decide not to do it, should that ever happen as God hopes from the first that it will. They you may live with others of your kind with God teaching you ways to be comfortable never doing it again until you are content that way never repeating it even one more time the last time.

But in heaven you will be cursed with an unchangeable indomitable will to survive. Dying in your free cell will not be an option and your mind will be filled with comforting thoughts and whatever you do will be right. [Suicide is not and therefore not an option there.] Even if you do evil regardless of intention or by accident it will be made right. This is available to you right now on earth because of the might of God. Worship him, believe it or not it too will help. You are our brothers and sisters, children and parents and close relatives we cannot have you dying on us. You will live and change to where you do not even want to die which will not be an option anyhow.


You have among you those who are mentally ill. They were right something happened to you in the womb. You are mostly schizophrenic but in one of its various types and that can be triggered by things outside the womb also. God cured my schophrenia and it had never been done before. I was the only one ever cured because it had come upon me when they were driving me insane in order to contain me for I was the Great Power, the most powerful witch there ever could be but even mental illness could not contain me. I fought it and I won and then God taught me how to think. That is available now they have been through it and all of you have gone through it in your mind and in your subliminal peripheries. You are not mentally ill anymore. You are just prone to thinking that way. There is no reason for you to act the way you do or think the way you do. You cannot for no once can make themselves mentally ill again it is only pseudo mental illness. But being who and what you are you do not seem to be able to act any differently than you did before. So when you get to heaven you will be in a free cell knowing and not having to believe you are not mentally ill. You will be perfectly sane those of you who are insane too and you will have no sign of mental illness forever without end. Turn to God he cannot only cure any mental illness now he can cure any insanity or difficulty that comes from the mind up to and including being suicidal with suicidal thinking and thoughts. But on earth you have to turn from your past ways of behaving and thinking and work with God to learn a better way of thinking just like everyone on earth should be doing and you all will immediately be changed so that you do that when you get to heaven.

A body in motion will stay in motion if no resistance is encountered. A body which includes a brain will continue doing the same thing without some resistance changes it. You have been helped not to act out which has reduced you to doing nearly nothing like something that is dead for it will be if somewhere along the line something is encountered that resists that. Don't be afraid. You may act out as first for that is what you had decided was the best way of deeling with it. But do not give up. Keep fighting toward more noramal behavior coming from you than just being as comfortable as they can make you which is not actually comfortable but a comfortabiliy that leaves it so it is tolerable and it was not tolerable once. You have even become sort of content with what they have taught you. But God wants you to find out your symptoms and fight them and not learn how to put up with them for now you can defeat them and defeat them and not have them anymore. It may be uncomfortable, that may last quite some time and if you get you in the system they will make you more comfortable but whether you have the illness or do not have the illness either way it never gets any better. You never act or are normal. You must be willing to fight what you acted like and begin to do normal things. Don't give up like they lie to you and say you are not when what they mean is don't fight them and let them make you comfortable and even sort of content. Fight to keep what you have now and don't ever give up.

But if you do give up it is not the end. You will know that I am write when your body dies and know everything God knows. You will be normal in your own free cell freed from even what you gave into on earth, but that is no way to live. Your illness killed you but God has brought you back to life. It is you who are denying it. You who can have the normal life with God's mind and his decision making part his will and his character to live a normal life without having to be somewhat comfortable and somewhat able to tolerate it but actually comfortable and with only normal uneasiness to tolerate as we all do and even God must think normal things and since he is always in heaven and anything you think in heaven happens he also does normal things and does things normal for him to do to all things and to all people.

You too will be able to do anything that is a thing that it might be done, have anything you desire, yes even very attractive sex partners if you are into that sort of thing. That is only recreation in heaven. A lot of it goes on and you can do it with anyone you want, not a replica, not someone like them but someone who actually is them. Everything you want if yours or yours to do or decide not to do there and mental illness does not exist there even if you want it to. You would have to pretend it was there but even then it is not there you are just pretending even as you are now back here on earth. You have achieved being comfortable now achieve actually being comfortable, not just comfortable enough but actually norma and comfortable so you can be content forever with your body you can change to suit you any time you want as many times as you want or have it be constantly changing. Your mind can think anything. But what you think is real. But you will have God's mind and so know what to think which you may ignore to chagrin. Everything you think will be made right, Everything you say will be the same as had God said for if you say something he would not he will make it true so that it is something he would say. But anything you do will be right or made right or even evil God will do something to make it turn out good. For a good person and you all have some good in you it is impossible to ever not be perfect in heaven for that is what God does there for you and me and for everyone else alive on earth or already having died on earth and now living forever without end in heaven.


You on earth haved the mentally handicapped. You can do anything. If you will not here then you do not get it done or get help in the doing of it so that it gets done though some of you are born dead and never will do anything on your own that is worth the doing or that amounts to anything to you or other people on earth.

But if you were born dead you may be born one more time in some other baby for God does that with everyone that is born dead. You will have a normal birth and have a chance to be a normal person from birth to the death of your body. But many of you had that chance but decided things that were difficult for you to do you would not do at all. Most people labelled retarded are that way. Mental retardation can start at birth because it is a phychological trait. It can also take place any time between there and death depending on the way people react to doing difficult things that arouse anxiety and they have discovered their way of dealing with anxiety from that source is simply not to learn how to do it and they are thought to not be able to learn how to do it when with a drive never to give up which God has just given you and an unlearning of fighting anxiety common to everyone when they first attempt to learn such things you will learn and you will be normal unless you pretend you cannot do it, but even then the truth is that you can and you are only pretending which is the same thing as lying and saying you cannot. You can do anything. This is all true of the physical handicapped too. There is so much you can do with the new ability to never give up no matter how impossible it may see. You, they and maybe even God will be surprised what you can do especially with your mind. Even an injured mind can do anything a mentally ill or retarded mind can do.

Therefore you will all be together in the same free cell unless when you see God's face you are instantly made normal and go to another free cell with normal people you are to be sorted as having always been one of or the normal people who are in the true heaven in God's mind and in that part of him he also means when he says, “Me,” and go one with him forever without end there or one of the many free cells where they are also free to do anything they want and have anything they want for it is all transformed by God to be good not evil and in your case all always right and never in error or morally wrong according to what God does to transform it even if you do not do right or even intended to do it right. No one not even you or even someone like the Devil can screw up heaven.


You have those born on earth that have only part of a brain stem or at most a brain stem or even an unnoticeable tiny bit more. God gave them his mind and the part of him he calls me when talking about that part he calls me when he speaks of that he is as me. There was no difference in behavior as had he not done it at all when technically they should be the purest form of him available on earth. If they are kept alive by artificial manmade means God will take them to heaven and let them see his face those that can see at all. The mind he gives them will be him and the me he gives them will be him and since they have no self or selves in most cases he will give them a self or selves that we may tell the difference. Even the Spirit may be in them on a case by case basis as they think, say and do only what God would think, say and do had he been in their situation. They will not reborn in heaven but die to be born the first completely successful time on a case by case basis in God to be God forever without end free to do all they are cable of doing not requiring God to make right or good anything they do since the only mind and me they have is purely God's. Those with more high consciousnesses will be treated like mental retarded people and at least in heaven have contented normal lives in their free cell with those with a normal level of consciousness that will not use it or God's mind and me where they will even here on earth be taught the ways of God and in heaven know God, his mind, his me and have his Spirit.


You also have shy people. The least of whom have a normal intellect or higher often a very high intellect. They think, process and take in information taking it both properly and improperly often living exclusively in their mind amid there thoughts and emotions reacting to their world wherein they encounter all that they encounter and never express and that they encounter in the physical environment as they do often seeing themselves as a robotic type of creation, an inanimate object with a mind, me and spirit they most often think of as a mind, will and emotions which basically involves the correct view but is inaccurate for the emotions are virtually restricted to the mind of the me and the rest are restricted to the mind of their spirit with typically no emotion or not very much emotion present in their minds. They are terribly analytic but many times very sensitive to their emotions and live, they are not dead, in their whole except their physical which is seen as mostly a confusing unpleasing source confusion that cannot or requires much more unpleasing interaction to really know than it is worth. But a robotic creation they are not or were never intended to become.

There is the physical part of animal man. It has no min. It has no spirit. It has no me. It is as the dirt and rocks and seeds and the like carried throughout the world by the glaciers in the ice age. It can do nothing not even go to a new location without something in its environment to move it.

There is outside that material everything in the body is made of that moves it, changes it and even regulates it and that has mind, spirit and a me in a mind that rises as that which the make up of the body means much like a hiroglyph means something but it is slightly more avanced than that it can access the God given mind, spirit and me given to it when God gave all that to every living person on earth expecting to raise the consciousness of those on earth to consciousness that exists in heaven but with five or six exceptions humans who have nothing really to do with doing anything reall ignore the gift having even lost any sensation they may have experienced when it took place. That tiny mind does all that humans, meaning man in its current very low level of consciousness far lower than the consciousness man began being primitives in the form of man with very few of man in the form of primitives occurring. Primitives are humanoid animals that are basically robots like any animal incapable of higher consciousness and stuck with a slow progress toward showing any creative or noticeably inventive activity that would change any thing in the slightest whether it was to be or not to be and destroyed not missed in the slightest like virtually of man's creations and invention even in the day of this writing. Shy people are accutely aware at least of that lesser level of consciousness and usually impressed by complicated, complex and spontaneous reactions to their God given mind, spirit and me. They are often very bright but severely limited to what they are either nonresponsive to that or them around them or inteactive on a lesser and lesser tertiary level up to and including those who can't seem to make up their minds both introverted and shy or shy enough for them not to interact or not interact to a noticeable extent or extraverted retreating back into themselves to introspective behavior which appears unigaged but for a different purpose to share with other extraverts or those who are not shy but not extraverted much when compared to shy humans, again those of man that are the current members of man that were never intended to be that way except in the cases wherein they are included in the creation of all kinds, their kind be one of that all inclusive set of man as he has ever been since he was first created in the primitives to change them that they became man unlike the man mentioned in Yahweh's prophecy that was a single man made from the elements of the physical earth by the God of the Physical and the spirit of Earth acting together to do what she Earth has never done anywhere in the universe the creation of a thinking individual capable of producing its own thoughts as well as receiving nearly all its thoghts from God. Both simultaniously true with the first a simple miracle of God the second a major miracle of God do to the extreme unlikeliness such a thing could be done to the great difficulty of actually do it.

Niether Yahweh man or God's man failed to produce its share of shy humans. Even the brightest and the geniuses of their group produce anything noteworthy for though they know things they are less likely to share them and often have little or no understanding or liking of criticism should they share. But they are harmless rarely doing any evil and most often doing enough right so that they are seldom condemned by God who makes it all right when they do such things. They will be among us in God's true heaven after they die or if they pray to be made more outgoing they may have their consciousness level greatly increase and most pleasantly react to it and at least seem more content some even happy. Nearly all people are shy humans to an extent. It goes with being man. God is rarely shy so it is not often like him though it is in him and goes uncondemned by him unless it is very severe.


Anti-social humans and crowd haters are poor interacters. If they contribute anything it is done as an unpleasing thing to them and always favors unpopular opinions which is an option not likely take except as a last resort fueling discussion of preferable ways of going about it and ways of doing it as well as other ways entirely. One of the reasons they become that way is their willingness to share the unpleasant and unpopular whether it is true or not or whether some thing more popular and pleasing is possible. They cut themselves off from crowds and influential groups in the same way shy people do though they are seldom timid or shy. Very few timid people are that but often spend their time either alone avoiding difficult decisions or going along with every thing suggested by any group especially one they do not support but their trademark is not to share what they think for fear of being argued against or unfairly attacked as far as their person is apparently to be criticized also.

They will go to heaven but when they see God they will be changed for it is wrong to them to do as the extraverts among them do to the groups and it is wrong for the timid to withhold the things from the groups and patronizing others when you know better or are oposed to what their stand is, is not only wrong but dishonest and guilt producing deceiving others and being of no help to arrive at a clearer and more usable conclusion. Even socially it is not condusive to a pleasing or even a contented outcome and some, many or all may leave angry or disappointed and may not ever come again social or otherwise. Do not invite anti-social people, crowd haters or the timind to you next get together if it is avoidable. When God changes them in heaven they will be a thing of the passed as will every annoyance anymore than you would someone of a different free cell whether on earth or in heaven for there is little or no chance to agree on anything but to continue not agreeing other than to have some interaction deeling with how peaceful the disagreement will be handle.

Do not invite me unless you want a long monologue that discusses every part of a thing I can discuss whether it helps any cause or not other than an attempt to raise the consciousness of man as he is on earth to the consciousness of man as he is in heaven or one of the free cells where those in them are free to think, say and do anything that God may make good or right as had he intended to spite them when what he is doing is keep them and everything he created first good and second right by his might. I will help him for as for might I have might the might that is just below God and I am very happy it has worked out that way.

I am not outspoken about things I know nothing of but explain the current situation and circumstance it is highly unusual I do not recommend a solution to any problem and I often see problems no one else sees. But if I do not see something and someone else interrupts I am glad to see what I see more clearly open to considering anything to come up with the only way to do something if the thing in question is supposed to be solved. I am very poor at seeing the result of intrigue that exists with a planned outcome I do not understand or had no way to know was even a possibility. I will lead that to those involved in the intrigue if the intrigue is explained to me and it is not meant to undermine those I am in favor with. I can often find a course of action that is the only possible alternative to the one favored for the current intrigue like a scenario that involves intentionally be destroyed only to be raised again by God though I have been involved in intrigue that resulted in something like that.

God knows everything and all things are in him but not all things are his way. He has eventually seen everything I did was for the better but one when the hidden solution would have worked better than the one I proposed that was done above board and in braod daylight where I love to do everything. Hidding things to me is on a par with what is in Satan though of course it is good for Satan to succeed that his evil can afford some good thing being done that transforms Satan's victory to a loss and works out with good the champion revealed and the wisdom of the way revealed again. I tend to share everything instead of waiting for a more opportune time to share it.

Therefore I can do very little without God's help.


Once there was just the Spirit. She was a Spirit with a mind but no me as are all Spirits. But what is a Spirit. She is God. She was God. She will be God to the end, if there ever is an end. But if there is an end she will be God. She will be a Spirit with a mind. But she will be Spirit all there is, what was first, what is now, what will be beyond the end if there is an end beyond even that. She created zero and infinity by default. They were one the same exact thing but not the Spirit she was at the infinitesimal essence and the infinite number of infinities and beyond. They are all in tact.

She contained all the intangible things, things that take up no space but exist in every place there is for her to take up but she has no size neither infinite or infinitesimal. She exists for the beginning of an instant that never occurs but exists forever without end. These are real things but they are nowhere and yet everywhere known to be just like her. She was God before God came to be what he is, she is what God is and she will be God even beyond where there is no place even for God if there is an end. Because of her being has always been, is and will beyond end if there is an end. She was never created and never will end. Even should her mind fail her what is in her will yet me and she will only be Spirit.


Then there was God, the rest of God in that place where the Spirit is. He was in physical reality. There was no light, there was no place, there was no movement in time, there was God as a Spirit and there was God. And, God did not know she was there.

Then he made every random thing at random until all things that can be random were made and had to begin again by default. And, God saw that random things never amounted to anything with meaning they just repeatedly repeated themselves with no end.

And, God cried out, “Is anybody there?” And, the Spirit that is God found God though she went through a terrible ordeal having a very difficult time finding him. When she did they hung their arms about each other and fell into each others arms.

The evil God was just there, the ultimate random thing that could do no right but everything he did needed to be fixed so that it was right by God. The Spirit was completely devoted to God and hung on his every thought. But the evil God was his buddy. He wanted not to be like God but to be God but he could not. He was evil and God and his Spirit good. He could make a free cell that would hold him and he would never know he didn't win but he would live. All things that have ever been have a right to be. But being evil he does not want to be. Should God make one anyway and continue to make every evil he does good and every wrong thing he does right as he did to all that he has done after the fact of his death, the only evil thing he did that was not evil but good. God loved the evil God and still does maybe. If he makes a free cell for him will it remain good. It may not be possible to make all the evil he will do being evil good. But he is such a wonderful God and a very nice person.

Not everything he made was evil. He made Elohim the one called the Trinity or the Three with Yahweh and Jesus in her. Yahweh was evil and the Christ was good and now that Yahweh is barely in God with God righting his every wrong in his righteousness. The Christ and Elohim have rejected him from their person and both of them are also good. But he created Satan, the greatest evil there can be. How can he ever be deemed good and do a thing like that. He cannot without God makes all his wrong right and all his evil good and if there is some evil God cannot make good then God will die for bringing him back and that is too risky. He was dead, he is dead and in must be if we are to have a living God that he remain dead for the good of everyone else.

He made energy beings a part of God with no me and just the mind of God and their spirit. But Satan won over a huge percentage of them to come and do evil as he does, those called devils and Satan created the witches and all the demons including the demon that is him.


God created all of man at one time God, exactly him in a different situation contronted with God having been before them though it was not supposed to be that way. They stayed in their spiritual bodies and never manifest as anything though he made them male and female with no reproductive organs and they never made any. And, it lasted a long time but they became complacent and they turned against God so he had to destroy them all. But even they are here in their own free cell thinking they defeated God and doing evil God makes good and doing wrong God makes right.


Then they came back and found the world was filled with primitives that had random beginnings and never would have amounted to anything unlike the evil God that had been made by default which is not the same as random but what had to be for the Spirit to be made God also for that required the ultimate evil God be made. Random just comes to be on its own as randomness changes and by the law of entropy becomes more and more complex as it continually changes even to eventually becoming a mind that is painstaking slow and never amounted to anything that really matter more than randomness ever really did matter but because God using the random it was by default that the randomness changed enough to create a human animal. And, animals cannot ever become God which they would have to be or remain very sophisticated robots incapable of being a higher life form though primitives can become very intelligent but for the things that make us who are actually Gods possibly even very formidable adversaries even more powerful than we are but with none have the might of me or the highest might of God.

Yahweh added to them all the man part to their humanoid form the same form they have to this day. [This is long before he made a man from the materials found on earth which was not done until recently when the prophecy was fulfilled by the God of the Physical who is now no more than a contained witch since God has made a physical body for himself to be in and all our physical bodies for us to be in.] He did not make just a man of man. He made about 800 billion, he and the evil God who made all the angels a separate person that we should be all the possibilities of what a person can be and then was and has been some many many times all more than once of every kind all originally out of the many millions of primitives that were here.

But that was all after God contained the light that was in the random things and light was everywhere as it is today. Light does not move. It is everywhere as it has always been since it was contained by God. The movement of light is a common illusion for light is here and there and everywhere at once and does no move from one place to another as the physical illusions of man would indicate coming at the truth from a different perspective than God has and God is the only one with perfect sight and all others' sight is flawed in some way but the Spirit who is God.

Then God put out the light and pure darkness that feels like a liquid you can touch was all that was left. Then he made the light again and it was so that he has that power. The darkness that was is in the past. If you had the consciousness of those in heaven you could go back far enough in time to varify what I am say. You could also do that by simply asking God if it is so or was so depending on the type of time you are dealing with. In absolute time it is there right along with everything else at the very beginning of the first moment that never occurred.

Then he made everything that is at the beginning of that first moment which is all there will ever be unless the creation of time that passess one event after another some call linear time. It was done for I made a random thing. I don't even no what it was. Then God finished the even and judged the finish project very good setting in time a linear time that runs from one moral event to another which is not logical but moral requiring that one think moral to predict what the next event will be allowing God who is only moral to see everything that ever was made in any part of time and all time if he could have kept from becoming confronted by the complete but good confusion it winds up hidden within not like that in the physical at all.

God made everything and so every tree, the one Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews was first crucified on for instance though he has never in that body and never actually felt any pain what so even though it was in the part of God's mind where it was all made and all allowed by Yahweh who ruled the world of man and could have stopped it. Much later the God of the Physical now thought to be completely contained and thought a witch by God made one just like it and crucified him for real to satisfy the prophecy of the entire Holy Bible. The Christ first felt pain like we do, so much he saw he would be unable to stand it and retreated into his mind, the part of it that is what we see of it in our minds to evade the real enormous pain. Jesus that time actually died going down to the infinitesimal and into that part which is only the the Spirit and it is so holy there that even he could spend less than a minute there.

What am I saying? This sounds gibberish! But it is not. That you now see as the physical world is not the physical world that was when you looked with your mind's eye and saw a chair for instance. What was in your mind was that thought to be a chair in the physical world, but it was not but just a figment of you mind. What was really there was the real chair sitting in the chair in the real world God made. There we see real things that are then reduced in our minds to an illusion of those things we have power to do with according to the strength of our mind for instance we should be able to put a chair anywhere we want to in that sentient view of the real chair in our mind but most of us don't believe we can but that does not mean we are not capable of it mentally but that we just do not not having the faith we can. God can even more a real chair in the real physical place not to mention here by faith so we should even be able to do that those of us in heaven any way. Almost no one on earth has actually see any part of reality outside the mind of God.

Threre really is us in the real world. There is us in the sentient part of God where we see and believe what is in the physical world to actually be by believing something that is there but we do that by assuming it is there exactly that way and it is in God's mind or in the real world, that part of the real world we cannot perceive. Then there is the pictured chair in our minds eye within the mind of God. There is the picture cahir we pictured in our imagination, the chair in our faith, the chair in our mind's eye, the chair we will see in our minds and can see in God's mind which can miraculously be the chair we picture in our imagination sitting where no chair sat; a miracle that we could have worked had you been me or God. Is it clearer now.


A baby still born did not live. A baby that would do nothing but lay there until it died upon birth is dead. A baby that does nothing but think on its own to coreograph its body to some extent is dead but if it continues God will take it to heaven and show it his face and it will live. It will be the exact same as God's mind and his Spiriit and he will give it his me. It will be alive and God in heaven with even a self that God will lend it. He or she will never die and if they do he will raise it again. It will always be there with God the same as had it been a baby that was only that well developed when it was born unnaturally from its mother's body and separated from her womb unnaturally. That one two will be the same as the other always there with God. There might be some evil in it but God will make all its evil good and all it does wrong right. The problem is not the baby or whether it does evil or wrong but simply that God has a special place for babies in him. Some of the best people in heaven began there as that though people do not change much in heaven for normally the good remain good the evil evil and those who do wrong wrong and those who do right right. If what appears to be an angel that turns evil for example was not really a good angel but a fallen angel from the beginning like the two that fell to their deaths in the pit when all the devils were raised when Satan was saved. They would not do good or right even though they were saved. But even they have been raised and live with Satan in his free cell where they happily do evil only to have God make it good. They don't care. They are happy there ignoring the fact that everything works out for good and right believing Satan and evil won until they get to the complete and good confusion where God will attempt to train them to think in ways that do not lead them to do evil or do things wrong which rarely works now but when it works it is unchangeable and so all will be good in every free cell in the end. It may take a long time but that is the present projected end.


If you will not raise your consciousness to the level of the consciousness of them in heaven when your body dies a caretaker spirit will be given to you to finish the actual dying. It's okay for they are made you exactly you but for that purpose alone. In nearly all cases you will be taken out by God in person to see his face and know everything he knows to share every decision he makes with the same sense of right and wrong and take everything the way God takes it that is if there is any time for that to happen. Otherwise you will be taken dead to God and see his face and undergo the same consequences. At that time or later at a time you do not want to be with God you will be sorted to one of the free cells where you are free to think, say and do anything you would like and later your caretaker spirit will become part of you and you will share their experienes entirely for they are part of you. Most people do not want to experience that so they ignore the memory of it but it is there and it is rare with forever time without end being such a long time that you will never want to know exactly what went on something like remember exactly your most embarrassing moment. Nearly everyone does but by the time they do a lot of time has gone by and it is only for some remembered more than once and seems like someone else not you having had it happen to them and not like it actually ever happened to you. But you never forget anything in God it just seems to have no bearing on you and not often effects those who remember that much.

But when you are raised you will be full of knowledge and bliss and it will last a short time some longer and some extremely short but ordinarily everyone will for the time being love being with God in God having his mind and me with the Spirit being there. It is not; I repeat, it is not a wonderful thing that happens to some but to everyone. Even Satan was thrilled for a very short time. The only one that will not be allowed the privilege is the evil God. He is dead and it is good he remains dead for the sake of everyone else though those who love him still love him and appreciate his last act more than any other act he did in his entire existence.

Those who choose not to stay in God in heaven which is like a free cell except it is the only true one. We will go on forever with God doing good and being right. But again on the outside chance we do something evil we can do something to finish it that makes it good what he did and the same is with doing something wrong. But when you get there do not be afraid for God is always approachable to you and loves you. He will do whatever is needed to make your evil good and your wrongs right. All of heaven will be good and only right things will be done throughout in the heaven of God and in all the free cells nothing evil or wrong will ever be allowed to remain for any longer than there is a need for them to be handled in or out of time as needed. You, no matter who you are in heaven and all of you on earth will know the bliss of being good and right with God at least once forever and hopefully all the time in time without end even when there are no more free cells for none are needed and everyone is not only like God but God in God with no end to it, no falling away and never again anyone dying ever. In the end of the free cells all that will not even be an option any longer. It shall be. I have so prophecied with my me God's me in my mind being God's mind in the Holy Spirit. It must be. At present, it is the only way for it to end.


Be you above all.

You can be in God. You cannot be outside God. No one and nothing but the Spirit is either out past infinity or down in your mind where if you are good you may join the Spirit but if not do nothing until God raises you again.

All who are in God are good. If not they will be made good by God doing something to render all that is not good about you good in the end. Therefore wait on God. No one can ever remain evil.

All who are in God do everything right. Those who do wrong can expect God will make it right. No one in God can remain wrong for long. You are his responsibility. He will not leave you wrong. You are something he has done. He has never done anything wrong but once and he very quickly righted that. He is then not absolutely right but he is absolutely righteous to make even that one wrong right.

Do not breath. If you breath you must be forgiven. In his mercy he forgives everyone that breaths. Those who no longer breath will go to heaven wherein they do not have to breath. Those who breath with be forgiven and punished by having to breath until the end of the life of their bodies but not without asking to breath air for air is impure the breath of the Spirit is not. If you breath in the breath of life from the Spirit and exhale you will not have done anything wrong to guilty of; you may breath that way all you want. How do you do it. Just pay attention to the Spirit and she will be there and if you are not all evil she will give you her breath and any natural air you bring into your body will eventually result in the death of your body which will be resurrected in heaven and see God and go to the free cell where it is free to do or have anything it wants as well as to say or think whatever it chooses. It is not you taking in natural air then. It is the Spirit allowing you to take in natural air also or your body would go to heaven prematurely and you having no body would also. When it arrives in heaven it will shortly go to its free cell like all spirits and breath in and out the Spirit.

Do not convey any message good or evil for others to take in whether they take it in and take it as good and pleasing or as evil and unpleasant. If it is a good thing you have said you will be rewarded. If it is an evil thing God must make what you said either right or good. You cannot do evil or be wrong so why hide it and hope to get by with doing wrong. God is the only one with perfect seeing and he sees the slightest action as well as he takes it to mean what it meant and nothing else. He never takes anything to mean anything it did not. When he makes your evil good or your wrong right it cannot be made evil or wrong. If you then become evil or wrong it is a separate act not a continuation of the same event but he may being free to do as he pleases, he is God, allow an event that is part of a larger event take place to right that entire thing righting also the evil or wrong you did. You may then do evil so long as you add something to the event that makes it good and it is the same with being wrong. The Spirit will convict you what is wrong and what is evil and you will become willing to change your mind, change your, do something to make it good or right but you may also wait on God to do it. But no one will be cursed, punished or rebuked unless the rebuke is all that is required to fix the problem. God will not curse you for a curse affords no way for you to be made right or good ever again and he is interesting in right the event which would only remain unchanged. God will not punish you for the best it will do is change you and you are free to think, say and do anything. Therefore he will rebuke you before it becomes wrong or evil but he will not rebuke you if it has already become unfitting behavior for heaven. He will right it and make it good and right. You will have said what you wanted and it turned out okay. But do not think you can say nothing for even silence calls for you to communicate. Think, say or do anything you want. You will be treated in the same manner above. The Spirit will convict you but she may right it or make it good and over look it or she may bring it to the attention of God for him to deal with and rebuke you or do something to change it. It is up to you to change if you want to then you will have goodness and rightness and if you change something properly you will be righteous.

If you are sent or called, go if you want to. To go if you do not want to is to violate your own right to do what you want and have anything you want. If you go you may find there is something there waiting for that you want. If it is something you do not want you are required to pass on taking it or take it because you do not want to offend someone's desire to give it to you. It is best to want as near as you can what others want for you but if you do not want it you have done nothing wrong by turning it down, but if you do want it and turn it down you are wronging yourself. Of what benefit is that to you? Is it better for those who would give it to you. Even to accept a command to murder someone if you want to can be accepted by you. God will make it good. But even a momentary greeting may be turned down by you if it is wise and you want to be wise. God will make it right.

Do not do nothing for you cannot and live. If you die God will raise you to do something, anything that shows what you want or what you do not want except dying again at which time God will raise you again and there will be an end to it. God has all of time to keep doing all he can do for you and he is doing for you whether it is to raise you or do something to change the reason you keep choosing to die.

Do not want what another has. If you do don't steal it or feel bad because you do not have it. Ask God and he will give it to you, not something like it, or even just like it but exactly it. But even if you do steal it. God will make it right for he knows you want it and if they still want it he will give them the original and you one that is exactly it. You are God's charge he will take care of everything you want of make everything you do wrong right. He might however chastize you for stealing for it is better than something you want. It is something you need. There is no call for stealing anything when everything you want is yours to have and everything you have is yours to keep.

Give anything you have to someone that wants it for this is to do what God does. You will be rewarded and what you had will be restored to you. Want not what people do not want. Want what they would want. In so doing you encourage them to get something they want and make them happy. But if you actually want something nobody else would want it will be yours to keep. But do not envy others for having more. You can have more. But if you do not have as much as they have it shows restraint and of that they do not have as much as you do. But do not restrain yourself to the point it makes you unhappy or discontent. This is heaven. It is meant to enjoy all you want to. That makes God happy.

The best you can be is God in God with his Spirit or dead, being God with your self alone all that is yours and that chosen to suit him. You will be dead but he will be you and you will be him and being anyone else is more wicked than being him.

If you want something you cannot have it is not a thing or quality that can be had you. Do not envy others. You may want to be them. When you are them with only a personality besides that is wicked compared to wanting to be God. You will be them. But then who will you be but one that is no more. If you change your mind God will give you back who you were if you want.

If you want someone to love you that does not love you love them all that is in you and ask God to change you to someone they might love or change yourself preferably. God will not make them love you but he will give you someone else that will love you that is exactly them if you want.

If you would like to go to a different free cell God will send you there and bring you back should you change your as many times as you want unless your intent is to merely annoy God. Then he will send you away.

If you want to go insane God will allow you to go insane on your own or take you to the complete but good confusion.

If you want power he will make sure you deserve that then give it to you.

If you do not want anything from God that is easy to give.

If you want to want nothing that he will teach you until or unless you change your mind.

If you want for him not to have to make things right for you every again you will have to become God in God.

If you want him to never have to do fix your evil again by always being good again you must become God in God.

If you want to know anything you have access to God's mind.

If you want to know something you do not know that you might access it in God he will find other things to broaden your interest or point of things you already know you have not accessed him mind about. Never stop learning.

If you want to be good you are.

If you want to be right you are.

If you want a relationship with God talk to him, think about him and do things with him. Unless you are someone he does not want that much of a relationship he will see to it you develop relationships with others that will interest you more.

If you want to be alone that is easy to give.

If you want to be popular be anything like God you can be even to being him and give people things that they want but things that are good for them in a good way and if they want you to do something for them do it and even more that will please them in ways they may not know even existed.

If you want a body that is constantly changing all you have to do is just keep manifesting as something else all the time.

If you want someone else' spirit God will give you it if there is room for it in you. Your own spirit must leave for another to come into you. But you can have one in you and another acting as had it been in you too.

If you want someone else' mind God will not give it to you for it is evil compared to his. You must ask them to give you their mind or let you come inside their mind and stay.

If you want to make someone else someone you want them to be rather than who they are and you want to do God will allow it if they are favorable to it. If they are not they may make another of themselves and allow you to do it to them.

If you want to create someone else of yourself than you are from scratch God will let you do it. Anything you want to do to yourself even commit suicide is permissible. But if you do that you will have to go to the free cell just for them.

If I want to be annoying can I do that? Yes, you may. But you must obey when they send you away even if you do not want to leave. If you stay they may ignore you all they can or want.

Is there a free cell for people who want to do evil? Many but whatever they do it always winds up being good and right.

Any spirits you make or that somehow get into your mind go to heaven and in heaven what you think is real not something to think about but what is thought is what is real. See the difference? Think on it. That is what is true here too. But there it is REAL. For any of you it is unlikely you have much power or might if you are presently on earth. It will then depend on who you know. God is the best and the mightiest that can be recommended.

© 2018 John F Carver

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It's okay. You can troll me. I will be nice and not troll you until you have to quit. God says to just ignore you. He says that trolls are like witches with a different agenda just to make you angry. I don't see much difference. Depending on what you do they are dangerous either one of them. They will gladly murder you either one of them. But if you ignore them you have done nothing wrong and you cannot save them anyway. God can. Leave them to him. I thought to troll them back which is to torment them was to give them what they want to be tortured and tormented. But I was wrong. I haven't been around as long as God. Anyway I knew better I just didn't do better. Sorry if any of you saw that. Give them good things from ignoring them to anything they ask for and be nice. Just forget them and don't believe them. They don't really think that way. They would be tempting God to take their physical life so if they do realize what trouble they are in with God and ignore them so they don't do even worse. Okay. God says I'm right at last.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat, and if he is thirsty, give him water .. read more
John F Carver

2 Years Ago

The problem presented that he did not want any of that. He just wanted to get me upset and angry as .. read more

2 Years Ago

You are quite welcome, brother.

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John F Carver
John F Carver

Bemidji, MN

I, the God of the Physical prophecy that the Great Power will come before these latter days. He will torment all witches forever in me, God, his God and my son will be saved a Christian and be the son.. more..