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A Chapter by The Cute 1

"What do you mean I have to go?"

"You have to go to school. At least have a normal teenage life."

"And if you haven't checked I'm not normal."

"You are."

"A normal person doesn't change into a wolf."

"You can be normal. And whether you like it or not your going to school."

"You can't make me."

"Tyler,you might actually like it."

"I wont.''

"Give it a chance. Your so stubborn just like your....-She stopped and looked away."-your father."

I sighed. Here we go again. Every time I don't agree to whatever she says she plays the "Your father" card. I was about to give in. 5...4...3...2...1.


She smiled once she looked at me. At the corner of her eye I saw a tear slip before she could wipe away. She really did miss him. My father was a shape-shifter, wolf-whatever you want to call it-like me. He died trying to protect us from the hunters that were after us. They thought we all were freaks. Well we are. Except mom. She's the only normal one here.

''When do I have to be at school?"

"Next week. We have to register you first."

"Oh great!''

''Come on. Perk up."She pinched my cheeks. "Were leaving now."

"To go where?"

"Register you. Now come on.''



"Your serious?'

"Yes I am. Now move it.''


The school was a short distance from my house. It was a big red building. Reminded me of a fire station. It was the middle of October and it was cold outside. Well of course I wasn't cold. Being a freak of nature and all. My mom parked the car and we walked up the grand steps to paradise. Not. Holding the door for my mom I siad, '' There's still time to think about this."

'I have and this is my final answer.''


A man with gray hair was standing in the hallway.

"You must be the Weres."He stuck out his hand and shook my mothers hand then mine.

"Yes and this is my son Tyler.'

"Tyler, please to meet you. I'm glad you choose Mt. Fort as your school of attendance. Now we'll just go through the papers in my office. If you'll follow me."

"Okay." My mother said.

We made our way down the hall, pass gray locker after gray locker after boring gray locker. Stopping at a gleamy oak door I saw the sign on the door that said " Principle Silverspoon." What kind of name is that far a principle.

We walked inside the office. It was kind of cool. One huge desk with two chairs in front of it. One porcelain rug that covered the entire floor. Awards lined the back wall. Trophies in a case. Books on a shelf. A button that read ''Intercom" was on the desk. A mini refrigerator. A microwave. And to top it all off, a huge window so he could look down on everything.

My mother took the seat that was offered as he sat behind his desk.

"If you'll just fill these out-"He slid a stack of papers towards my mother."-Tyler will be a student here.'


I walked over to the door."Tyler?"

My mom was looking at me.

"Where are you going?"

"To take a little tour."


"No it's fine. He can take a tour." Principle Silverspoon said.

"Oh well don't mess up okay.''

"I won't."

I walked out of the office and into the hallway.

Looked left. Looked right. This was a jail with school written all over it. Being a werewolf i have a keen sense of smell. And whatever I smelled was irresistible. It smelled of flowers. Roses. Cotton Candy and something else. If I could just wrap my head around it. Apples. That's what it was apples.

A girl wifted by. Long flowing black hair. Pail skin. Pink tote bag. Black jeans. White shirt. Pink jacket with pink boots. Cute. I thought to myself," I might like it here after all."

© 2011 The Cute 1

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I see i'm the first one to review the first one I liked this one to...good job.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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The Cute 1
The Cute 1

Memphis, TN

My name is Johnisha .And I get my ideas from pictures I LOVE.................................................... more..

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A Chapter by The Cute 1