Nightmare (2)

Nightmare (2)

A Chapter by Johnzo

Trede's dark dreams will give him no rest.

The lights.  I see the lights again.  Some look so familiar this time I could almost name them.  The waves come and go, crashing and shimmering through the lights.  It’s rhythm is steady.  The lights wax and wane, pulsating and fading with the waves.  A light approaches me, coming closer and closer.  I see a door.  I place my hand on it.  I try to listen for something.  A strange sound in the distance… but it’s coming closer. 

The sound is growing much louder.  I can hear it through the crashing waves.  A fight…  Someone is attacking!  I can hear voices yelling, screaming, the clang of metal and… fire.  Explosions and fire, it is not safe here.  I look away from the door, I can see only darkness behind me.  I feel I must stand and fight.  I have to… I have to protect something… or someone.  I grab a blade and go outside. 


No I don’t want see it! 

The carnage…  I can see the death and mayhem all around me.  I want to run, but I need to fight.  I try not to let the fear grip me.

I look around, I see the marauders.  It’s dark out, between the flickering light of the burning buildings and crashing of the waves I see a man.  He disgusts me.  A madman, a killer.  I have to stop him.  I run at him from behind, but he doesn’t see me.  A blade in between his ribs and he falls.  The blood runs off my blade.  There are more men, more murderers.  I must stand and be the protector.  That is my fate now. 

I run down the dirt street, the light of a burning building showing the way in the black of night.  More voices yelling and screaming.  The waves are getting louder… almost drowning out the voices.  It’s harder to see.  I wince when the waves crash, my pace slows.  It’s harder to move, but I press on against the bright shimmering waves. 

I come across 2 more madmen, I want to fight them off but… my head… the waves come crashing down.  My head aches… I can’t see straight…  I stagger and lean against a nearby building. The smoke of the flaming building burns as I inhale each breath.  I hold my head.  The men… they see me.  They are coming at me.  I must stand and protect… someone.  Why can’t I remember?  The waves are so loud.  I can only make out… two silhouettes… I must stop those killers…  but the sound is unbearable… stop it!  STOP!  I must…

The lights disappear.  The waves are gone.  I wake up.

© 2010 Johnzo

Author's Note

Another 1st person present tense narrative from Trede's point of view.

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Added on January 24, 2010
Last Updated on February 22, 2010



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Nightmare Nightmare

A Chapter by Johnzo