Its like...

Its like...

A Poem by Riley

You know its pretty amazing when you find that special someone.

You know what I'm talking about.

It's like whenever you think about them you can't help but smile

which pretty much means that you're smiling all the time

because you can never get them out of your head.

It's those silly little butterflies you get in your stomach when you know your about to see them.

It's those goosebumps you get whenever you hear there voice say their name.

It's that overwhelimg feeling of saftey you have flowing through your veins when your laying in there arms.

Its how they can say everything you need to hear with out saying anythng at all.

All you need is to feel their lips on yours.

The warmth of theie body wrapped around you

and everything bad in the world will simply float away.

Its pretty amazing when you fint that special someone

But it's even more amazing when you are their special someone as well.




© 2008 Riley

Author's Note

Ok so ignore the random coloring. Its my boyriend favorite colors and this is for him

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Added on March 29, 2008



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