What is Paradise?

What is Paradise?

A Chapter by Dr. Junaid Shaikh

Paradise is the name of the ideal world; the desire for which is lodged in the hearts of every man and woman.

What is Paradise?

Paradise is the name of the ideal world; the desire for which is lodged in the hearts of every man and woman. It is Paradise where the personality of man shall achieve fulfillment in the fullest sense. Man desires this Paradise with every fibre of his being and Paradise in all its entirety awaits him.

Paradise is that world, where a creation such as man attains his complete fulfillment, where he thinks the way he wants to think; where he sees what he desires to see; where he listens to the sounds that give pleasure to his ears in the real sense; where he touches those things which gives him the highest degree of pleasure; where he has the company of those people who make his life highly meaningful, where the winds are life-giving zephyrs for him, where he eats such food as he eternally craved for and he sips such drinks as are only beautiful figments of his imagination today.

How do we Qualify for Paradise?

In the present world of trial, any man or woman to be eligible for Paradise, needs to have two qualifications: one is to acknowledge truth and the other is to lead a principled life. Those men and women who qualify in this test will be given a place in Paradise"where all their desires will be fulfilled. For those who fail in this test, they shall spend their lives in a state of eternal deprivation.

In the present world, man finds himself totally free. However, this freedom does not belong to him as a matter of right, but is rather a test paper. What man has to do is to acknowledge the truth of One God, and surrender to Him"not by compulsion but by his own choice. This surrendering before the truth of One God is without doubt the greatest sacrifice that any man can make. Acknowledging the truth of One God is, like making oneself smaller not only to God but to others as well. But this is the very virtue, which will raise man to the highest position. It will take him to the very entrance of Paradise. The second important thing in this set of requirements is to lead a principled life. Generally man’s character is moulded by his emotions" anger, revenge, jealousy, hatred, rivalry, etc. These are the negative feelings that shape man’s personality. But man has to become disciplined in such matters. He should not build his character under the influence of external incentives, but by his own decisions: he should establish it on the basis of higher principles. This is what is called Divine character.
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Dr. Junaid Shaikh
Dr. Junaid Shaikh


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