A Crane's Gift

A Crane's Gift

A Poem by Luna Northstar

A poem for the Tsunami in Japan. I did it fast, so it has some work to be done. But I thought I should try SOMETHING. I'm trying harder to work with metaphors and descriptive laungaue.

Angry children pile at the wall, wailing for salvation
Pounding and crying to be released

Red pooling onto the faces of them
The wall's color leached.

Hands grab the sky, clawing and ripping it apart
And fall down in sheets.

Pounding and thrashing.
All eyes set on defeat. 

A small tongue laps over the edge,
Pooling over the red wall

And shattering on the pavement,
While others start to fall.

A break in the wall!
Allowing greedy grabbers to take and devour

They start chewing on a deserted world
And spitting it out, as if sour.

The foamy mouths of salivating children
Slither down a broken path

Whipping around
Their fists of wrath.

Screams die in the greedy tongues of desire
And the stream becomes a sea of souls

To late to save, in late to flee,
Lives die out like a fire's coals.

Pools inhale the bits of life tucked aside,
And breath out an icy discovery.

The earth, shattered,
A seemingly hopeless discovery.

As all calms down, and the children flee
Small drops come down to clean devastation and sorrow.

Strolking faces of the rainbow,
Promising a better tommorow.

And as light breaks through the evil's tread,

A mother crane calls her children from bed. 

© 2011 Luna Northstar

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your rhyming abilities and the emotional tug of your poems will one day make you famous :) this poem is beautiful and the reason for which you wrote it is heart wrenching

Posted 10 Years Ago

Amazing. YOU and your POEM SKILLS amaze me.

Posted 11 Years Ago

woah I was enchanted the entire time

Posted 11 Years Ago

:'( that was beautiful karalynn! To Japan I pray for thee ^^

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 6, 2011
Last Updated on April 6, 2011


Luna Northstar
Luna Northstar

I go by the name Luna Northstar and take my writing very seriously. I've grown out of my teenage angst poetry writing phase and I'm focusing on my novel "It's Alice", though I tend to write a few shor.. more..