Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Kathrine

Chapter 1

I woke up in a strange place. It had white sealing and sweet pinkish walls without any wallpaper and green round lamp looked me with its aged look. I had moved into an old character apartment in middle of nowhere, knowing nobody and nothing about what was going on outside of my new home.

The real reason why I had to move away from the city into a small lifeless village was that there was no university what had accepted my applications and I didn’t have any money to stay where I had moved when I was only sixteen. That was the year when my mum and dad decided to divorce and I needed to choose where I wanted to go, so I made the only decision I thought would help me to climb up to the future ladder and moved from small village to the city with my dad. But everything didn’t work out just like I had hoped it would and as I was struggling to live, Ididnt seemed to have any hope to step into the career I had decided to take so my dad brought me a small apartment out of the city and gave me a self- employed job in his newly started building business. He moved to aboard soon after and didn’t felt that I was important enough to go with him. He never really spent any time with me anyway and if he did then all we did was having quick fish and chips in the corner take-away. Not much of a daughter and dads time together thing. Well most of the times he just went for a holiday with his new girl-friend and left me with a crazy babysitter who didn’t even care if I was alive by the end of the night or was she dealing with dead body. But being a teenager didn’t mean a lot of looking after anyway. She was relaxed about my daily routine and when I didn’t feel like doing any homework she just let the dirt build up until I got fed up and cleaned everything up. Not that happened very often than my home looked like a dump. My dad wasn’t there to see me graduate my school; neither was my mum who had moved away with her newly found boy-friend. I celebrated alone in the empty apartment giving myself a promise to go to University and become independent once and forever. My hope sank just like a broken ship into deep blue sea making me take million steps back into my past cutting me deeply inside. I was stuck in a prison what was impossible to break out.


The morning coffee tasted horrible and I poured it into the sink. It was seven thirty and I was wide awake from six a clock. Sun was shining over the dead village. It was so beautiful and sad at the same time. I was stuck in the hell what my dad had send me into and the only way to get out was to beg someone to give me a change in the University, but even if I would have had guts to do so I was possibly going to be rejected again. Nobody really knows why I was left out and how did every single University kicked the door closed in front of my face?

“Look, child, this is not going to be the perfect solution for you, but I will buy you a nice cosy apartment in a dead village and you can just do some paper work for my company and we will be even one day. You just have to stay input and live your life holding low profile. There is no reason for you to become someone who you are not supposed become. Am I right?”

My dad’s words were so clear in my head that I could have sworn that he stud just next to me speaking the words again and again. He had made a point, but I didn’t really understand why was he so keen to hide me into some lifeless place and warning that I should stay and never leave. Was he going to never want any grandchildren from me? Was I ever going to meet my Mr Right being locked up in this dammed place? I couldn’t get my mind around it.

I walked through the small kitchen to the bathroom to have a shower so I could let the water run over me and take the problems with it into the deep and smelly waste trains. I kicked the wonky door open and switched the light. It was very small room with a shower in the corner and washing machine just next to it. The blue paint on the walls was peeling of and the light was full of dead flies. Rounded shape mirror was mounted on the wall opposite the shower cabinet above the long shelves. I looked into the mirror trying to see the person who I was or who my dad wanted me to be. All I saw was my red hair falling on my shoulders into a light waves and my blue eyes looking rather sad. That was me, but I had to be someone else, because it was not enough for my dad who was supposed love me like a real father not toss me aside when he felt like it. I was a just like a toy what had had a meaning until the players got bored and found something better and now I was useless for them. The worse thing was that the players were my own parents.

I didn’t like to take long showers, especially when I didn’t have much money at all to pay my bills. My dad paid me a minimum wage for the job I did and it was just about right to survive without holding back with something needed for living. But I wasn’t happy with the way my life was going. I needed to find my own path to walk and not depend on my dad who didn’t really want to take care about me anyway. I was nineteen years old not nine. One side of me wanted to pack my bags and go on the road to find what I was looking for- freedom. But I never had guts for it so I decided to keep up for a while and see how my life was going to be. Maybe I was lucky and at least one University was going to accept my application one day and then I had the change to fly out of my prison nest, but until then I was locked up without any hope.

The village I had moved was called Summer side. Weirdest name I had ever heard, because the weather didn’t seemed to be summery at all. Thick rain clouds glide on the blue sky when I peeked out from my newly washed window. It was going to find more out about the place where I was forced to live and to do so I needed more or less nice weather so I could take out my bike what my dad had brought me for my seventeenth birthday- the age when most of the parents brought their kids a car- so I could use it to get into the school and save on the bus money what he most of the time forget to give me anyway so I had to walk two miles no mattered what was the weather outside.

With small worry about the rain I pulled my favorite jumper over my head and reached for the door. Locking it after me I sprinted down the narrow hallway outside by the small brick shed to get out my bike. It had had a long drive from the city to here and I was happy it was till in one piece as my dad didn’t take a much of a notice of things what didn’t belong to him. For his sake it could have been falling of the bike rack if I would not have tightened the clamps on the side of the car. My bike was now my only friend and I wanted it to last.

Roads around the village were narrow and full of pot holes. It took me only ten minutes to make a whole circle around the place. This felt so pathetic because there was nothing to see. The only shop was in the far end of the village and small cow farm in the other end. There was only one place what made my mouth to fell open and stop my bike- big white mansion in the middle of the village. It looked so out of the place, but at the same time it fitted perfectly into the dead interior of the village. I admired its height and pure white walls with big windows. It had three stories; each of them had tree windows next to each other with pitch black frames. Most of them closed. But there was the one in the second floor, what had this small balcony coming out in the front, what was wide open. Light color curtains were moved in and out by the wind. I turned my eyes away to admire the rest of the house, but the open window didn’t gave me a peace and when I laid my eyes back on it I saw something what I should have never expected to see…

He stud there with his eyes locked on me, seeing trough every single thought of mine, and smiling with pleasure of the knowing what his appearing had done to me. He was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen and whole my body went numb with split second. It took me a lot of energy to stay still and not end up bottom first on the floor. His eyes were locked on me and mine on his, just like some kind of magic had come over me. I tried to break free and when I finally managed I noticed something what made my face go as red as the ripest tomato. He was not just gorgeous, but completely naked…

© 2013 Kathrine

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