A Chapter by Kathrine

Kate is Blue and Blue is a fighter....



Kate’s eyes flickered open. She had never been asleep so long in her life. Yes, some odd oversleeping on Sunday mornings was her special need, but she loved the sun rise too much to miss it. She didn’t think herself as something special. Her life was like any average British could describe theirs- work and non existing social life. Kate didn’t need the last one, she was the loner in the big world, needing nothing but her own breath and the sun on her pale skin. Nothing else was more important than to live for herself. Her world belonged to her and only her...and the special space game where she existed as a Blue.

Kate didn’t think herself as a gamer, but couldn’t resist to her desire to play just that one game. Something like pulled her into it, making it so hard to quit. It was same as she had found a drug she could give up and needed it like she needed air to breath. Well maybe because in the space she had the power over others and for some wired reason Kate loved it. She never wanted to be over powering someone else, but the need for it burned inside her just like the urge to reach out the hand and wanting to take a charge. She couldn’t possibly posses someone like they belonged to her, but the thought of being over powered by someone stronger than her made so much sense that Kate almost believed she was going to find a relish of the urge soon enough.

She didn’t know how she was going to survive her life. There was only one thing she had thought about what might have stopped her becoming an addict of the space game- her job in the local life centre. Seeing people going trough something what had bruised their souls made Kate think twice about her life. She didn’t have everything, but she had enough to be happy. She couldn’t possibly think about the pain she was going to have to go trough if she would have had to add someone else into her life so they could make her very happy or destroy her soul like she had seen over and over again in her work. Being happy wasn’t the most important think for Kate, but she wanted her life to stay calm and stable as long as she still had a control over her own mind.

This morning wasn’t the best in her life. Kate felt like her whole body was in a pain.

Nothing more depressive! She had thought before she left her fifth floor flat in a small town just on the edge of Cornwall. Her mind rejected the tiredness in his loins just like she had a special button she had a right to push when she came across with days like this. More like ability of ignoring the world, she had once explained it to her workmate when she couldn’t understand how did Kate always managed to keep her emotions under the hat.

You are like a walking machine!” she had told Kate and smiled.

No she wasn’t a machine, but her mind knew how to hold on the life she had created and she wasn’t going to let go of it.

The truth was- Kate was something more than just human. She was an ultimate fighter...


Sun had already up high when Kate had reached the life centre in a middle of the town. She frowned to her mirror image on the glass door, but opened it then. She couldn’t believe she had missed the sun this morning. It wasn’t Sunday and it was an absolute sin to fell off her routine train. Human or not, Kate had always opened her eyes before the Sun.

Nothing was ever same at her work. Was it the current complaining about the boss by her workmates or constant moans about the weight someone had piled on over weekend of pleasure. There was always something same, but slightly different. Kate didn’t complain. She was never over heard talking about her life. It was just like she was a piece of something so boring or exiting that others couldn’t figure out why she always kept her mouth shut. They had tried to figure her out in a very beginning, but nobody succeeded so they gave up, treating her like a piece of furniture. She never knew was she a chair or a table.

Kate turned her full attention to work she had to go trough this week. There was so much paperwork what needed to be done. She never complained, simply because she wasn’t in a position to say anything. There was Mary- the main manager- who trolled past her table few times a day to say word or two, but spend most of her time in cafeteria on the first floor. Mary was known as a cake addict although she had always told she didn’t like to eat. But her obvious overweight proved her wrong. Everybody knew it, but nobody talked about it out loud.

Lazy fly buzzed past the window when Kate sat on her chair, mind puzzled into a secret case she had been given to read by Mary. She was surprised at first, but everybody knew Kate had some wired way resolving the problems. Her mind seemed to have some extraordinary power she could not explain. She just knew she had it. And now she needed to put it into a good use.

“Kate!” she heard Maria calling her.

Maria was in her four-tees, obviously overweight and not happy about her private life. Kate felt a slight pity every time she spoke to her about the boringness of her ten years marriage.

“Yes?” Kate reacted and lifted her eyes from the papers.

“Could you please run downstairs and get Mary to send me a form what I need to replay to the survey company. They are doing my heady with the constant calling!” she looked out of breath even if she had only moved a inch since she had sat down into her special computer chair. The only movements she had done truing the day was stuffing her face with a cake she had brought from cafeteria every morning before starting the new day of her constant moans.

“Sure,” Kate replied and stud up, ready to obey the orders she was given. The pity in her eyes burned Maria.

“Thank you,” Maria smiled. “A little walk is good for your weight.”

Seriously!! Kate thought. Had Maria ever looked herself in the mirror or was she just so damn jealous that Kate didn’t have those fat rolls hanging down from her sides? Kate wasn’t in her ideal weight, but compared Maria she was more than perfect.

On the way down to a ground floor Kate had some way figured out the point in the secret case. It had sat in front of her eyes for all of this time, but only now she could really see it. So simple and so easy.

Happy with herself she reached the last staircase and pushed the door to the ground floor wide open. Kate nearly hit Max-the old assistant of a company manager.

“Sorry,” she muttered.

“Why to young people always hurry, “ Max hissed under his breath. “ just if the youth is so hard to co-op with that they so much want to reach for the oldness. “

Kate didn’t listen him. She knew she was wrong, but she also knew that Max wasn’t suppose to be in the building any more. He had retired few weeks ago.

Reaching the manager office, Kate reminded herself not to look into the eyes of Simon- the young new assistant of Mary. He had a amazingly powerful mind and Kate found herself feeling depression when she jumped into Simon’s soul the first time.

Never again! She had told herself.

Keith sat in her chair by the window when Kate had knocked and stepped in. Simon was busy with typing letters to their clients. He shifted his head when Kate emerged.

“Hello, dear,” Mary said. “How can I help you?”

“Maria send me to get some forms to fax to survey companies,” Kate explained. She felt sudden urge to run when Simon examined her with the secret look.

“All right, “ Mary grinned. “I suppose Maria couldn’t get her fat a*s up the chair so she send you instead. “

Kate felt how small smile escaped onto her lips. It wasn’t nice to laugh, but she couldn’t help.

“Well I assume they all use Kate to be the running boy, “ Simon said out loud. “But perhaps they are all jealous about the perfectness she has. “

Kate couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Did Simon just pay her a compliment??? Her face turned red.

“There is not many perfect people like me and Kate,” Mary said, just like she felt an urge to make herself better. “What to you think Kate?”

Kate found herself raking his brain. What was she supposed say???

“I think perfectness is just a form of being happy with yourself,” she finally replied.

Mary gave her a quick grin.

“You are full of surprises dear Kate!” she smiled and handed her the forms. “I suppose I can only wait and see how far that will take you!”

“Thank You!” That’s all what Kate could say. She turned to leave, but Mery stopped her with a high cough.

“Is there something else?” she faced her.

“Yes,” grin shined in Mary’s s face. “Tell the fatties to come and get their own stuff next time or I will cut their wages!”

Kate couldn’t keep the smile back. “I try my best, but I might need rescuing if I do so!”

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I will watch your back!” Simon announced.

Horror filled Kates face. She couldn’t possibly face Simon and his evil eyes.

Kate walked back upstairs with a slight fear of Simon following her. The young guy was just a bit older than her and mostly stayed to the ground floor. He was tall and slim, always dressed well and groomed. There was some kind of perfection in him what Kate found odd. She never wanted to be prefect and didn’t except it from others. Perfection sounded wrong in Kates eyes. Nobody was meant to be perfect.

Maria was munching away the last piece of the caramel coated cake when Kate emerged her.

“Thank you,” Maria smiled. Her face looked red just like she had done exercise. Kate looked around and found a cup of steaming tea next to her mouse mat and she realised the reason of redness in Maria’s face.

“No problem,” she smiled back and took her seat.

As far as she was concerned Maria was on her way to the death when she was going to continue her lifestyle, but there was nothing Kate could have done. Changing someone’s mind was disturbing thought back of her mind. Her job was solving problems with people she mostly never met and it made it easier to co-operative. Maria wasn’t a close friend, but seeing her suffering because of her own lack of interest of her life made Kate resist to help. She was not meant to be a hero.

The day went past so slow that Kate thought she had been in her shared office forever. Al tough the sun was still high and welcoming with its warmth when Kate stepped out of the main building. Cool air brushed over her face when she turned to leave.


She froze. Was Simon followed her with a purpose?

“Simon!” she said politely, keeping her fear under control. There was no need to show him the weak point.

“I was wondering if its OK if I walk with you?” Simon asked with a sweet voice. “I mean we are going the same way anyway if I understood right the last time I walked behind you.”

Was he stalking her? Kate couldn’t make a decision.

“Sure,” she finally answered knowing that she had made a very bad decision.

“Good!” There was something uncomfortable in Simon’s smile.

Simon was a lot taller than Kate. Well she had always been under the average hight anyway, but the young man next to her was way too tall for normal.

“So what are you normally up for your free time?” Simon asked, cutting into Kates thought.

Was he doing some kind of back-round check for Mary? Kate thought automatically.

“Why are you interested?” she answered back.

“Just wondered what you do with your free time,” Simon explained casually. “I mean most of the people in the office are family people and never really go out and do much. I can say me and you are the only young people around.”

“What about Sofia in the accounts department?” Kate argued. Sofia was only nineteen years old what made her four years older than Sofia.

“Who is Sofia?” Simon gave her a blank look.

“I suppose you haven’t been around long enough to know the main stuff,” Kate grinned. For some reason she felt secret pleasure over the fact that Simon was just a novice in the company they both worked. Al tough she had been there over three years and had a huge advantage over the guy next to her.

“Well I spend most of my day in Marys s office,” Simon frowned. “There is not much I can do about that so I guess I miss all the fun.”

“I thought being a managers assistant gives you more freedom than others can allow?” Kate looked him with a surprise.

“Mary is not the easiest person to please,” he grinned. “She is obsessed with perfection.”

“Cant argue with that,” Kate found herself agreeing Simon.

“She has a habit of making everything and everybody around her perfect,” Simon said. “Al tough she doesn’t make a effort to do anything about herself.”

“What you mean?” Kate gave him a quick look.

“Well, I have to look like I belong to the magazine,” Simon frowned again. “Perfection makes me sick!”

“This is part of your job?” Kate asked. “Bering perfect?”

“Yes,” he smiled. “There is nothing more annoying than that I have to get up an hour earlier to slip on the mask I have to wear turning the day!”

“That’s odd,” Kate found herself looking Simon for a second to get a glimpse of him.

“What?” he gave her a confused look.

“You gotta be the only one I have met over the three years who complines about being perfect!”

“What you mean?” Simon smiled and slipped his hand trough his hair, making them into a mess.

Kate send her a surprised look. She hadn’t ever seen him so casual. Or normal. Al tough his clothes made him still look like a someone who spend his whole life chasing perfection.

“I don’t know,” Kate muttered for a second. Seeing Simon out of the office made him less scary to her so she had let her eyes sit on him longer than she would have allowed herself.

“So am I right when I guess you thought that I am just one of the peoples who runs around the circle making others suffocate inside my soul?”

Where did this come from? Kate whispered to herself in her mind.

“No,” she started her thought. Or was she meant to say yes? Simon was deficiently one of those people who made a effort to squeeze himself between a power of human world. He looked like a man who was going to rip everybody apart on his way just to get what he wanted.

“You were meant so say yes,” he smiled. “I have a power to read peoples actions and sometimes the look on their face.”

“So why are you even bothering asking questions?” Kate snatched out. She didn’t like to be read by other people.

“Because I am addict of the reactions I get,” Simon grinned with obvious pleasure what Kate’s answer had given him.

“That just sounds wrong,” Kate hissed. She turned her eyes to the emerging ferry and hoped Simon didn’t live across the river.

“Wrong? In what way?” he stopped just before the bus shelter making Kate stop as well. He put his fingers under her chin and lifted her eyes to his.

Kate jumped under his touch. Last time a male had touched him was when her brother had left to army just to never come back.

“You have no right to read me,” she said quietly and pulled her face free.

“And you have no right to judge!” Simon answered with low voice.

Kate sent him a surprised look. She wasn’t judging him. He was rude enough to point out his mental issues and making her believe she had been wrong about him. What was he planning?

“I gotta go home!” she said and turned to walk away leaving Simon behind.

She didn’t look back before she got on the ferry. Simon hadn’t followed her so half of her felt free to breath, but the other half had its own mind to feed and that side did feel urge to reach out to Simon and find out who was the man under the poss uniform.


Kate opened her computer and logged into his space game account. Her mind switched to the air plane mode. There was the secret pleasure what had turned Kate to someone else-the game. She was Blue now.

BLUE!” Mac whispered to her a moment later when her spaceship had loaded.

Mac was the enemy in the game, but the only friend she really had in the game who had the amazing ability to pull her out of deep depression of the reality.

MAC!” she whispered back.

You gotta have to see the new way of trolling around the space!” Mac whispered.

Does it effect our agreement?” Blue.

Only if you want to have one and one with me honey!” Mac.

You gotta get over yourself!” Blue couldn’t keep back a smile.

The day she had met Mac was the most miserable day in her life. The enemy company had shot her down few times and nothing couldn’t make them stop the endless torture. On her way to home base she couldn’t believe her unlucky when she flew into a another enemy. Getting ready to fight or die, Kate, had reached out to the enemy and made herself most vulnerable she had ever been. Al tough she had managed to tame few enemies before, she obviously didn’t have enough energy to continue that line.

Blue my lovely! X” Deadly

Kate knew who was that whisperer and she was pleased he had approached her first today. Deadly was the most arrogant out of all friends Kate had in the game. His mind overpowered her so many times that she couldn’t keep up and so often she even logged out to escape his claws. But despite all of that Kate wanted him to be there and notice her. Deadly was mysterious in his special way and that pulled Kate closer and closer to the possibility to meet the real man behind the name.

Hi Deadly!” Blue answered the whisper.

Blue??” Mac.

Kate didn’t know witch conversation she wanted to concentrate more. In one hand Mac had been the only true friend from the enemy company and never betrayed her trust. He had never put himself first when he had a change to save Kate from exploding in a middle of space, but Deadly infarct use to belong to the list of most dangerous enemy’s. Al tough both of them pulled her mind closer to revealing the real herself.

So Blue, darling, have you decided where and when we finally meet?” Deadly.

She had toughs about the possibility of pulling down the curtain of the game and become brave enough to face the male he had secretly admired for the first time she broke his walls and get to know the sweet soul of him. It wasn’t that hard to slip his own mind around his and make him obey to her womanly power. Al tough Kate didn’t believe she could have done the same when she had to stand face to face to a alive male. She was a chicken in her own special way, braking walls only behind the mask she had so carefully created.

Are you deliberately ignoring me BLU??” Mac.

Kate had never seen Mac, but just that moment she imagined him as a someone warm, but as hard as rock.

Hang on for a second, Mac!” Blue.

Who was more important to her? What was she doing anyway? What was the meaning of the game? Could she possibly had made a proper decision after seeing the other side of Simon? Why was she thinking about him anyway? Simon was the opposite to her and for her own good she should have stayed away from that man for rest of her life.

That gotta be important or I will charge a tax from you for wasting my time!” Mac.

Kate smiled. That was a something she always expected from Mac. His ways to make her laugh. Was he going to be the same in the real life? Kate found herself asking. She hadn’t made a effort to find enough out about him. Every time when she was about to do so, there was Deadly who made her mind forget what she was about to archive.

Deadly?” Blue.

Knowing what she really wanted to ask she whispered to him forgetting herself in the middle of map not noticing the enemy who flew behind her.

Blue?” Deadly.

I wish that the Game would be real!” Blue.

She couldn’t possibly be ready for the hit and her shields crumbled under the fire. She reached for a computer mouse and hit back as hard as she was capable. The red flash what was a ship from MMO circled her, drawing rockets against her ship. Al tough there was a free repair policy in the game, Kate hated to be killed. Its seemed so unfair, but she knew the point of the game- kill or be killed. With a whole power she had left she flew against the enemy. She knew the outcome, but decided to fight.

BLUE, baby, hold on, I come for you!” Deadly.

Kate laugh when she read the whisper. What was he thinking? It was just a game and regardless the outcome she was going to be back a minute later. But some wired way she appreciated the words from Deadly and fight harder.

Don’t be too long!” Blue.

She nearly jumped when Deadly appeared just between her and MMO. His ship shaded her and with a few seconds he blew up the enemy.

Show off!” Blue.

Is that your new way of saying thank you? :P” Deadly.

Thank you!” Blue.

She smiled to herself and flew her ship to the base on the home-map.

Blue!” Deadly.

Yes?” Blue.

I agree!” Deadly.

With what?” Blue.

I too wish the Game was real!” Deadly.

Kate felt an urge to hug herself. Even if it sounded silly, she wanted to meet him right that second, even if that meant the end of the space romance. Her heart pounded with excitement, but her mind disagreed.

BLUE!!!!” Mac.

MAC!!!” Blue.

You better have a very good reason for ignoring me!!” Mac.

Kate didn’t need to think hard to find one. She had already got the most possible reason- Deadly!

I promises I will tell you everything about it later!” Blue.

And she logged off.

© 2013 Kathrine

Author's Note

be honest :)

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