Beware the Alaxin

Beware the Alaxin

A Poem by Kia

Poem from the "The Untold Story".


Beware the Alaxin

(From “The Untold Story” by T’Keyah Adams)


Beware the alaxin

And open not an ear to thee

Beware the sound of her lyre

And the beauty in her melody

Beware her striking appearance

Though she appeals to thine eye

And avoid her lovely fragrance

My dear, sir, this be no lie

Ignore the lyrics that she sings

They mean death to all you men

And her voice that sounds ever graceful

Will surely be your end

Oh, you princes! Oh, you knights!

She be not what she may seem

Beware her, all you gallant soldiers

And keep her from your dreams

She brings thee in

Sings to thy heart

But her tongue be filled with lies

The truth be told in the fangs she bares

And in her sinister, black eyes

There goes a young man who does not heed

And he loves an alaxin so dear

He be a stealthy knight

But a fool at heart

And no match for her sinister lyre

He sees her devil eyes

And the thirst in her fangs

And now he longs to be free

But, oh, dear knight

You were a fool

And there be no escape for thee

He tries to retreat,

But it be too late

And she captures him with her sweet song.

There can be no hope

For his redemption is lost.

And, alas, evil has won!

© 2011 Kia

Author's Note

An alaxin is a creature I created for my film "The Untold Story".This idea was gravely inspired by "Beware the Jabberwocky" from "Alice and the Looking Glass". This film is very similar to the Alice strories, but with a darker twist. The poem appears in the scene after Caroline goes missing after seeing an alaxin for some time. The girls read this poem, and are then informed of what an "alaxin" really is. Please take the time to leave a constructive review. I'm alittle unsure about this one, but I need to to be as close to perfect as possible, due to the fact that it goes in my film. (Please leave constructive critism and not rude comments).

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like this really like this !!!:) amazing poem !:)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on October 8, 2011
Last Updated on October 8, 2011
Tags: death, blood, music, love, folklore, fairy tale, fantasy, ghoul, monster



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