A Story by Kalex Cross

I'm flying. Not literally but figuratively I am soaring miles high above the ground. The ground being my bedroom floor. There is nothing else but that tiny bit of hardwood floor in my vision. No land masses. No ant like people scurrying on long strips of road. There is just my room. Here I am, high above the world I know and all I am able to see is my bedroom? The realization tears through my resistance and I am worn thin. Useless. Unable to fight this feeling that is like a parasite non my body. Crawling with sticky razor sharp legs into the core of my being.
It eats at me. Fangs dripping acidic saliva to soften my tough exterior before munching on the chewy substance inside me. Digesting my need. I'm lonely. I will admit it in hoes that the creature that indulges my madness will go away. That it will vanish so that I may begin again to build up the walls that keep everything out. This time I will add an electric fence. How can I be lonely? I rant about my feelings. I love everything. Even evil in its deadliest form is beautiful in my eyes. I crave adventure and live everyday the way I wish to. How can I be lonely?
Yet, here I sit. Silent in a room always quiet. Books surround me. There is not one buzzing noise to distract me and in this silent I think. I am allowed to think. So dangerous. This being able to concentrate on the inner desires that pound in my best. It hurts. It feels. And I don't know what it wants.
I want to scream for help but I know I can only destroy the beast of need. That wretched foul abomination that plagues me with the disease of loneliness. I will be better.

© 2008 Kalex Cross

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Kalex Cross
Please ignore grammar mistakes.

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Added on November 18, 2008


Kalex Cross
Kalex Cross

Herkimer, NY

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