the Menace

the Menace

A Story by knighngale







There was this fat girl who lost a lot of weight and she almost looked as skinny as I am and I am really skinny.  Mmm, that mami really scared me.   She was venomous.  She was looked so exotic, I mean she almost beat me in such premises.  Anyhow, I was going to Commonwealth, New Zealand, and I was by the bungalows.  The girl left me there.  I went by the train station, I left to a very scary place.


I entered a home, it was full with aid victims.  They talked and I walked aloof, it was scary because they didn’t take notice of me.  I looked and they followed rushed and I began to pang.  I ran to a dormitory, full of them and beds all around me.  I searched for a way out.  I hurried to a wall searching for a way out.  Instead of a wall I found iron bars.  I climbed the bars.  Just when I felt Scott free the cholos grabbed my legs and pulled me back.  It happened so many times I thought I would never last.  But I did.  It was infinity to me.  It lasted 2 seconds.  I then went to a train back to where Commonwealth was.


I saw two guys, who made themselves into horses and kissing that I petrified and rushed away until I saw fat girl.  I got happy and held her.  Other girls joined us, I was all well.  What a menace.



© 2022 knighngale

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sounds like the crack pipe was contaminated .. or maybe someone slipped acid into the lemonade :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

your so funny Nefille, It was a day dream :D

1 Year Ago

Phew ................ I was gonna pop round and check ya pulse n pupils ...................... read more

1 Year Ago

funny, love you, :D

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1 Review
Added on March 29, 2022
Last Updated on March 29, 2022
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