A Chapter by Izabe143

"the day i died is the day i remember the most. I don't see much... the memory is blurred with tears...heart ache...and betrayal...but i don't remember why...i feel liquid running down my arms...smell blood...I'm crying...over a death-no... more than one death... someone's there... their yelling- no begging me to stop...but stop what?....he's crying...he's saying that i'm breaking a promise... that he doesn't want to lose me... i hear my voice i say something to him... ' I'm sorry -------, i love you'...i don't hear the name... then i feel a deep pain... and i see black......when i wake up.... im here... whatever this place is..."
I open my eyes. The woman sits there and nods her head. "well we're closer to finding out what happened than we were a week ago" i give a small, fake, smile. " well we'll try again next week won't we?" i only nod.

two men in amor go to take me to my "quarters". When a man in long robes slams the doors open.

"Where is she!" he shouts. when he sees me he stops in his tracks. "My daughter! My Rose!" he runs my way to hug me i assume but the men in amour stop him. "Guards get out of my way!" He demands. They stay put.

"She is in a horrible mental state your highness, she killed herself in the other world" the lady said. I hang my head and look away. Why should I be ashamed my self? I though. But the fact that I broke a promise had me ashamed of what I became…

© 2015 Izabe143

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Its really good, i like it
sounds like a chapter in one of ur other books lol

minor grammar issues tho
some "their"s need to be changed to "theyre"s

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thanks for the comment and it's the one I've been writing and ripping out pages. I finally have a st.. read more

6 Years Ago

well thats good
im excited to see where this goes

6 Years Ago

Me too.......,,,,,

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somewhere where life isn't bad and love is great. And everyone i love is with me, CA

I'm a writer, what more is there to tell. more..

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A Chapter by Izabe143