The beginning

The beginning

A Chapter by Izabe143

chapter 1: the beginning

This summer is the summer after our senior year. Graduation was last week and today is the last day of school. I cried most the night, losing everyone all over again wasn't going to be easy. But college starts in the fall and most of us are headed to the same one. We're headed to SDSU ( San Diego State University ) the four of us are meeting a couple more people in California. People i grew up with when i lived there. Ami and I are cousins. She's a year older but in the same grade as me. she and i are heading to California soon just so we can settle in the house and pick our rooms out.

I look across the parking lot to find Mike walking my way. as i park my big truck and jump out, he grabs me up in a big hug. I plant a small kiss on his his smile.

"you look beautiful today. more than usual" he said. i blush.

" I don't look any different then i normally do. and if anything i look half way decent usual"

"Well to me your beautiful Rose" he kisses me and grabs hold of my hand "what'd you say you ditch today and hang with me?"

"You know my answers no. this is my last day, Plus i don't wanna ruin my chance of seeing everyone before i leave." i smile "I have to go. I don't want to be late on my last day"

he smiles " I'll pick you up after school." he gives me a quick kiss and hug then hops in his car and goes. I walk into the the school wishing that he was still in high school.

I've known him for a while now. Where were in the same class my freshman year, but half way through the first semester I moved two hours south. Months later he and I admitted our feelings and fell in love. It's was hard for the fact that he's three years older. People say it's wrong but I don't care. I love him.

He now attended South Carolina university but he came up for my graduation. Living apart has been hard but worth it. We've worked, saved money, and bought a house in California. It has room for our crazy little family of friends. Alexander, Caitlin, William, Ami, Sebastian, and Alexander's girlfriend. And if they choose to move in too Katherine and Hannah.
Mike and William are both well…the oldest. Three years older than me. William is dating Caitlin, who's my age and almost my twin. Caitlin and I have been friends since junior high. She moved our eighth grade year to New York. Shortly after her that summer I moved to Virginia. She and I kept in touch the most. Alexander is the one cat and I both shared evenly. He was our closed friend no matter what, except each other. He's like our brother. We don't even know who his girlfriend…she's never around when we talk. Ami is my cousin who's on and off dating Sebastian. They can never make up their minds. (Ever) Katherine and Hannah are as close as cat and I. We were all once a group. Like all sisters. They're debating the fact of living in the house or on campus.

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somewhere where life isn't bad and love is great. And everyone i love is with me, CA

I'm a writer, what more is there to tell. more..

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A Chapter by Izabe143