Episode 6 Intro: Ascending or Descending

Episode 6 Intro: Ascending or Descending

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Episode 6

Ascending or Descending


The atmosphere was dark, muddy, dangerous, chaotic, and unsettling for any human kind. Of course this atmosphere didn’t stop any hangman from entering into it because it was the underworld. It’s where their contracts become fulfilled. All of the contracts, except for the ones who became dodgers were completed down in the underworld.

Crash, Blang, Clank, Boom! The road ahead of Ryan has split into several pieces. He stood up straight with his shotgun. There was no fear in that boy, but then he would have manned up for his job. What made him less of a child at this time? He walked casually through the floating debris. The twisted and animated lampposts had turned and curved in awkward angles. The dysfunction of the world did not scare him at all.

Clearly he was ready to pull the trigger at any moment. The suspense could only motivate him to keep walking. It wasn’t a safe experience for him but the world wasn’t safe anyway.

“Alright mister Ascension guy.... where are ya?” asked Ryan Gillard as a rhetorical question to himself.

The eye from the sun of the Underworld began to search through the city. The animated eye did not stop at a second. When Ryan looked up, he realized that if the eye had spotted him or any human, the underworld could get worse. At least this wasn’t nighttime but that was a situation for Logun and Crimson. Suddenly the eye had stopped searching and clutched its focus on a few blocks away from Ryan.

“I See you!” said the voice from above. Multiple buildings came in to close on that particular area. This was a dead giveaway moment for Ryan. He instantly assumed that the eye had spotted the Ascension member as known as his target. Ryan could only wonder what happened next. What was his next move?

The answer was simple, run to the target! That’s right he kept on moving to the twisting buildings and doors. He pulled out his bowie knife to defend himself from the random debris that turned and curved onto him. He could feel the floor being pulled away from his destination. Ryan had kicked a door open and ran into the empty office. He jumped on the desk and used the butt of his gun to crack the ceiling into scattered bits. The ceiling was so delicate that it only took three strikes. He climbed onto the ceiling and then continued his adventure through the vent.

The vent was a labyrinth, but it would constantly change. Ching, Boom, Sprat, Clank!

In a matter of seconds the labyrinth was no longer the same. He had to crawl quickly, as if there were no tomorrow.  He looked up from above and saw an opening that he could climb up to. He ascended to the top while he clutched onto the ridges with his fingers. The insides of the vents had became violent, intense, and chaotic. Ryan had to get a grip of himself as he ascended to a certain room. It was a wild ride but it took him closer to his destination. Everything else beneath him had crushed into fragments. No man would ever wish to be underneath him. Ryan was nervous, but brave enough to take down his target. Once he got into the room, he leaped through the window and made a three story dive into the window parallel from him.

Later on through the journey he climbed up the stairs, which became vertical in a second, because he knew that at the very top of the building.. The rails whipped around creating metal clanks and noises that would bother the ear.

Once Ryan had opened a hatchet, he was there on the roof. The sky was red, foggy, and unclear to him. The roof had multiple walls that were too high for anyone to climb. This mission had became dynamic for Ryan.


A bullet had flew past Ryan but hit the wall. This bullet was only a centimeter close but Ryan took cover behind a wall. He heard a man from the background yell at him.

“Stay away you filthy hangman!” said the man who hid behind the parallel walls.

Ryan took a deep breath and took out his shotgun. He checked to see if it was loaded, and it was. He rolled through the space and took cover behind another spot.

Bang! Bang!

There were two bullets that had been fired. One had skidded through Ryan’s left arm, the other missed. Ryan took the pain fairly well even though his adrenaline did not make him stop. He knew the range he was at was insignificant for shotgun range.

How many fires did he make? One, two...three! They were three shots. Ryan heard the sound of it and it sounded like a gun that held an eight bullet clip. So how many did he have left? Five! That’s right, Ryan had to make him waste the rest. But wait..... he could have fired them through other conditions. Maybe he had four left, two, or just one left.

Ryan had to take the chance to fire his shotgun aiming at his target. BOOM! Ryan’s gun wasn’t the best for applying pressure towards his opponent but he had to work with what he had. He pulled out his bowie knife and threw it at another angle. Once the knife had collided with one of the walls, the man shot several bullets at the knife. Ryan charged in between the time those two shots fired which was his perfect chance to defeat his target. He then fired his shotgun.


The target had collapsed onto the floor with his blood, in which some have splattered on the wall behind him. Ryan then ran up to the target because he had the thought that the target did not perish yet. The target held his stomach which bleed horrifically.

He was right, the target struggled to get up. Ryan kicked the pistol away knowing that the target would still continue the gunfight.

“So.... you’re the Ascension member..... right?” asked Ryan with his gun pointing at the target’s chest.

“What’s the point in it anyway? Why bother asking? Finish your job Hangman scum!” the target had replied with blood spewing out of his mouth. “That baby face..... a baby face like that should be learning his ABCs not how to fire a shotgun. Go finish your veggies you dumb....”

Ryan curbstomped the target on the face. The back of his skull cracked loudly. This fatal kick did enough damage to end his life! Ryan couldn’t stand those insults from the Ascension member. Suppose hearing last words from the dying target was an education to become a hangman. Suddenly there was one guy who hid behind the windows. He had his fedora on and his broken sunglasses. In fact this man was Samuel Finch. He observed and stalked the gunfire that had occurred back then. He decided to exit through the door and call out Ryan’s name. And then Ryan turned around with his shotgun due to his instant reflexes.  

© 2013 Xerclipse

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Ok it seems i am the one slacking off. I haven't been paying attention to my friends lately. I been writing non stop averaging three chapters to four chapters a day. Some times i needed a wake up call telling me hey bud i have a new book with some chapters too read.

Any way liked the intro it says awesome all over it. I like the detail and the corky comic book humor when use splat, blam and Bang, bang I will be back to read the next chapter i came across this around the 6 and 7 am ending my long or short night of reading. My uncle gets really pissed at me if finds out that i have spent the entire night writing and finds me still up when he gets up. so i will have to tackle this when i catch a few winks.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

thank you for reading Shep :D I have been doing artwork for college and their assignments. I just we.. read more

7 Years Ago

just wtiting, and more writing.
asked Ryan Gillard as a rhetorical question to himself. --> this bit's a bit redundant, perhaps consider shortening it to: asked Ryan Gillard rhetorically.

stomach which bleed horrifically-->bled-or-was bleeding

You forgot to indent the last paragraph.

Okay, so now that that's aside: good opening for ghost runner volume two, interesting that you ended volume one with Crimson and started volume two with Ryan, neither of which are the main character, so that's pretty creative. As awlays, your fight scenes are amazing, you really showed how much Ryan's actually learned from Logun (before he seemed kind of wimpy ^^''), interesting use of his knife, too. I love the way you've constructed the underworld; a living, breathing, entity with an eye of its own (I wonder why night is even more dangerous...hmm?). So, yeah, guess that's about it. Nice intro, I'll wait for more!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

It's up and it's also at DA too. I'll make an art gallery chapter based on this volume :D
Writer #00

7 Years Ago

It was Crimson?! That was my second guess, since volume one ended with him and now it seems he's go.. read more

7 Years Ago

lol. thanks. I'm glad you liked the picture

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Hey people of Writer's cafe, what's up? You may call me Xerclipse and its about a year since I had this. I am 18 years old and I am at Mass Art right now! I write books with a lot of action and vio.. more..