Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Ky

Chapter 2

I pulled into the drive way of my parent’s house. It was a little old house, nothing special; two stories, 3 ½ bath and 4 bedrooms. The inside wasn’t fancy or anything. Both of my parents worked, so not much cleaning was done… Then again, everyone was out of the house from about 7am to 5pm, so it rarely was a big mess.

          As I walked up to the front door, I noticed the door was already unlocked, but not by a key. Someone picked the lock, which was strange in this neighborhood.

          I used my hearing to see how many people were in the house. I could hear… 1..2..4 heart beats. 1 had to be my mothers, but, my father is on a business vacation in New York, and my brother and sister are at my grandparents’ house for the weekend. It was only my mum and I in the house. My mum could have visitors, but that was very rare. Mum isn’t a very people person.

          I listened closer, one heart beat was moving fast, he or she was nervous, frightened. As I opened the door slowly, I could hear more. The people in my house were speaking, of course. I heard a man speak.

“You know where she is, I KNOW you do,” said a man with a thick Australian accent.

Who was he speaking about?

I stepped into the hallway, stood with my back against the wall, right next to the doorway to the living room, in which my mother and the other three people were. I let my senses take over. I smelt smoke. Someone had had a lit cigar. I tried my best not to cough. I decided to control it, letting my smelling go back to a normal person’s sense. I could still smell the smoke. Who could be smoking? Not my mum, she never smoked before. There were 4 people in there just like I thought. My mother, she felt nervous, I could sense it. She didn’t have one clue of what is going on, neither did I.

I closed my eyes, using all my senses, except smelling. I saw them, all around the room. A lady, and two men, one man with a cigar in his mouth.

“Maybe she doesn’t know where she is, Rikky. This lady is just as clueless as Marty is, over there.” The woman, who spoke, pointed to the skinny man, in the corner of the room tapping our fish tank, and shook her head. The woman looked to be in her near 30s.

“I-I have n-no idea where s-she is. She s-said she’d be h-home in 15 m-minutes.” My mum stumbled over her words.

“And how long was that?” Asked the man referred as Rikky, puffing out smoke from his cigar.

“20 m-minutes ago…”

They were talking about me. I needed to get my mum out of there, before she had a heart attack or something of the sort.

I opened my eyes and slowly walked into the doorway. Everyone turned to look at me. My mum got up and rushed to me.

She whispered, “You need to get out of her, Kennedy. They aren’t good people. They will hurt you. You need to turn away now, and go.”

 I shook my head.

“Who are you guys? And why are you bombarding my mother with these questions, about where I am?” Bombarding? Really Kennedy? Now isn’t the time to use weird words.

“Ah, you must be the one and only Kennedy Truscott.”

Rikky walked towards me, keeping his eyes on mine.

“That would be me. And you are?”

“The names, Richard, Richard Munster the third.”

“The third, aye?”

“That’s what I say, ain’t it? But you can call me Rikky”

I nodded, my sarcasm and tough girl act isn’t gonna to work now.

“Well, um, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, we’ve come to take you home, Kenny, darling,” said the lady. She gave a warm smile. I didn’t smile back.

“Kennedy, not Kenny. And I this is my home.”

“That’s what you’ve been lead to believe, right Anglia.” She looked at my mom. I turned to look at her. She had worry in her eyes. She looked at everyone, and shook her head.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Kennedy is my daughter, and this is her home. I don’t even know who any of you are!” She walked over to me, placing her hands on my shoulders.

Marty spoke for the first time, since I’ve been here, “You know who I am, don’t yah, Angie?” He laughed. He had a funny, thick Australian accent, like he was trying too hard, like a fake accent. 

I looked at my mum, she looked so confused, “Mum, what is he talking about?”

“I have no idea! I don’t know who you guys are!” She was freaking out.

I really didn’t want to be alone with them, but I was afraid something will happen to her.

“Go upstairs and call for some help, mum.” She nodded, not giving a second thought to leaving me behind. She just turned around, biting on her nails.

“Smart girl. Sending the mother away, so she doesn’t have to get hurt.” Rikky looked over at the lady, giving a slightly nod, “I’ve seen it many times before. But Kennedy, we aren’t going to hurt either of you. It’s time for you to come home.”

He stepped towards me, placing his hand on my shoulder, looking into my eyes. His smoke breath right in my face. I tried to look away, “You need to learn the truth.”

So many things were going through my mind. The truth about what? Where are they taking me?  Who the hell are these people?

The lady spoke, breaking my thoughts, “All your questions will be soon answered if you just come with us.”

“I… But... What about my mother?” I turned my head, glancing at the stair case.

“She’ll be fine. You can trust me.”

I laughed, trust them? Not even in hell.

As I was just about the say something, I heard another heartbeat, and footsteps. Crap, Jacob is still coming by!

“Oh, yes, your little friend Jacob.” It was the lady speaking again. The doorbell rang, and I ran to the door, opening it.

“Jacob! This isn’t the best time.”

“Oh, but it is.”


© 2012 Ky

Author's Note

Chapter 2. Comment? Tell me what you think I should change.. or any mistakes.

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