A Poem by Jan

Please don't try to make me feel better... it won't work...


Am I crazy?

Am I worth a glance at?

I think I'm going crazy!


I can't do ANYTHING right with my life!

I can't stand up for those who I care about,

I can't please everyone and make everyone happy,

I can't...


I'm mad, I'm a lunatic, I'm whatever anyone calls me!

A fool, a loser, a rude word!

Why can't everything be like it used to be!?


I can't go for a second without thinking,

" What's wrong with me? Who am I? Why do I bother trying to make others smile?"

I don't understand!!!

Why can't I be that girl in the corner who watches everyone have fun?


No, I'm the girl who's out in the front dancing like an idiot to catch a smile!

I can't take it!!!

This is who I am but, not what others want me to be...

© 2013 Jan

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You are neva eva a rude word a lunatic or a fool or loser, and if there is someone out there callin you that let me know and i'll slap them to china, cause they can't see what an amazin person you are and you always will be.You are you, You were put on this planet for a reason Jan, maybe you don't know it yet but one day you'll see. Only do what you feel you should do no matter what i'm not gonna walk away from you cause I respect you for who you are, and if others have a problem with that then they have to change not you. I lurve ya Jan I'll be with you every step of the way.

Wow I lecture a lot -and that's kinda boring But still all that's true

Posted 10 Years Ago

Call me back please because whatever you might think I LOVE that "girl who is out in the front dancing like an idiot to catch a smile."

Posted 10 Years Ago

Kadessa (Kaddy)

10 Years Ago

And know you will have friends who will be in front with you, and even maybe beat you to it!

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Added on May 31, 2013
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