1-Another bad start...

1-Another bad start...

A Chapter by LaLaLuna

Mandy: Oh how I've waited for the days to come, where one day everyone at Alameda High School would know me as the girl with kick-a*s style and looks...I am so excited!



Hair. Brushed. Teeth. White as Michael Jackson. Clothes. Perfectly layered. Phone. Ready for texting. Everything was in its place, ready for the first day of high school. Oh how I’ve waited for the days to come, where one day everyone at Alameda High School would know me as the girl with kick-a*s style and looks and the courage to beat the Ashley’s asses, not like they really have any. I am so excited!

     “Mandy! Hurry up and get downstairs! Your breakfast is getting cold!” Mom called. Slinging my backpack over my shoulder and doing a double check in the mirror, I smiled and ran downstairs to claim the stack of blueberry pancakes smothered with maple syrup, waiting for me on a sparkling white plate.

     “Eat ‘em up while they’re still hot,” Mom said, cleaning the big mess of flour, cracked eggs, blueberries, sugar, and other ingredients I couldn’t identify.

     “I’m on a diet, Mom, you know I can’t eat those. It’s like you’re saying to me, ‘Eat a million, gazillion calories and have fun getting fat while you’re at it’.”

     She flashed a smile at me and called Luke, who was finishing a summer project for school, to eat breakfast and then put pants on.

     “But Mooooom,” Luke whined, “I have to take my underwear off. I want to spread the nudist culture....throughout the entire school.”

     “You’re ten-years-old, no one wants to see your sack, so get over it,” Mom told him, screaming, “Now eat your food and put some clothes on!” afterward.

     Doing as he was told, Luke began devouring his pancakes, accidentally smearing syrup all over his face in the process.

     “I’ve gotta go, Mom, I’m meeting Mindy at Starbuck’s. I’ll be home later, ‘kay?” I said, grabbing my keys and wallet, rushing out the house. As I walked toward Park Street, the raging winds bit at my face and blew my hair every which way. The cold, crisp air made me shiver. Orange, yellow, brown, and red leaves crunched under the force of my Uggs as I threaded my way through the growing crowd of other teens headed in the same direction.

     Starbuck’s was empty when I entered. The only sounds I heard in there was the humming of one of the employees, a twenty-something-year-old girl with blue and purple hair pulled back into a high ponytail. 

     “Hey,” she greeted me with a smile, “what can I get for you?”

     “Caramel macchiato,” I responded, smiling back.



     After paying, my body found its way to my favorite seat in the store. I sat and waitied for my drink, checking my phone for any missed texts or calls. None. Tuning out the buzz of the blenders, my mind became occupied with thoughts about hot boys, including freshly graduated male teachers with a forte for hot school girls...

     “Drink’s ready,” I read the employee’s name tag, Irene-UH. Ha. Irene-UH. I hope her parents didn’t actually name her that. I took my drink, smiled, and slid a buck toward her. Then I waited, and waited, and waited for Mindy to come. But she never did. By 7:55 am, I was fed up with waiting and left, not even bothering to finish my piping hot macchiato. Something was up. Mindy never kept me waiting, never. She’s the controlling, super organized freak (okay, I don’t really think of her as a freak) who shows up twenty minutes before she’s told. She turns in essays two days before it’s due. She wakes up at 5:45 am and reads the next chapters in our textbooks so understanding the class is a breeze. She puts labels on everything. She probably knows what she’ll be eating for breakfast on April 7, 2011! She- okay, you probably get the point. It wasn’t like Mindy, and I knew it. There was no family issue, there was a Mindy issue.

     Rushing to school with only five minutes left on the clock drove me nuts. I kept hitting the red hand on the pedestrian crosswalk sign. Lies, I know. I was only stopped by it once. But that couldn’t compare to who stopped me. Taylor Lautner.....puh-lease! Taylor couldn’t nearly compare to this hottie. His disarming smile nearly left me frozen in my tracks. The way his brown hair was styled left me breathless, as if those dark, mysterious, handsome eyes didn’t already leave me gasping for air and in need of an inhaler! 

     “Hey,” he said to me. Unexpectedly, he let out a snicker, making wonder if my hair was screwed up because of the wind, or if I had a big fat stain in the middle of my pants. As he passed me by, I checked my clothes. While bending over and looking at my boots, I noticed a pair of legs wearing olive green leggings, feet sporting a pair of short chestnut Uggs just like mine. Mindy!

     Turning around and running towards her, I could see what Mr. So-hot-I-could-bake-cookies-on-him was laughing about. A cracked egg, whipped cream, and cherry decorated the top of Mindy’s head. Egg yolk dripped along the side of her face. It splattered onto her jean jacket she’d bought at Abercrombie this summer. Oh jeez.

     “Damn....another bad start,” I muttered under my breath. Mindy sniffled and wiped away a tear. When I thought it would be the best first day of school ever, a bomb was dropped on my hopes and the sky seemed to fall.

© 2010 LaLaLuna

Author's Note

Tell me what you think of it so far, I'd love to read your reviews. And if there are any grammar problems or spelling mistakes, please tell me. I want to make this novel the best writing I can! Keep tuned in for more chapters.

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It's really good! I love how you express tha emotion!

Posted 14 Years Ago

nice! keep writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

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