"...Vos Operor Non Animadverto Incompertus."

"...Vos Operor Non Animadverto Incompertus."

A Chapter by Delana

I crept through the livingroom with my tennis shoes on, trying to remain as silent as possible. Dad was asleep on the couch, if I woke him up I knew what that meant. I slowly opened the front door, and walked out. He didn't care where I went, as long as I was out of his hair. Today was my birhtday actually, I was turning 16, but he still didn't care. I jogged over to Landen's house, which was two houses down. I began knocking on the blue front door. The house was beautiful, sort of old fashioned I guess you could say. Reminded me of a different time. The rest of the house was painted white, except for the window panes, they were the same color blue the door was. After awhile a tall, blonde headed boy answered the door, rubbing at the corner of his eyes. His eyes narrowed on my face. Then a look of recognition crossed his face, and he threw his arms around my neck.

"Ker!" he yelled, "I've missed you soooo much!!"

I laughed, "I've missed you, too, Trey." I said hugging him back.

He kept hugging me, tighter and tighter.

"But...I'm also missing oxygen to my lungs!!" I gasped.

He laughed and grinned, and pulled back, "Sorry."

"I just haven't seen you in forever, squirt. Happy birthday by the way." he explained.

"I know! Ever since you left for the Army. And I can't believe you remembered. Let's just see if Landen remembers." I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

"Hey, it was my calling." he smiled, "Now get your scrawny butt in here and let's go find him!"

We walked into the Burns's livingroom, and there on the couch sat Landen Zion Burns. My best friend. My heart fell to my stomach instantly.

"Guess who decided to flatter us with their presence!" Trey exclaimed to Landen. Landen turned around on the couch, and our eyes met. Sparks flew through every vein in my body...I had never noticed that before...I mean, I've never got that feeling before when I looked him directly in the eyes. So why now?

"Hey, Ker!" he exclaimed, jumping off the couch, all in one motion. I believe that's when my heart came back into my chest and just stopped completely. He looked amazing. But he was in his regular clothes. A t-shirt and faded jeans. What made it so special this time? I don't know...But the way I saw him now was...breath taking. I tried to focus on his face. His features were gentle and passionate. He had beautiful cheek bones, his blue eyes were as deep as the ocean was, I could get lost in them for days if I wanted to, the way his black hair moved across his face complimented everything about him. Him and his brother were total opposites. Landen has crystal blue eyes and solid black hair, while Trey has deep brown eyes, with the brightest blonde hair you'd ever see on a boy, but it wasn't the "cheap" looking blonde hair, it had a sort of gold color to it.

Finally, I answered back, saying "Hi."

"Are you alright?" Landen asked, gripping both of my shoulders with his hands. Then, all of a sudden, my body seriously was filled with sparks. Electricity was all I could feel. I felt like I could float away from teh body I was in to a whole other world. I looked at Landen and he had stopped talking also, his eyes were widened and they were filled with awe and amazement. It was a good feeling, a feeling of...love. Passion. It was intense in every way, my knees began to quiver and I fell forward. Landen caught me with his arms, but he couldn't stand up either. Then, we both fell to the ground. He was holding me, and he was sitting on his knees up against the couch for support. Our bodies had gone limp. It was something I had never experienced before. And thank goodness Trey had walked out just before all of this, he'd call us psycho for falling on each other. But that thought passed by quickly, and I kept thinking about Landen. Then...I began to dream, I think?...

Everything was foggy, and unclear. I couldn't tell where I was at first, then I spotted a figure far away. And I began to hear whispers. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I know it was sending chills up my spine. The figure was closer now, and it was coming straight at me. I stood frozen, unable to move an inch.

"Kerensa Free Stone, my child, you need to start listening to your heart. You can not ignore fate. You knew this was coming. You've had a vision of this before, haven't you?" the figure spoke.

"Yes. I've dreamed something about fate, but I've never dreamed of this?" I spoke calmly, trying not to show my fear. My head was hurting, and I was confused. I didn't understand it.

"No, this isn't a dream. What I'm telling you is the truth. You must listen, I don't have much time!" the figure became clear, and I could tell it was a woman by the way it spoke and by the way it was dressed.

"He is apart of you. Without him...you won't live." the figure spoke once more.

"Hold on a second! I don't understand. Who is he? What are we suppose to do? Who are you?!" I yelled to her my exact thoughts.

"He is the one that knows you better than you know yourself. Remember this...Vos operor non animadverto incompertus." she spoke once more.

"And what's that suppose to mean exactly?! Hello?!" I yelled, as the figure began disappearing. I began to feel my body again, I wasn't numb! I awoke from the dream, and was still laying in Landen's arms. I moaned, and Landen began moving from underneath me. My head throbbed.


"I don't know." I answered his unspoken question. He looked up at me, and we laid there, not wanting to move. Both our bodies still filled with sparks...

© 2010 Delana

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Hey there. You can call me Delana, but I prefer Lana. I'm new to the site, and I'm trying my best to get better at it. I've always loved writing, and I'm trying to get better at it. So if you see one .. more..

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