Vampire Vs Wizard

Vampire Vs Wizard

A Stage Play by Chipgirl

Karmas a b***h!


Edward: I have an army of vampires at my call.

Harry: You may have an army of blood sucking creatures but MY army can do magic.

Sticks tongue out

Edward: Ah, Yours may all be able to do magic but us blood sucking creatures have talents of our own. 

Harry: Oh yeah like what?

Edward: Well I can read your mind.

Harry: WHAT???!!! Oh crap! So you know my plan about killing you!

Edward: Well no actually I wasn’t using it, it just takes so much effort all the time it gives me a headache, jessh. But you were going to kill me? That doesn’t sound very fair does it?

Harry: Well you going out in the forest and killing the fluffy bunnies isn’t fair on them is it? But still you do it.

Edward: You promised you wouldn’t bring up the bunny thing! (In a little whiny girl’s voice)

Harry: Yeah well I lied! Orange eyes, orange eyes, couldn’t hurt a fly.

Edward: I could too hurt a fly!

Harry: Sure you could, Eddie whatever keeps you going.  Go and run home to Bella!

Edward: You want a fight? I’ll give you a fight Potty.

Harry: Seriously Potty?                

Edward: That’s it! Ok a fight to the death. May the best freak win.

Harry: Freak? Seriously Edward you need to get out more. I mean come on it’s not like you burn like REAL vampires do.

Edward: Oh it’s on!

Harry: Whatever I could do with a laugh.  Avada Kadavra!

Edward gets hit with the spell but Edward comes back up

Harry: Why aren’t you dead! (Has a little Tantrum!)

Edward: I’m no wizard but isn’t that spell illegal? I’m already dead, remember?  You can’t kill me twice like that!

Harry: Whatever!

The two spend the next 5 days fighting till in the end they ended up killing each other. How you may ask well... in the end Harry’s spell finally worked as Edward was weak from not eating and somehow the spell bounced of him (he was sparkling in the sun) and it hit Harry. Hey Karmas a b***h!


© 2010 Chipgirl

Author's Note

Did this thanks 2 a prompt. plz tell me what you think and review plz! :)

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LOL I love this!!! its amazing :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

Witty, Funny piece. This one's dark humor. Bringing out the grayish sides of both Harry and Edward. But the humor is obvious and relatable :-) Good One !!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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what a clever concept...wish we had a little more..funny ditty..well done

Posted 13 Years Ago

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You rock, Laura! This is so funny! Looks like I know who's going to be featured this week! lol
Nice one!

Posted 13 Years Ago

omg! So funny! I can't stop laughing!! Good job keep up the good work. Take a look at the forums if you have any suggestions for the next prompt. This was good. I love it keep up the good work. Haha! Nice pic works perfectly. I'll always be a Harry Potter fan. Twilight I don't care about in the least. It's annoying. GO HARRY!! YAY! Awesome, humors write!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Well lets c....I wanna Write! Also I love Grey's Anatomy and Friends (t.v) and reading! And finally I love vampires! more..

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