Polar Opposites

Polar Opposites

A Story by RachelReaper

Vladimir Tod fanfic, but u don't have to read the books to get it.


Polar Opposites

   Henry glanced down to check his phone again, it was October.

   Not the actual month, though she certainly dressed like it was all year round. Henry meant October as in his girlfriend's unofficial first name when her real name was "Angela", but call her that and she would be pissed.

   "It sounds too much like angel." October once said when Henry had taken her to a local ice cream parlor, "And really, do I look like an angel to you?" She asked, flipped her black hair out of her face and smiled to reveal her canines that were professionally sharpened to look like a vampire's fangs. 

   Yeah, that had been a good date.

   Of course, all of the guys like Mathew teased him about dating an "emo chick" and "gothic freak" and things like that. Because in most cases popular guys and gothic girls went together like mustard and frosting, you know? But not October, October was... different, but not a "freak". She was real and honest, but kind, and not fake or prissy or bitchy or hurtful like most of the "normal" girls at Bathory high. Not to mention all of the ones that weren't like that were already taken. But October was sweet and understanding despite the skulls and upside down crosses.

   His phone read, "meet me at crypt?" 

   Henry sighed and ran through his short but silky chestnut hair. The crypt was the local gothic hotspot in Bathory, which was great for October and her friends and even Henry's best friend Vlad and Vlad's girlfriend Snow, but Henry always felt so out of place at the dark crypt with its loud, blaring music and "blood" punch.

   "U dont wnt 2 go smwhere els?" He texted and fifteen seconds later received, "U dont hav 2 come"

   Henry thought for a second, "Ill b there in 5" He texted and got a smiley face from October in return.

   Henry mumbled something under his breath about "damming crypts" before he grabbed his car keys and locked the door on his way out to his car. He wouldn't need to leave a note tonight since his parents were at Debra's house for a movie night until at least one in the morning.

   Needless to say, Henry adamantly declined.

   The crypt was in reasonable walking distance, but it was frigid outside on that mid November night and a thin sheen of frost had settled over everything and made Henry wish he had thought to bring a jacket. So instead he revved the engine in his car and turned up the heater to full blast. When he took the five minute drive up to the crypt he put on his favorite classic rock radio station before he was going to listen to the shady music that pounded at your eardrums in the hangout for October and friends.

   Its bad enough Kristoff has to stare at me like an angry demon every time I'm around October. Henry thought.

   When he had first gone to the crypt it was because of Vlad, but once Henry and October were introduced, everyone was really surprised to see they hit off as friends (no one more surprised than Henry himself). And soon after they became friends, friendship grew into something more as him and October spent a lot of time together. But little did Henry know that Kristoff had his colored contact red eyes on October for quite some time before Henry came sweeping in uninvited and swept Kristoff's chances with October away with a grin and a story about a vampire. 

   Which of course meant that Kristoff hated Henry with a burning passion.

   Henry pulled his car down the rugged road that leads into the darkened parking lot to the crypt, and he turned off the ignition along with the heat and the Prince song he had been listening to.

   Even though the crypt may not be his favorite place to visit, Henry was glad he had snagged the chance to see October again. He had only seen her once all week. He felt his heart rate had picked up speed in his chest underneath his navy blue T-shirt and as he twisted the rusted doorknob that lead into the dimly lit hallway covered in empty picture frames rumored to be able to catch spirits. He could tell the strobe light and fog machine were on in the main gathering room when he got and closer to it.

   Henry was surprised, there were usually more people here than the thin crowd that occupied the crypt right now. Kristoff checked out his newly sharpened canines in a cracked compact mirror and he saw a girl in a short, black dress with curly black hair, Snow, walk through the back door outside to where he was sure his friend Vlad would be waiting for her. The only other people besides that was Sprat (a short, overactive energy ball with a lot of eyeliner for a guy, in Henry's opinion) and October who danced to a sinister, hypnotic rhythm.   

   Henry squared his shoulders, put on his signature McMillan grin, and sauntered up to the center of the floor. He ignored Kristoff's sharp glare as he passed him by to greet October and where Sprat bopped near her like a rabid animal.

   "Nice skirt on you, I like it." Henry said in a smooth voice and indicated to October's ruffled black skirt decorated with zippers and chains.  

   She laughed, "Hey Henry." and put her pale, slender arms around Henry's neck to dance with him. October seemed happy enough to Henry, but something about her still seemed a little... off to Henry.

   But before he could analyze it too much, October asked, "Did you see if Vlad and Snow went home? I wasn't paying attention." She had to raise her voice to be heard over a particularly loud guitar lead.

   Henry pointed to the back door in which they had left.

   Then, that gave him an idea and a sly smile seeped across his handsome face.

   "I know that look!" October said, "What's up?"

   "Let's go upstairs." Henry suggested and reached out to take her hand, but October looked at him warily for a second before complying.

   I don't think she trusts me completely. Henry thought, but shook it out of his head. That was ridiculous; he'd never given her a reason not to trust him.

   They both raced up the creaky, hardwood stairs to the small upstairs extension room where the music wasn't quite so loud and Henry's eardrums finally stopped ringing, he didn't know how October could stand that all the time.

   Henry smiled sheepishly, "That's better." he said and leaned into October, ready for October's full lips with purple lipstick to meet his, but instead she took a step back and stared at the floor. Scowled at the floor.

   "October? Are you okay?" He asked, confused, and then tried to make a joke out of it to lighten the mood, "Hey, if I'm that bad of a kisser, just say-"

   "I kissed Kristoff." October murmured.

   Henry's eyes widened; he was sure he hadn't heard her right.

   October looked Henry in the eye this time and her eyes shown with tears, "I kissed Kristoff, Henry. I didn't want- it was just a little kiss, like a peck on the lips because before you came we were dancing together and got caught in the moment I guess and I really didn't think that much of it until I saw you just now and I..." All of October's words came out in a rush and her throat constricted as she tried to choke out the ending words, "Henry, I'm so sorry, I don't know why I let it happen." Tears made two little streams down her face and smeared her mascara.

   Stunned. For once in his life Henry McMillan was stunned into silence.  

   "Why?" He managed.

   "I d-don't know. He-he just kind-da kissed when we were to-g-gether in the cryp-pt when our favorite son-g played." She cried, and forced the words out of her swollen vocal chords. She tried to take a calming breath, "I didn't really think about it until I saw you and I know its wrong and I-I'm s-so sorry, He-enry."

   Red was all Henry could see, angry red. And the worst part? It wasn't all for October, right now most of it was directed towards Kristoff. Sure, the betrayal would hit him, but later. Now all he could think was how that dirty little silver haired b*****d was still trying to steal his girlfriend and how much he wanted to knock all of those pretty little sharpened teeth out.

   He whipped away from the corner that held a heavily emotional October to bound back down the stairs two at a time. His breathing was ragged with rage. He marched past Sprat to where Kristoff drank an energy drink on the couch.

   Kristoff eyed him disdainfully, "What do you wan-"

   Henry punched him squarely in the jaw as hard as he could and Kristoff's neck snapped back, shock written all over his face when a burst of blood filled his mouth. Kristoff coughed, put a hand to his mouth and it came away with slick, red liquid, but unfortunately for him Henry didn't feel as if he had made his point yet.

   "How do you like the taste of blood now, freak?" Henry snarled and delivered another blow to Kristoff's eye this time and Kristoff clutched it tightly to his chest, breathing in sharply. Henry felt sickly satisfied as Kristoff rocked back and forth and clutched his injured eye, but Henry still wasn't finished with him yet.

   Sprat caught sight of the scene and came over in a rush, "What the hell did you do to Kristoff?" He accused in his high, squeaky voice, but Henry just shoved him out of his way (which wasn't very hard to do and Sprat knew it).

   Kristoff looked up for a second to glare pure hatred Henry's way. His left eye was already puffed up twice its normal size.

   Henry grabbed a fistful of Kristoff's collar and thrust him against the nearest wall which made Kristoff's teeth rattle from the sheer force of it. Meanwhile Sprat ran upstairs to tell October what was happening.

   "Listen to me, you skinny a*s punk." Henry got dangerously close, "If you ever touch my girlfriend again, get that? My girlfriend, I swear to God I'm going to break every bone in your anorexic body. Understand?"

   Kristoff seethed in silence.

   "Do you understand?" Henry raised his voice to a shout.

   "Henry, stop it!" October exclaimed from the top of the stairs. Somehow she still looked elegant and beautiful to Henry even when he was this mad at her and she was a wreck.

   Henry looked back at Kristoff and very, very slowly unclenched his hold on his shirt and Sprat shot across the room to see if he had been seriously hurt.

   Sprat, who was always so fun-loving and hyper and bubbly looked at Henry darkly and said, "You don't belong here with us, get out and don't come back. Ever."  

   A numb feeling spread through Henry and though October hesitantly started to approach him, he walked stiffly and out the door without a word to anyone, outside, in his car, and went the whole trip without a glance behind him. He only felt the whole thing through a daze.

   I knew it was a bad idea to go to the crypt, Was the only coherent thought that could make it through Henry's mid as he walked zombie-like up the porch stairs, through the front door, and when he crashed on his sloppily made bed.

   A constant stream of mixed emotions cycled through Henry the later the night went on. Numbness, anger, betrayal, sadness, loneliness, more anger, more sadness. When his parents had come home a few hours earlier Henry knew it must have been well past one in the morning, but he had no chance of sleep and all he could think of was, of course, October.

   A familiar "ring-da-da-ding!" went off in his pocket and Henry went to check his phone. He thought of who it could be calling him at this time of night and how he would be happy with anyone as long as it wasn't-


   October messaged, "cant sleep so confused right now but so srry Henry"

   Henry frowned at his phone before he texted back, "Then y did u let it hppn?"

   Not thirteen seconds later, "I didnt wnt it 2 and thn it did and I dont no. I swear 2 nvr do it again, Henry. i swear on my life. I luv u Henry McMillan"

   Henry took a deep breath and let it out slowly in a sort of stutter. She had never told him she loved him before. Though it was obvious between the two of them it had never been said out loud before, or texted.

   Henry texted, "U swear?"

  October texted, "yes i dont even like Kristoff that way wil u frgiv me?"

   "Henry sighed and waited a few minutes before he texted, "yes. and October?"


   "I <3 U, 2"




© 2012 RachelReaper

Author's Note

Hey, this is written off of characters in a book series called "The chronicles of Vladimir Tod" so since I've never done a fanfic... tell me how I did. Could you understand it even if you didn't read the books? Any grammar errors? Things like that.

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i am a huge fan of VT and i am really glad you did this it was an excellent story and i can't stop reading =D

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

thanks for reading :)
Very well written and descriptive. I felt like i was actually witnessing everything. Great job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

You got Henry and Kristoff spot on, oh and Sprat too, I never really paided much notice to October. But this is fantasich.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

thank you :)
wow, this is really realistic, me gusta

Posted 8 Years Ago

I have never read Vladmir Todd but I could follow your story perfectly. I have read many fan fictions and yours is one of the better ones I have read it is really good:)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

thank you for that, I needed the uplift on this one since this one isn't a very popular one of mine.
Emilie Louise

8 Years Ago

I think it's very well done :) your welcome :)
I love this!!!! Please continue this !! :D

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

thank you for the review!

8 Years Ago

No Problem!! :)
Well written descriptive write interesting.

Posted 8 Years Ago

[send message][befriend] Subscribe
hmm..tennage jealousy....it's kinda cute..and impulsive as well...like this now a days....it's written really well......grammar errors..sorry I'm totally blind on that..lol..
NIce write my friend.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I think you did okay with it. :) Nice job! It is a good fanfic! especially on an awesome vampire series!! :D

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Hey!!!!! My name is Rachel, and my unofficial last name is Reaper. I am 14 years old. Blood and kisses to all who review my work, I appreciate it so much and couldn't express to you how much it means .. more..

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