Part two: Rycel

Part two: Rycel

A Chapter by RachelReaper

chapter 1, but you should read the prologue first




   My turn? Sweet!

   Well, it would be sweet if I wasn't crammed in the back seat of a red Buggy with Harler and Harler's new pet rabbit practically sitting on me, Junia passenger-seat driving from shotgun, and Kalilee's starting to get pissed.  We're still getting used to our human appearances and hiding our wings in our clothes. After all, we just came down seven hours ago. It took a few minutes for me and Junia to rewire the Bug, but here we are. On the road again. Which, sorry to tell you, means all of you are in danger. But look on the bright side! At least you have us!

   "Aren't you my cutie? Yes you are, yes you are my cutie, little Cutie." Harler cooed to the brown bunny resting on her lap, her red waves of hair fell into the bunny's face and made Cutie sneeze. That made her Minney Mouse voice come out even more and her green eyes held absolute adoration for her bunny. Why am I always the one who has to sit next to the petite angel warrior with an obsession for rabbits?

   "We were supposed to turn there." Junia pointed her pale, slender finger at a street called "Norway".

   "Am I driving or are you?" Kalilee snapped. We had all gotten a bit cranky from the six hour drive with no breaks.

   "How far is it to Ocean City?" I asked, to change the subject.

   "About two hours." Junia said over her shoulder and Harler groaned.

   "Now, now," I said, shaking my finger at Harler, "Don't be a whiny bunny." She shot me a mini-glare, but I laughed. She was just too fun to mess around with to resist.  

   "Can we stop? I want to buy Cutie a snack." Harler whined again, Kalilee and Junia answered, "No." at the same time. I had to agree, the sooner we got to our destination, the better. Harler cuddled her bunny and pouted, which at least meant she wasn't going to be talking to Cutie in a voice that sounded infused with helium.

   "Why did you get another rabbit? You have an entire mansion of them in Minnesota with ten paid workers just to take care of them all." I asked. I still thought it was pretty funny, but sadly I wasn't stretching the truth about the bunny mansion.       

   "What I would like to know is how you got another bunny without us noticing." Kalilee mumbled.

   "Do you know how many bunnies there are out there without a home? I did Cutie a favor by rescuing him." Harler said, "Isn't that right, Cutie?"

   "Yeah, like how you rescued Fluffy, Nova, Snowflake, Starla, and Daisy..." Junia said.

   "The list goes on and on." I agreed, but was mainly joking. If a bunny mansion made her happy, then a bunny mansion made her happy. 

   "My bunnies are fine!" Harler exclaimed defensively, so we let it rest.

   Fun group, huh?  

   Junia rolled her eyes, which is seriously a lot scarier than it sounds when Junia rolls her eyes or glares.

   First off, Junia has extremely pale skin with pin-straight platinum hair (that she dyes with green and blue highlights when she's on Earth, she'll probably do that later today), but she has these really, really pale blue eyes that look like they're almost white with golden flecks in them. I think humans have to have contacts to get their eyes that color.

   But I'm not too jealous. I have defined curves, lightly tanned skin, hazel eyes, and caramel brown hair that falls down in curly tendrils that frame my face. Not to mention, I really like to overdress... but I was only wearing a pale pink sundress for now.

   Kalilee suddenly pulls off the main road to a Wal-Mart.  

   "Kally? Is there a reason you have a dire need to go to a department store?" I asked, confused.

   Kalilee takes a minute to park the Bug in a spot really close to the front door, "Yes. We all need a break or we're going to explode in this tiny-a*s car. Then we'll discuss a..." She looked around to see a mom pushing her baby in a stroller nearby, "I mean, our next course of action." She finishes, not wanting to somehow be overheard.

   I smiled, "You mean some real action."

   "Don't draw your scythe yet." Kalilee said as we got out of the car. She was referring to the weapon hand- crafted for me that I could draw out by willpower or if darkness was lurking around, all thanks to Gabriel's blacksmith.Did I mention the blacksmith was cute? Off topic, I know, but he is.

   Harler reached to the back seat to put Cutie in her black purse.

   "You're going to take him in a store?" Junia asked.

   "I don't think the Wal-Mart people like that." I warned.

   "The Wal-Mart people can put it in their juice box and suck on it." Harler replied matter-of-factly and petted Cutie's little, pink nose. Okay, Cutie was pretty cute, but still.

   "Rycel, there's no point. You know she's never going to see reason." Kalilee said, and tightened her blond ponytail.

   "Have to try." I said with a shrug. Harler seemed oblivious to our comments on her sanity, as she was so wrapped up in her new friend.  

   Junia was already a few steps ahead and I jogged a few paces to catch up with her. Kalilee trailed behind with Harler (who was trying to keep Cutie from jumping out of her purse).

   "You alright?" I asked. Junia was seven inches taller than me at six foot two, and her platform boots made her tower over people even more.

   "I'm just tired." She responded. Typical Junia answer.

   "No worries, I just think Barbie's ponytail was a little too tight." I joked and she giggled.

   "I can obviously hear you!" Kalilee said five steps behind us. I simply smiled and waved at her. No way could she catch me in those high heels. Not to mention, my gift is superhuman speed.   

© 2012 RachelReaper

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Author's Note

Rycel's POV can be a drastic change from Junia's, but that's what i wanted to happen, to individualize them. What did you think of this chapter?

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Very cool and clever love it!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

This is great! I absolutely love how they interact with each other and I'm curious to see how their personalities differ! The bunny mansion cracks me up!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

haha, yeah. Harler is... I seriously can't even describe
[send message][befriend] Subscribe
Junia is an has extremely pale skin with pin-straight platinum hair

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

okay!. . .srry for the face. . . .but i originally wrote a big comment. . .and it just didnt post .. read more

8 Years Ago

that's okay

8 Years Ago

:3 yay
great job though i don't think angels curse... just saying

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

not normally, but these are warriors, they're not evil, of course, they fight for good, but they cer.. read more

8 Years Ago

Touché makes sense:)
wal-mart? lol! i love this, it is going to be such a good book! im saving the next 2 chapters 4 tomorow:)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

kk:) oh, the next chapter has a really funny scene in it :D
Cute characters. I think since there are so many of them introduced together it will take awhile for their individual characterizations to become clear. Fun dialogue & wondering if anything will be going down in Walmart.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

read and find out, though i can already guarantee you, yes things will go down in Wal-mart.
They sound pretty humane with the casual talk and need for a break. Though the bunnies are a nice exception to the rule XD, I hope Cutie won't be taking part in any fighting :S Anyways, we get to learn the chemistry between the characters pretty good. Good job again!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like it I love the concept of kicking butt

Posted 8 Years Ago that's the characterization of rycel(what is POV.please tell me)'s an humorous as well as an interesting chapter .i like it...and even her

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

point of view. and thank you
Loving it, just keeps getting better ;)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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