Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Lady Nikki Nightmare

the infamous chapter three. i know there are some flaws, but I hope you enjoy it.


A Lamborghini is always a nice ride, especially when you steal it. Luke sat in the passengers seat holding onto the door handle as if he could die. I simply smiled. The radio station could have been better, but hey at least we were covering our tracks by getting away in a car now.


“So why do you keep calling these vamps the Nobles,” Luke asked as I took a right and began heading east.


“Because that’s what they have always been called. You see, Luke, there are two types of vampires in the world. My kind and your kind,” I explained.


“My kind and your kind, what’s that about?”


“I am over five thousand years old, and I was not born a vampire. You smell like you’ve been a vampire for about twenty years,” I guessed.


“Whoa,” he stated.


“Whoa what,” I asked.


“I smell like I’m twenty years old, damn, I need a bath,” he laughed. I couldn’t help but to smile.


“Shut up, I don’t have time to laugh at you,” I stated as I played hit him.


“Yeah, but tell me more,” he asked. I rolled my eyes as I began to think.


“Okay, well the Nobles are an elite group of vampires like me. They consider our kind, the ones who were turned not born, to be full blood vampires. They are older than me, but no one knows exactly how old they are. They only feed on humans, and they keep the vampire code. Meaning if you become a blimp on their radar, they will hunt you down and fix you,” I explained.


“Hm, well that makes sense. I have another question,” he asked slowly.


“Um, okay,” I answered just as slowly.


“Who are your friends?”


I couldn’t help but to laugh as I answered, “you’ll see.”


About three hours later Luke finally went to sleep or he just stopped asking questions. I couldn’t be sure of which. It was still dark out, but it wouldn’t stay that way for long. I guessed that we had a little over four hours until the sun come up. Which meant I had two options. Option number one; make sure Luke had a Lapis Lazuli stone/ Option number two; find a dark place for him to stay until night fell on us again, but that would take much too long.


I drove along contemplating my options for another hour and a half. I figured another day and a half of driving we could be about a third of the way across the U.S, and I knew just where we could stay. There was still the problem of the sun. I sighed loudly as I stole a glance at Luke who’s head was lying against the dirty windowpane. His chest wasn’t moving any more and I could only hear the faint thump of his half human heart.


His half human heart? My eyes widened at once with realization. I slammed on breaks and nearly threw both of us threw the windshield. His eyes opened wide as a scream left his pink lips. I turned to him with a look that I was unsure of, but from the horror written on his face, I guessed, that my look was that of pure fury. He looked stunned for a moment before he started backing into the door.

© 2010 Lady Nikki Nightmare

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Great first sentence - always important :)

Wonderful write! Nicely flowing words. Maybe the chapter is a bit short but a great ending.

Excitedly waiting for next installment :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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TS might not be Frost or Eliot but combined with Nix they made music. Perhaps another colab?...
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